Zhan Long

Chapter 334

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Chapter 334 Defeat the Old Enemy


Once the countdown dropped to zero, Yan Zhao Warrior reached behind his back and drew his sword with both hands. Brandishing the sword with his left hand, he opened his right and a shining pentagram appeared therein.

Because the battle was about to begin, I had already unsheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword and had my Flaming Tiger God leap out of the pet dimension. My tiger roared fiercely as a crimson aura surrounded it, rallying it up for battle. It gave off the dignity of a king of the beasts.


“Come at me Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” Yan Zhao Warrior challenged, tightening the grip on his sword. He strolled over, neither rushing nor tarrying his steps and just calmly chuckled along the way. His demeanor seemed to be saying to all, ‘Give me your best shot, I have no openings’, and to me, it looked as though there was no hole in his defense. His hissing Demon Mantis closely followed behind him as it waved its sharp blades.

At the same time I also stepped forward and flashed my blade in a test attack!


Sparks flew as Yan Zhao Warrior lightly warded off the hit. He then countered swiftly; his blade was like a shadow. With a sweep of my body, I dodged the attack and lightly stabbed my Emperor Qin’s Sword forward!

Yan Zhao Warrior knocked it away again, but this time, his body suddenly burst forward and his speed abruptly increased. The rhythm of his attack swiftly changed as his long sword began to burn in wild flames; it was the prelude to [Flame Blade]!

I bit down. Bring it! I met his attack with a [Fierce Ice Blade]!

“Pu pu!”


Our sword clashed for a moment before we separated. There was a pretty wide gap in our stats. My [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] gave a 40% increase to my attack and defense, making my damage so OP that even Yan Zhao Warrior’s top tier equipment couldn’t defend against my attack. Besides, Yan Zhao Warrior’s chest plate had been caked in frost, making his movements slightly slower. At this point, I stole another 271 health with my lifesteal; it was clear who had the advantage.

I slightly lowered my blade, [Blade Rush]!

I flew forward 5 yards as my Flaming Tiger God roared and used [Burstfire Raid] to follow up my attack. Yan Zhao Warrior’s feet began sliding and dodged my [Blade Rush]. With a cold glance, his left hand suddenly cut through the wind and a red glow began appearing in his hand. He was actually created a red bramble chain! With a sweep of the chain, there was no way of dodging it. “Pa!” it bound my two legs!


Battle Notification: Warning! Player Yan Zhao Warrior used the skill [Blood Red Chains]. You cannot move for 5 seconds!


My heart was filled with terror; I had been locked down!

Without a single hesitation, I slightly leaned backward and started to build up some force in my legs. [Seven Star Fragment Slash] suddenly burst out and completely enveloped Yan Zhao Warrior and his Demon Mantis!


Yan Zhao Warrior smirked and quickly charged forward. Energy began to gather under his feet; it was the prelude of his combo, [Peerless Strike]!

Just as Yan Zhao Warrior’s attack activated, my arm jolted and a crimson dragon broke through the ground and encircled me which created a shield. The blade slashed right in front of my chest, but I had already entered into defense mode!

“Keng keng keng……”

Sparks kept on flying as [Peerless Strike]’s 5 hits continuously fell upon my body. Even though I had the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] on, I still lost 2600+ health. Right after [Peerless Strike] finished, I swiftly slashed a [Wind Blade] right into Yan Zhao Warrior’s shoulder. Even though [Blood Red Chains] didn’t allow me to advance, it didn’t affect my attacks!


Yan Zhao Warrior retreated in pain and luckily gulped down another potion, or else he wouldn’t have been able to fight at all. Looking at his body, I reached out with one hand and opened my palm, [Great Realm of Desolation]!

At the same time, the Demon Mantis withstood the attack from the Flaming Tiger God and flailed its two blades as it activated [Soul Eater Slash]!


Even though its damage wasn’t too much, I was still stunned for one second, and my [Great Realm of Desolation] was interrupted! Yan Zhao Warrior turned around, then leaped back at me and hacked down onto me from above. It was a [Combo] + [Skyshaker Slash], my life was truly on the line!

My Divine Battle Boots hastily stepped across the ground as my body quickly left its original position with a “Bang”. Behind me, a chain of MISSes flew up, so I knew that his [Combo] had landed on empty air. Even before Yan Zhao Warrior could turn around, I quickly turned around and used a Lv 8 skill to cut down Yan Zhao Warrior’s shoulder. At the same time, I used a [Heal] on myself and gulped down a potion. His pet, the Demon Mantis, had also activated a Lv 8 [Combo] which was very destructive as well. Both Yan Zhao Warrior and his pet were strong indeed.


As the sword fell down, Yan Zhao Warrior turned around and raised his sword above his shoulder to block. He slid a dozen meters from the impact of my attack and his health was in the critical area already. I began hitting him and evading. With my 10% Lifesteal effect and the fact that my health was still above 50%, I killed his Demon Mantis. Lightly smiling at Yan Zhao Warrior, I said, “Uncle, why don’t we finish this?”

Yan Zhao Warrior weakly stood up. Once his pet had been killed, he had no way of summoning another pet. With an annoyed face, he looked at me and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai is truly Xiao Yao Zi Zai. From the start in Ba Huang City, you’ve always been so prideful and strong. Looks like you’re pretty much about to become a Master level player in battle manipulation. Come on, give me a quick death!”
TL Note: In the previous chapter, Qing Qian was able to summon another pet because her Ice Rat had not been killed yet

“Is that so? But I haven’t even been planning to go down that path……”

I laughed out loud. Yan Zhao Warrior thought that I was a battle manipulator. It was probably because of my 10% [Blood Steal] and [Heal]. True, those are two of the main skills of a battle flow manipulator. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like manipulating the flow. Instead, I wanted to go more toward a path of complete victory, giving my opponent no means of retaliating, pressuring him all the way until he dies. That was the essence of my character.

