Character List

Listed in order of appearance - actually where the author uses the character's full name.

* The brief description is meant to give a small reminder of who the character is. It is not meant to be a full history of what happened to him/her, etc. or else it will act as a spoiler for those who haven't read that far yet.


Volume I

Pinyin Description Chapter
Yang Ming MC/protagonist; parents call him Big Ming; underachiever in Grade 12, Class 7 1

Chen Mengyan
Little Yan

pretty study commissary in Grade 12, Class 7
QQ name
Li Dagang Yang Ming’s friend from Class 8 1
Wang Zhitao Class monitor for Grade 12, class 7; interested in Chen Mengyan 1
Su Ya Yang Ming’s first love from junior high 2
Wu Chiren Class teacher in junior high 2
Xu Peng Yang Ming's friend, Billiards shop owner 2
Li Xiaoliang Student who sits in front of YM 4
Zhao Ying Mathematics teacher 5
Zhang Bing Fellow underachiever student in math class 5
Zhang Yuliang Bully who tried to get protection money from the old man.  
Sun Yue
Tai Zhengxiao
Singers for the song, <Good People Good Dream> 10
Jin Gang Sports teacher at school interested in Zhao Ying 12
Wang Xiaoyu Zhao Ying’s roommate 16
Zhang Biao Wang Zhitao’s chauffeur 20
Lau Li (Old Li) Biology teacher 21
Lin Zhiyun Girl student "prostitute" with father in hospital 28
Yang Dahai Yang Ming’s father; a.k.a. Father Yang 29
Chen Fei Captain of the criminal investigation team of the city police 29
Xia Xue Rookie policewoman 30
Ji Shuisheng
Old Ji (Chicken)
Wanted robber from Province S 31
Wang Aiguo Chief of police; Chief Wang 31
Li Yuejin Principal of No. 4 school 31
Bao Ge
Bao Sanli
Brother Bao (Panther) in detention center; in for fighting 39
Little Dazi
Li Da
inmate in detention center; in for robbery 40
Qi Wenrui Bao Sanli’s underling 41
Yu Lei Bao Sanli’s underling  
Dong Jun Inmate (thief) in detention center who tells YM about Fang Tian 42
Fang Tian Crazy old man in detention center 42
Hu San Gangster boss who fought against Fang Tian 42
Yu Xiangde
Brother De
inmate in detention center; gangster boss 43
Qu Laoer Mother Yang’s neighbor from countryside 46
Mu Guiying Yang family daughter-in-law. YM’s name for Chen Mengyan 49
Zhāng Xiūlù Song Jiang’s car repair shop’s mechanic who works with YM’s dad and stole his lottery ticket. 51
Zhang Xiufu Older brother of Zhāng Xiūlù 51
Xiao Qing Woman at bookstore. YM calls her Big mama. 63
Zhang Tingting Short girl sitting in front of Chen Mengyan; likes Wang Zhitao 68
Xiao Cao
Cao Liwa
Jin Gang’s former classmate, green hair, works as security for brothel 75
There's No True Love in this World Yang Ming's QQ handle 78
I'm a Superstar female QQ friend of Yang Ming 78


Volume II ...


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