Versatile Mage

Chapter 127

Chapter 127 - The Oriole and The Fisherman




“I suggest you rely on a rich and influential power. They will provide you with their rich resources, that way you can secure a good future. Of course, in the future you will need to follow their orders. After all, they will have given you countless resources…” Mrs. Tangyue recommended.

“Mrs. Tangyue, you seem to have an extraordinary background. How about you provide for me and in the future… I won’t hesitate to obey you, even in extreme danger,” Mo Fan proposed.

“I dare you to sweet talk me again!” Tangyue face flushed bright red as she gave this perverted student a deadly glare. She understood the nasty meaning concealed beneath his words.

Mo Fan didn’t dare to be rash again. He still needed Mrs. Tangyue for her help, it was better if he quit while he was ahead, or else he’d be left behind.


After the Hunter Magicians left, the two of them began to silently follow them. They didn’t dare to follow too closely. Mrs. Tangyue’s Shadow spells were not very effective, and they could easily be discovered.

Following the footsteps of these people, the teacher and the student finally found the source of the river.

The source of the river was intentionally dammed up, forming a small reservoir. The current reservoir had already dried up. There were even some dried fish bones lying within.

“How come there are so many people. This kind of news is indeed hard to hide.” Tangyue and Mo Fan were hiding and quickly discovered that there were two groups at the small reservoir.

One of the groups was the Hunter Magicians from before. Apart from the three men; Pan Xiong, the man with the scarred face, and the cowboy-styled man, there were another seven comrades with them. At this moment, this troop of Hunter Magicians were looking as if they were facing an enemy as they stood on a spot near the hills.

Another group looked as though they had just arrived. There was a total of 4 men. Every one of them gave off a noble and virtuous impression, and in the face of the Hunter Magician squad, they hardly seemed fazed.

“Pan Xiong, if you don’t want to be begging in the streets of Hangzhou, then be a good boy and take your men away. The Fire Soul Seed that we, the Dongfang family, have settled our eyes on will never be shared with others!” stated one of the men.  He seemed to be the head of the group, and wore a traditional luxurious Tang suit.

This man was very particular about his clothing, every one strand of hair looked as if were specially done. If he was wandering in the street, it would be normal to think he’d attract the attention of numerous ladies.

The Dongfang Family?

Mo Fan started to think. Previously, from watching television and reading novels, there’d usually be a person with a surname like this, always so imperious. In groups, they’d be rude and cocky. Every time they spoke, they’d always begin with stating their family name first. It was like they were a part of the royal family!

“So it is the Dongfang family, those ill-mannered people are also aiming for the Fire Soul Seed. The Dongfang family is famous for their specialization in the Fire Element. This rare opportunity happened to appear in Hangzhou, which is a part of their territory. There’s no reason for them to let other people get it first,” Tangyue murmured to herself.

Tangyue herself was specialized in the Fire Element, so she knew of the renowned Fire Elemental families within the country.

“They look like they’re about to brawl, but the problem is, where is the hooded man?” Mo Fan couldn’t help wondering, after seeing these two groups with their swords drawn.

“He must be hiding somewhere. He plans on having these two groups fight against each other while he snatches it away,” Tangyue said.

“What should we do?”

“We’ll wait to the end. No matter what happens this time, we’ll take him down!” Mrs. Tangyue spoke as her eyes showed clear determination.

While both of them were having a conversation, the four men from the Dongfang family had already begun fighting against Pan Xiong’s Hunter Magicians.

All four members of the Dongfang family were Fire Magicians. When those four began to brawl, lumps of blazing flame appeared in their palms.

Mo Fan basically didn’t see them take any preparation action for their Primary level Flame Bursts, since they were all cast and very familiar with it. It seemed it was very simple for them to cast Primary magic.

Damn, all four of them were Intermediate Magicians! The Dongfang family was really something special, the people that they sent out to fight for the Fire Soul Seed were all Intermediate Magicians. If they were in Bo City, all of them would be famous!

In the other group, those ten Hunter Magicians didn’t look like they were weak, either. The aura that Pan Xiong, Scarface, and Cowboy gave off were Intermediate level. The other seven magicians in the group were elites from the Primary Magician level. Third level of Primary Magic cast within three seconds!

This was a top-notch group of Hunter Magicians. They probably had the ability to kill a General-class Magical Beast!

“We’ll need to hide further away if we don’t want to get affected,” Mrs. Tangyue pulled at Mo Fan, and they gently moved back, hiding under a big patch of shady greenery...

Magic flashed, his vision blurred, as if everything had gone black. All his surroundings disappeared….

When his vision came back again, Mo Fan was amazed that he had appeared under the shadow of a different cluster of vine trees, over thirty meters away!

His eyes were filled with shock and awe at Mrs. Tangyue’s unknown ability.

“This is called Fleeing Shadow, a Shadow Elemental Primary spell. It won’t take long for you to learn this spell when you have Awakened the Shadow Element.” Mrs. Tangyue grinned with confidence. It was so enchanting, making a teenager like Mo Fan feel a reverent admiration for her.

This kind of technique was strong and yet mysterious. With her charming body, it was hard for the boys not to fall for her.

On the other side, the Dongfang family and the Hunter Magicians were also engaged in an intense fight. The sound of Flame Burst explosions continuously roared throughout this small forest. The dried plants went up in flames from the blazes started by the magicians.

Mo Fan watched closely. He realized these Intermediate Magicians who had cast their magic first hadn’t displayed their Intermediate Magic yet.

An Intermediate Magic needed to control a total of 49 Stars. By the time they finished drawing the Star Atlas, an enemy would’ve already cast a few Primary Magic spells on them.

Primary Magic strength wasn’t as powerful as Intermediate Magic, but the releasing speed was much faster!!

“You guys cover me, I’ll let them have a taste of my Fiery Fist!” shouted the handsome man who wore the traditional Tang outfit.

It was obvious that the four had been grouped together often. The other three instantly stood in a triangle formation to protect the man in the Tang Suit.

His Stars were connecting one by one, rapidly forming a Star Path.

The bright Star Paths crossed once again, evolving into a Star Atlas under the feet of the Tang Suit man.

The moment the Star Atlas was formed, bright red flames wrapped around the Tang Suit man. He looked like a burning soul who was searching for revenge. The heat around him rapidly escalated, causing the local air temperature to rise. The air felt like a boiling cauldron.

“Fiery Fist, Exploding Heavens!”

After seeing the Tang Suit man cast his Intermediate magic, the three men standing in front of him immediately got out of the way.

The man roared as he gathered all the flames into his right hand. His stance, posture, and aura all seemed very familiar to Mo Fan.

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Chapter Notes:

Ed. Note: Unknown Primary Shadow spell!?!?  This world has the internet. Every single spell for every single discipline would be listed on the internet somewhere. The knowledge is thousands of years old. It would be like not being able to find the periodic table of elements by googling it.

Author gets D on world-building. On with the story...

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