Looking at Yan Zhao Warrior’s critical health, I didn’t make any move. Instead allowed my Flaming Tiger God to pounce with a [Flame Claw]+[Blood Drain] onto Yan Zhao Warrior’s chest!



Looking at Yan Zhao Warrior’s character dissipate into a white light and fly away, I took the chance to look at my own health. Yup, Yan Zhao Warrior truly deserved to be one of Ba Huang City’s top 3 Swordsmen, to think that he could force me into such a state with a chain of skills. If I hadn’t immediately used the effect of [Blade Rush]+ a turn, my chances of winning would’ve been more uncertain.

There was cheering under the stage. In the distant audience, there was a sea of people making the wave. There were quite a few of [Zhan Long]’s fans. Many people were waiting for this duel between [Prague] and [Zhan Long]’s Guild Masters. My victory made a lot of people extremely excited–to think that an underdog was able to defeat an expert. It only demonstrated that there were unlimited possibilities in the game. There was no one who would always be the King. If one didn’t continuously improve one’s self, then he/she would be left behind!


Yan Zhao Warrior was sent back to the arena. He summoned his Demon Mantis again and glanced at me indifferently. With a flash of the sharp blade in his hand, he said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you really believe that you can defeat Fang Ge Que?”

“Not really…”

I pondered over how Fang Ge Que had created so many of his S-tier spells and couldn’t help but shiver from my cold heart. I said, “Fang Ge Que is just too strong. Besides his godly awareness and reflexes, the fact that third advancement Mages are unrivaled by any other class with their three [Dimensional Leap]’s that can pull them 60 yards away, and that the environment favors kiting, are enough to dispose any top close combat player. We can’t even charge at him; against Fang Ge Que, we don’t have any advantages to discuss.”

Yan Zhao Warrior’s lips parted and he smiled, “That’s true. That’s why even if I don’t win in the top 16, I still won’t have too much regret!”

I raised my longsword and said, “Either way, let’s do our best!”



As soon as the battle began, I summoned my Flaming Tiger God and made it rush into battle. On the other hand, I didn’t charge in that quickly, and watched as the tiger activated its [Burstfire Raid]. Yan Zhao Warrior had already thrown out his [Blood Red Chains] and “Pa!”, the Flaming Tiger God was trapped in place. With a sweep of his blade, a [Combo]+[Skyshaker Slash] fell onto the ensnared tiger.

I had already predicted this situation and made a command beforehand. The Flaming Tiger God roared out and flames began circling its body, creating its [Flame Armor], which increased its defense. It currently had at least 4000+ defense. Yan Zhao Warrior’s chain of attacks had actually not instantly killed the tiger; instead, the small tiger raised its sharp claws and swiped at the Demon Mantis, taking away 2000+ health, and stealing 2000+ health as well.

My chance had come!

I immediately charged forward, and with a raise of my sword, I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. At the same time, I opened my other palm and [Great Realm of Desolation] exploded!

“Pa pa……”

Yan Zhao Warrior abruptly moved in a Z formation and two beautiful MISSes appeared after my attacks. Never had he imagined that before he could even regain his balance, I had already crouched down and punched the ground!


Tiles flew as a red chain broke through the ground, wrapping itself around Yan Zhao Warrior’s two legs. It was my [Binding Chains]! At that moment the [Prague] Guild Master’s expression froze and cursed, “F*ck, this crafty little bastard…”

That’s right, I had used my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Great Realm of Desolation]’s targeting ability to force Yan Zhao Warrior to where I wanted him. I then let [Binding Chains] explode. I had no doubts that he would fall into my trap!

Once the [Binding Chains] had locked onto its target, victory and defeat had already been decided. I had [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] activated as I rushed forward with [Strength of a Thousand Men]+[Combo], sending Yan Zhao Warrior flying out of the arena!

2:0, I was completely victorious over [Prague]’s Guild Master!


I was sent out of the arena and Wan Er smiled, “Congratulations, you’ve finally defeated that tripping stone uncle!”

I nodded and said, “Yup!”

Dong Cheng Yue then continued, “The next round will probably be even more exciting, it’s [Hero’s Mound]’s Guild Master vs [Vanguard]’s Guild Master. Even the smallest mistake would result in one’s defeat……”

I gripped onto my sword and took a deep breath and said, “Yea, whoever wins will be my next opponent…”


In the arena, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han had basically been sent in together. They summoned their individual pets and slid their swords out of their sheaths. In reality, these two were also old rivals, and practically tied. Jian Feng Han had won 46% of the time and was slightly inferior. However, it was hard to tell who would win this match.

Qing Qian fluttered her eyes and began reporting the figures on the side, “Q-Sword has an attack of 3577, defense of 2574, extra attack speed of +12%, Blood Drain chance of 15.7%, and it’s said that his ring adds a 9% chance of lifesteal; he’s really top tier! Jian Feng Han has an attack of 3601, defense of 2551, additional attack speed of +15% and a lifesteal chance of 12.4%!”

As she talked, Qing Qian pursed her lips and stuck out her snowy white 34B peaks. With a smile, she continued, “All in all, there isn’t really a large gap between their attack and defense, but Jian Feng Han has a pair of shoes that increase his movement speed, so he moves really quickly. Q-Sword, on the other hand, has a higher blood-drain rate, so its really hard to determine who has a higher chance of winning. Whatever the outcome is, it’ll depend on either person’s attitude after their first defeat.”

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