The World Online Announcement

By TheNoraShinki

Hello readers!

A special announcement today, our first eBook - Rise of Shanhai - is now live! Please check it out and do consider purchasing it if you have the extra money and want to support TeamTWO (Ryan and Nora), or just want to re-experience The World Online from the beginning! All 52 chapters have been re-edited and TLCed, so it should flow much better. Feel free to know what you think!

Gravity Announcement
Facebook Announcement

Huge shoutouts to MindLitUp and the rest of the eBook team for getting the eBook up so quickly and being great to work with in general!

Side Notes:

- We hit the 500 votes target on NU for the month! Bonus chapters at end of the month! Reviews are almost there too so keep it up, everyone!
- The synopsis has been revamped; you can check it out on the TWO main page, Amazon and on NU.
- Join our discord! We are almost at 400!

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