Reincarnator Chapter 243

By Ekdud

Was busy a for a few days and mass releases today and tomorrow.

3/7 today . About 6 will come out at a 20 min interval and the other 1 or  2 will come out later.

The unsealing sub arc will end today.

There will be no memes today until the final chapter...(because it's too much work to search for all those...)


By request, until I finish the owed chapters, instead of I'm fabulous, I shall write..I'm Sorry.

For more information about the book, visit : Reincarnator Wikia!Any help would be greatly appreciated! Every few milestones or so I will give an extra chapter to thank the helpers!

Translated by : Ekdud

Edited by : coyotte508

Found a second cover photo for Reincarnator :