A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 136 + 137

By Chunwa

Chunwa here with two chapters ~

Sorry for being late, I first went on a little three days vacation with an airplane and got seriously ill on the last day, which knocked me out cold for almost a whole week afterwards with a high fever.

Now with that out of the way, I got a message along with one of the donations which apologized for being so little.  I wanted to address that, since every donation, every patreon and every view means you are supporting me and my story. You make it possible for me to pursue a passion and pen down my own work, thank you very much no matter which way you choose to contribute, it is always appreciated and it can never be too little.

In that vein, thank you for your donations Eria A., D Johnston and Joseph N. I will work hard to get down the queue as soon as I am completely cured of my illness!

Lastly, the thank you for my patreons, namely Jean-Jacques Beesley-Edgar, Daniel Richardson, Jacob Goerke, Milad Eslamifar, Jonas Erhult, Antonio Islas, Rip Woodham, kristian kellmer andersen, John Cook, Jacob I., josbus, Kosie van der M., Thomas A. and Jim E.

Without delay, the chapters are here and here ~

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