Abyss Domination — Volume 1 Chapter 26

By SaltyTank

Here's the chapter for today! Next chapter will be out tomorrow, on Friday, 23rd March. (Chapters are out at 1am UTC)

I'm sure you guys know you can now vote for more chapters, but there's actually another way, that is donations. Before we get started, I just wanna say that I'm not trying to force you guys to donate, and it's no big deal if I don't get any; I'll just post as usual. Donations just help me out with life a bit more, and in return I'll post a chapter. Moving on, there are requirements to be met before I can start a Patreon, and it will be at least a few months before that happens. So before we get a Patreon for the series, we will have to make do with the on-site donations. There's no need to do so if you don't wish to, but for those who would like to have additional releases, there's also this option available.  (P.S. There's no need to donate all $50 for a chapter yourself. The amount stacks, so I will release a chapter as long as the $50 mark is reached, meaning 2 people can each donate $25 and so on.) 

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