Character List

Listed in order of appearance - actually where the author uses the character's full name.

* The brief description is meant to give a small reminder of who the character is. It is not meant to be a full history of what happened to him/her, etc. or else it will act as a spoiler for those who haven't read that far yet.

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Volume I - The Beginning

Pinyin Description Chapter
Yang Ming
MC/protagonist; parents call him Big Ming; underachiever in Grade 12, Class 7 1

Chen Mengyan
Little Yan

pretty study commissary in Grade 12, Class 7
QQ name
Li Dagang Yang Ming’s friend from Class 8 1
Wang Zhitao Class monitor for Grade 12, class 7; interested in Chen Mengyan 1
Su Ya Yang Ming’s first love from junior high 2
Wu Chiren Class teacher in junior high 2
Xu Peng Yang Ming's friend, Billiards shop owner 2
Li Xiaoliang Student who sits in front of YM 4
Zhao Ying Mathematics teacher 5
Zhang Bing Fellow underachiever student in math class 5
Zhang Yuliang Bully who tried to get protection money from the old man.  
Sun Yue
Tai Zhengxiao
Singers for the song, 10
Jin Gang Sports teacher at school interested in Zhao Ying 12
Wang Xiaoyan Zhao Ying’s roommate 16
Zhang Biao Wang Zhitao’s chauffeur 20
Lau Li (Old Li) Biology teacher 21
Lin Zhiyun Girl student "prostitute" with father in hospital 28
Yang Dahai Yang Ming’s father; a.k.a. Father Yang 29
Chen Fei Captain of the criminal investigation team of the city police 29
Xia Xue Rookie policewoman 30
Ji Shuisheng
Old Ji (Chicken)
Wanted robber from Province S 31
Wang Aiguo Chief of police; Chief Wang 31
Li Yuejin Principal of No. 4 school 31
Bao Ge
Bao Sanli
Brother Bao (Panther) in detention center; in for fighting 39
Little Dazi
Li Da
inmate in detention center; in for robbery 40
Qi Wenrui Bao Sanli’s underling 41
Yu Lei Bao Sanli’s underling  
Dong Jun Inmate (thief) in detention center who tells YM about Fang Tian 42
Fang Tian Crazy old man in detention center 42
Hu San Gangster boss who fought against Fang Tian 42
Yu Xiangde
Brother De
inmate in detention center; gangster boss 43
Qu Laoer Mother Yang’s neighbor from countryside 46
Mu Guiying Yang family daughter-in-law. YM’s name for Chen Mengyan 49
Zhāng Xiūlù Song Jiang’s car repair shop’s mechanic who works with YM’s dad and stole his lottery ticket. 51
Zhang Xiufu Older brother of Zhāng Xiūlù 51
Xiao Qing Woman at bookstore. YM calls her Big mama. 63
Zhang Tingting Short girl sitting in front of Chen Mengyan; likes Wang Zhitao 68
Xiao Cao
Cao Liwa
Jin Gang’s former classmate, green hair, works as security for brothel 75
There's No True Love in this World Yang Ming's QQ handle 78
I'm a Superstar female QQ friend of Yang Ming 78


