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Chapter 427

Chapter 427- Han Xin Appears in Front of Us

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"Send a letter to Xiang Yu. Say that his second father is in our hands, and ask him to use Han Xin to trade for him. If not, Fan Zeng will immediately die in Anyang City."

"Yes, my lord!"

Using Fan Zeng to exchange for Han Xin, this business was totally worth it.

After his men dragged Fan Zeng away, Ouyang Shuo continued the discussion before ending the meeting.

The current Anyang City had vast amounts of soldiers and resources. Ouyang Shuo was confident that even if Xiang Yu personally led his forces over to attack, Anyang City could at least defend for numerous days.

The army defending Anyang City included 140 thousand Wang Li troops, ten thousand Guards division, 2,400 palace guards. In total, they had close to 160 thousand troops.

The five hundred elites that Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang had brought were basically spent. Ouyang Shuo decided to just remove them from the equation. He asked them to protect the safety of the two women.

Cao Can and Zhou Bo, these two generals temporarily acted as guard generals.

Similarly, Xiahou Ying also followed Ouyang Shuo around as his personal guard.

This was a good point about the game. The moment a general recognized you as his lord, he would not betray you. As a result, Ouyang Shuo naturally did not need to worry that Xiahou Ying would kill him in his sleep to take revenge for his old master, Liu Bang.

The most important one was still Xiao He.

Making use of his free time, Ouyang Shuo looked for Xiao He numerous times to discuss territorial matters.

The Battle of Julu was not important to Ouyang Shuo anymore. His plans and energy had already been placed on after war affairs, including the arrangements and changes to the main map.

The current Xiao He was far from his peak in history.

However, Ouyang Shuo did not worry at all.

As long as they returned to the main map, Gaia would modify the historical person to allow them to have their peak skill level.

Uprising Army Camp.

When Xiang Yu received the letter, he felt both astonished and furious.

As expected, everything was written in the letter.

Just as all the uprising members were still getting at each other's throats and debating, Baiqi's knife had already cut down.

Everything was already too late.

Using Han Xin to trade for Fan Zeng was not something Xiang Yu cared much about. After all, Fan Zeng was his second father, so he had to save him. The key was that their grain was seized, and the uprising army was now at the brink of collapse.

His attempt at creating an empire was going to fail.



"Drag Han Xin up here."


The Guards did recognize Han Xin. After all, he had entered Xiang Yu's tent several times. Unfortunately, he did not manage to be integrated and accepted by them.

After a short while, Han Xin was ripped up and forced into the tent.

If one looked carefully, Han Xin was actually very calm. He naturally knew the events that had happened in the army these past two days, and he had seemingly predicted such an outcome.

Xiang Yu raised his head and looked at Han Xin, his expression complex.

For a long while, Xiang Yu did not say anything.

When Han Xin saw that, he smiled slightly.

"If general wants to turn defeat into victory, the only way would be making use of the time of the hostage exchange to create a fake peace, but in truth, go all out to attack Anyang City."

How smart was Han Xin? He had realized Xiang Yu’s dilemma.

Han Xin's deductions had been proven right numerous times. Naturally, Xiang Yu was now interested in listening to his suggestions. Unfortunately, he had rejected Han Xin's proposal many times before, and he had even mocked Han Xin.

With his personality, how could he open his mouth to admit defeat?

When Xiang Yu heard these words, his expression grew more and more complicated.

After a long while, he shook his head, "That's my father. I can't risk his life."


Han Xin gave out a long sigh and did not say anything else.

The next day, Han Xin was all tied up and sent to Anyang City.

Ouyang Shuo kept his promise and immediately released Fan Zeng.

"Untie General Han Xin."


Although Han Xin was a prisoner, he was unusually calm.

"General, please sit!"

When Han Xin heard these words, he just directly sat down on the spot.

"I've admired and heard of General's name for a long time. If there's anything I did wrong, please forgive me."

Ouyang Shuo was really respectful of Han Xin.

Han Xin did not care much about that.

When Ouyang Shuo noticed this, he asked, "Did Di Chen try to recruit you?"

"That's right!"

"General, why didn't you accept?"

Ouyang Shuo was nervous, and he was really afraid that Han Xin might speak some remarkable reasoning.

"The time wasn't right."


"If he managed to take down Anyang City, I would have agreed. Unfortunately, he didn't."


Ouyang Shuo was speechless; that was so close, Di Chen nearly succeeded. It was hard to imagine what waves Di Chen would cause in the north if he had both Lianpo and Han Xin.

Luckily, Baiqi was a level higher.

"What thoughts does the General have about Baiqi’s plans?"

Ouyang Shuo changed the topic.

Han Xin said two words expressionlessly, "Not bad."

"Just that simple?"

