HTADDB Chapter 238 is up!

By mooderino


Chapter 238 - Dargot After Dark


So, it's all a bit manic on my end. My Dad's in hospital after a fall so I've been dealing with that. Posts will be erratic for the next few days, I expect. I managed to post yesterday's chapter late and with an entire section missing (I've put it in now, it's highlighted in green so it's easier to find).  

There's a part near the end where Colin talks about putting Evand in the dragon because the elf wasn't able to control the rat queen's urges (to have sex), so maybe the dragon's urges would override Evand's,  but I left out the earlier bit that talked about this, so it made no sense. That probably isn't very clear, but if you read the first half of chapter 237 you'll see what I mean (green section). 

Apologies in general, I'm a bit all over the place (even more than usual). Normally I would probably take a break, but I only have a couple chapters to go so I want to get them out if I can.  Might get a bit bumpy. Thanks for understanding.