Volume II - The Era of Chasing Beauty



PinyinDescriptionChapter - 1st appearance
Wang YunlongWang Zhitao's father82
Cao NimaYM's misnomer for Xiao Ciao; sounds like 草你妈83
Zhu BiaoBrother De's loan shark84
Fan JiulongBrother De's best fighter84
Li HuihuaYang Ming's "boss" a.k.a. class teacher84
Wild Female Teacherteacher on QQ who plays Landlords85
Chen AfuWang Zhitao's follower who sits next to Zhang Bing86
Jin XisenJin Gang's uncle, discipline teacher in school87
Li ChangyuanChen Mengyan's best friend92
Liu Taomember of "ruthless people" group92
Hua Nanhusomebody in the newspaper100
Zhang JiefangZhang Bing's father (jeweler)102
Wu FacaiZhang Jiefang's business partner104
Mama SangMadam in Tengchong105
Lan Ling
Loli "prostitute" in Tengchong107
Liu Weishan
Elder Liu
old man at Tengchong bookstore who told YM about jade114
Liang Jinyaanother raw jadeite merchant with gold teeth117
Xiao Li
Li Moli
Zhang Jiefang's prostitute120
GenorohContact for prostitution service - Sweet Smelling Pavilion Private Escort120
Little WangPolice officer in Tengchong120
Deputy Director Li
Li Xiaoliang
Police officer in Tengchong120
Feng Laoliuowner of prostitution service - Sweet Smelling Pavilion Private Escort120
Zhou Jiajia former class commissary for YM and Su Ya's class who tattled on them130
Bi YuntaoWang Zhitao's underling - "Invincible Twin Tao"144
An QuantaoWang Zhitao's underling - "Invincible Twin Tao"144
Zhao SiSiChen Mengyan's friend on bus144
Yang DashanYang Ming's uncle; Yang Dahai's cousin152
Yang LiYang Ming's older female cousin in Beijing University of Aeronautics ; Yang Dashan's daughter152
Yang XiaoboYang Ming's younger male cousin in Grade 10152
Sun Jie Yang Li's best friend153
Guo JianchaoSun Jie's pursuer, VP of Xiongfeng Group155
Iron Manfamous guy driving Audi R8156
Wang XifanWang Zhitao's father159
Vice President Liao of Song Jiang Airport at Guo Jianchao's "party"156
President Hua of Hua Jewelry Company at Guo Jianchao's "party"156
Ah Shuione of San Baoli's rookie underlings163
Du Longshe-male that works at Nightless Club164
Li Jiashengmember of Taekwondo club176
Wang XueZhou Jiajia's friend176
Zhang WeihanComputer Science student178
Xie YongqiangTutor of CS class179
Tian DonghuaYM's and Zhang Bing's suitemate; he flirted with CMY on the first day and got his glasses broken by Liu Zhaodong. Sophomore from Donghai City180
Yang Yongmilitary training instructor from Shandong180
Hou RuiLiu Weishan's disciple183
AdaZhang Yuliang's lackey187
Xiao YinAda's girlfriend187
Xiao Guangperson who contacted Ada187
Liu Xiaoshengperson who paid Ada187
Han Zisome enemy of Liu Xiaosheng187
Yun GuandouPresident of Yun's Jade Ware; one of Sun Jie's pursuers188
Old Grey Wolfassassin who tried to kill YM191
Sun ZhiweiClass monitor for level 08 class 2193
Song YuAssistant class monitor for level 08 class 2 (F)193
Zhang FeichaoStudy Commissary for level 08 class 2193
Li DayuGeneral Affairs Commissary for level 08 class 2193
Yu TianceSports Commissary for level 08 class 2193
Yang DaheYM's 3rd uncle199
Ren Jianrenpresident of Taekwondo club204
Zheng TianqiBBS forum administrator who was helping Liu Zhaojun207
Hou Zhenhan - Little monkeyRobber in the forest who tried to rob Lin Zhiyun. Ex-special forces. Mother's nickname for him.215
Shen LinLin Zhiyun's fake name that she gave to YM217
Tombstone#1 assassin in the Butterfly Organization225
Butterfly Familybacker of the Butterfly organization225
Butler Mubutler for the Butterfly Family225
Yu ShuaiClass monitor for level 08 class 1229
Li XiaozhiGeneral Affairs Commissary for level 08 class 1229
Liu Huangguy in YM's class also at the demonstration229
Biaoziunderling of Brother De230
Liangziunderling of Brother De230
Feng ChongSun Jie's ex234
Sun HongjunSun Jie's father234
Teresa Tengsinger235
Brother Bearkidnapper; right-hand man of Yu Xiangde237
Louziganster watching the Yang villa; underling of Yu Xiangde238
Lu Liang, Hu Ran (nickname)"big bearded man working for Sun family - fighting master from Vietnam239
Ge Longcomputer man working for Sun family - hacker from US239
Mao Kaidriver working for Sun family - racer from US239
One-eyed Snakein the Donghai Four Snakes Gang245
Cobrain Donghai Four Snakes Gang245
Chu HuifangLiu Weishan's wife247
Xiao Zhoupolice officer in Song Jiang's xx department who tried to pursue Xia Xue only to get slapped251
Feng Dao"Sharp knife" - guy who was smuggling the big knife in his bag who YM got caught at the airport253
Hei Shu"black rat"253
Lin Tianfengworks at the Huizhong Auction House - responsible for traveling in HK for Liu and family253
Mr. Zhongowner of Huizhong Auction House, good friend of Liu Weishan254
Huang Rongjinrich collector from Singapore who likes jade waitng for mysterious auction255
Huang RongtianHuang Rongjin's big brother255
Hu Limeifemale porn star auctioning off undergarment256
Shu Yafamous celebrity who auctioned her iron ring256
Zhong Xiaotianyoung master of Auction House257
Zhong Changshengowner of the auction house258
Wild Female Studentnew name for Wild Female Teacher259
Corn-eyedHK gangster hired by Zhong Xiaotian - with big earring260
Brother BlackHK gangster hired by Zhong Xiaotian - with sunglasses260
Song HangXiao Qing's ex262
Er LengziHK gangster264
Mr MaBlue Seat manager265
Fellow Shunmuscles for Mr Ma265
Fellow Gangmuscles for Mr Ma265
Shen YuepingLin Zhiyun's mother273
Aunty Honglady owner of snack shop in shanty town275
Lin ChangqingLin Zhiyun's father280
Shen HuaYang Xiaobo's classmate (F) / girlfriend285
Zhang Songbully in high school pursuing Shen Hua286
Zhang LongZhang Song's brother286
Wang XuefanProfessor in CS dept - accused of spying - big belly295
Wu TongshanProfessor in CS dept - accusor - glasses295
Huang Youcaisecretary of Wang Xifan with gangster connections298
Ge Xinyaorich girl who knows Lin Zhiyin307