"Just that simple."

Ouyang Shuo's mouth twitched; Han Xin was salty. That was right, if he was the commander of the uprising army, the ending would probably be different.

"General are you willing to move to Shanhai City?"

Ouyang Shuo trod this topic very carefully, he was really worried that Han Xin would directly reject him.

Ouyang Shuo had a higher attraction rate to historical people compared to Di Chen. The territory specialties of Shanhai City was not something that Handan City could compare to.

However, Ouyang Shuo still was not totally confident.

"I'm willing!"

Cough. Ouyang Shuo choked.

“Please, you're a god general. Aren't you supposed to think about it?”

"You don't understand?"

"A little."

Ouyang Shuo honestly admitted. He really did not expect Han Xin to agree so quickly.

"I roughly know how to judge people, and I find that on your body, there's the aura of an emperor. It is hard to find a good lord. I've been searching for a good lord all my life, so what reason do I have to reject?"

When Ouyang Shuo heard this explanation, all his questions were solved.

The aura of an emperor had already taken root in his body?

If it was not Han Xin that said that, Ouyang Shuo would not have believed it.

He only knew that after he removed the dragon spirit from Liu Bang, the Gold Qilin Seal became more mysterious. Moreover, when he cultivated, he could feel that he formed a mysterious connection with the seal.

Apart from that, the other generals became more respectful of him.

Seems like everything had a connection with the aura of an emperor.

Ouyang Shuo's fortune and essence had totally changed. This change functioned on a spiritual and mental level. Hence, it would manifest itself in reality.

Who knows what it would become in the end.

The gap between Ouyang Shuo and Di Chen was so obvious.

One tried so hard and could not get it, while the other easily got it with a few words.

Was it the aura of an overlord written in the legends?

Naturally, Ouyang Shuo was delighted that he managed to convince Han Xin.

During this battle, he gained Xiao He and Han Xin, one martial and one civil servant.

Out of the three famous people during the initial Han period, Ouyang Shuo had obtained two. How could he not be pleased?


Ouyang Shuo bowed to Han Xin, recognizing the latter as his general.

Han Xin solemnly bowed back, “Greetings, lord!"

At this point, their positions as master and servant were set, and Ouyang Shuo obtained another God General.

Ouyang Shuo checked out Han Xin's stats.

Name: Han Xin (God Rank)

Title: War Immortal

Dynasty: Qin Han

Identity: Shanhai City General

Occupation: Special General

Loyalty: 70

Command: 99

Force: 70

Intelligence: 85

Politics: 45

Specialty: Strategy (Raises troops morale by 40%, raises movement speed by 30%, raises defence by 20%, raises damage by 25%)

Book: Han Xin Art of War Three Passages

Equipment: Ancestral Sword

Han Xin's command stat was even higher than Baiqi’s, close to War Saint Sun Wu. Baiqi was both a commander and a fierce general, while Han Xin was a pure command-time general.

With Han Xin commanding the troops, there would be many benefits.

How difficult was it for one to get the name of War Immortal?

Apart from that, Han Xin was also a military theorist and a representative figure of the military strategists. He had studied scriptures and books together with Zhang Liang and wrote three books of his own.

Compared to Baiqi, Han Xin had some slight character flaws. Ouyang Shuo could naturally accept that. All the generals in his army did not have to be righteous and flawless men.

After learning that Ouyang Shuo had recruited Han Xin, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang were both envious and jealous.

"Why do you get all the good things?"

Feng Qiuhuang was unhappy.

"No choice. Looks decided one’s luck."

Ouyang Shuo was in a really good mood, so he joked around.

"Tsk, you obviously aren't handsome."

"That's right, not tall either."

Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang did not allow him to have his fun, so they teased him.

"Jealousy, you two are obviously just jealous."

Facing his thick skin, the two girls were left speechless.

The Battle of Julu had almost reached its closing stages.

The stolen grain announced the end of the uprising army.

A million Qin Army had cornered six hundred thousand uprising army troops into the valley, so they could not proceed or retreat.

They lacked grain, and it looked like they were going to run out at any moment.

The first people who could not sit still anymore were not the various princes, but the player lords in the Anti-Qin Camp. The lords had already obtained great rewards from their killings in the early parts of the war.

They did not want to be buried along with the uprising army. To prevent losses, each lord thought of a great idea, which was to kill themselves.

The moment they did, their troops could safely return to their territory.

In a short few days, many lords who had no more grain left killed themselves.

All of a sudden, the uprising army had a huge shrink in numbers, which caused a chain reaction. Apart from the ambition filled lords, the other lords had already left the battle map.

The moment the player armies left, the defeat of the uprising army was fixed.

The glow of the setting sun covered the valley, looking unusually cold.

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