Volume III - Qingyun Road



PinyinDescriptionChapter - 1st appearance
Meng XiuhuaYang Ming's mother315
Shun ZiUnderling of Four Snakes Gang320
Old QiUnderling of Four Snakes Gang320
Xiao KouUnderling of Four Snakes Gang320
Sun HaomingYM's classmate from junior high school322
Feng SibiaoFeng Biao's cousin who was an underground boxer from the south326
Sun Santaiformer gangster turned businessman in Donghai with ties to Red Society asked to officiate the duel327
Bi HaiBoyfriend of Ge Xinyao in Lin Zhiyun's dorm328
Wu Xinkaisub leader under Bao Sanli who likes Lin Zhiyun328
Wang ShunfengIn Butterfly family336
Wang SongShanFang Tian's old friend - current head of the Butterfly family336
Zou Ruoguangthird-year senior pursuing Chen Mengyan340
Li Longshuaiboyfriend of Jing Xiaolu; pretend to have ties to underworld346
Jing Xiaolucoquettish woman in cafeteria; specialized art student; friend of Ge Xinyao346
Xia ZhidongXia Xue's second uncle, taxi driver349
Wu Zhongjielittle kid that Lin Zhiyun tutors355
Gao DexinWu Zhonjie's teacher, Yang Ming's former underling364
Grandpa ZuoExpert from Miao Tribe who gave book to Yang Ming at Lan Ling's request365
Zhang XiaoyuanGirl Lin Zhiyun knows who has a rich fatty boyfriend who wanted to see her humiliated.377
BiaoziZhang Xiaoyuan's fatty rich boyfriend379
Sui GuangqiClass monitor from middle school385
Zhang Zhenfusinger386
Heiziyoung man A who tries to pick up Zhou Jiajia at disco bar388
HaoziYoung man B388
Zhang Penbaigangster boss of Litong County388
Sui Yueminboss of Immortal Resort389
Dong Huniufat, ugly girl with bad breath at class reunion391
Su DazhiWang Xifan's brother in law402
Hun TianbaWang's martial arts master from Shaolin409
Fei TianqiWang's martial arts master from Peito Faction409
Xiao LiSong Hang's secretary411
Principal Madeputy principal of Song Jiang University411
Principal HangPrincipal of Song Jiang University415
Wang Longguy with Li Mingri422
Li MingriPresident Li - customer of Nightless Club422
Bai KanSun Haoming's boss, underling of Bi Hai425
Yu WuJin Gang's friend - bit player 1 & 2 who tried to rob YM and Zhao Ying - hired themselves out as thugs432
Chen LiuJin Gang's friend - bit player 1 & 2 who tried to rob YM and Zhao Ying - hired themselves out as thugs432
Lan HaiYunnan businessman who help to create Xixingshan reservoir; LL's grandfather442
Ma Xiaoyaoold uncle guarding the gate at Red Flag Junior High School who smells like Miao master444
Uncle Fu/ Elder Fucontact for Miao444
Wang Qitaxi driver for Sun Kun's night shift446
Liu PingSun Kun's ex-wife447
Xiao Jingworker at Biao Ji Bone Sauce447

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