The Trembling World

Chapter 60


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[Character List: Family of three: Father (Yao WeiDong), Mother (Cheng Qi), Daughter (Yao Yi). Two players: Zhao Hui, ChenChen

Chapter 60: Remember

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Yao WeiDong could only continue repeatedly apologizing to Zhao Hui. If not, he didn’t know what they would have his family do next.

“I don’t need your apologies nor your ‘sorry’s. Aren’t you all famished right now? I still have some BBQ left over, so you should eat it all up.” Zhao Hui again took out some of that same BBQ.

“One person eating is enough for now; there’s no need for them to eat. They’re really not hungry.” Yao WeiDong immediately stopped Zhao Hui because he truly did not know what the BBQ consisted of nor what effects will occur after eating it.

“How can you be this selfish? It’s only natural to share good things with family. If only one person eats, how is that normal?” Zhao Hui was unhappy again.

“Please let us go! If you won’t let me go, then at least let the two of them go!” Yao WeiDong cryingly implored Zhao Hui once more. He had a very bad feeling. He felt that these two men, one large and one small, were probably perverted to the core, and they would force his wife and daughter to do something perverse.

“What is a big man like you crying about? If you complain like this again, I’ll get very angry, very angry! If I get angry, then the consequences will be very serious!” Zhao Hui threatened Yao WeiDong with a serious expression.

“What exactly do you want us to do?” Yao WeiDong’s expression was very desperate.

“I only want you all to eat your fill and not die of hunger. Why can’t you understand my good intentions? You’re really stubborn. No matter how I educate you, you won’t repent!” Zhao Hui walked around the family of three. Walking behind Yao WeiDong, he suddenly lifted the iron bar and fiercely smashed it at Yao WeiDong’s back.

The bones in Yao WeiDong’s back were broken and fractured, and once again he screamed in pain. Both Cheng Qi and Yao Yi shrieked again fearfully.

“Are you going to eat or not? If you won’t eat, then I’ll have to beat him to death.” Zhao Hui walked back in front of the family of three, threatening both the mother and daughter.

“We’ll eat! We’ll eat!” Cheng Qi had no other choice. While crying, she agreed to Zhao Hui’s demand and immediately stuffed her mouth with the BBQ in his hand.

“You, too.” Zhao Hui put a piece of BBQ in Yao Yi’s hand. Yao Yi was very scared, so she immediately stuffed the BBQ in her mouth and swallowed it whole.

“Do you know what kind of meat this is?” Seeing that all three of them ate the BBQ, he then asked.

The family of three was very afraid, and they instinctively shook their heads to show that they did not know.

“This meat isn’t from zombie corpses, but we found it all for our personal stash. You can eat it without worry.” Zhao Hui said while grinning, and then, he put a piece of BBQ in his own mouth.

“Sorry, we were wrong about you.” Cheng Qi immediately apologized, hoping that he would let the three of them go.

“Come, eat some more.” Zhao Hui took out all of the remaining BBQ and handed it to the family of three.

Although the family of three saw Zhao Hui also eat the BBQ, they were still terrified. However under Zhao Hui’s coercion, they still didn’t have any other choice but to eat all of the BBQ.

They were incomparably famished, but the feeling of being forced to eat roasted meat of unknown origins didn’t feel very good.

“Last night when we brothers were wandering all around outside, we found a home. A family of three, just like you, lived there. They warmly welcomed the two of us and shared all of what little food they had left. This world sure has a lot of good people, right?” Zhao Hui sighed while eating the BBQ.

“Right.” Cheng Qi agreed after listening to Zhao Hui’s words.

“In order to repay their kindness, we turned them into BBQ and brought them with us before we left. In this way we will always remember them.” Zhao Hui continued speaking.

After hearing what Zhao Hui just said, the family of three felt their stomach churn and suddenly had the urge to vomit. Their faces became extremely unsightly.

“Don’t tell me you want to throw up the food you just ate. Don’t you know that wasting food is a shameful act? Y’all are really hopeless!” Zhao Hui criticized the family of three. He suddenly lifted the iron rod in his hand and smashed it against Yao WeiDong’s head.

Following the sound of a skull fracturing, Yao WeiDong went completely silent and collapsed on the ground. Blood covered the ground as his body thrashed a couple of times before lying motionless. Both the mother and daughter were completely terrified, and they began to scream after seeing Yao WeiDong’s corpse.

“Stop screaming! If you scream again, I’ll kill you!” Zhao Hui lifted the steel rod in his hand into the air and waved it a few times, looking very upset.

Both the mother and daughter immediately fell silent and looked at Zhao Hui with fear and indignation. Losing a family member left them desperate and in pain. But under the intimidation of the two men, they didn’t dare make a move nor did they have the courage to get up and run.

“Tie them up!” Zhao Hui ordered the teenager, ChenChen, who was standing by his side.

ChenChen handed the machete to Zhao Hui as he took out two strings of rope and headed towards the mother and daughter.

“Please let us go….” Cheng Qi desperately pleaded at the two men. If her daughter, Yao Yi, was not here, she would have immediately attempted to run away.

But at this point, her daughter, Yao Yi, looked completely terrified. Cheng Qi knew that if she ran away, nothing good would come to her daughter who would be left in the hands of these two men. If her daughter was left to be tormented, then her whole life would no longer have any meaning since her husband had already died.

Just when ChenChen came over to tie Cheng Qi, she suddenly stretched out her hand and violently grabbed at ChenChen’s eyes. However, Zhao Hui who was standing at one side already on guard, immediately smashed the iron rod at Cheng Qi’s back. Her body shuddered in pain before she collapsed on the floor. Afterwards, ChenChen tightly bound her up.

Soon after, her daughter Yao Yi, was too scared to fight back and was also bound up by ChenChen.

“These people are fools. Not knowing how to fight back resulted in their current situation. Tell me something. That man has two arms, two legs, and plenty of muscle; he’s much stronger than the both of us. If he used that wooden stick at the start and fought both of us with his life at stake, then would his family fall into our hands? Would he have been killed by me so effortlessly? Maybe we would have been the ones killed by him if he reacted!” Zhao Hui educated ChenChen.

“Right!” ChenChen immediately nodded.

“In this post-apocalyptic world, we have to be vicious and merciless to survive. Only through this way can we control everything. Otherwise, the ones who will be bound and trampled on in this place will be us two brothers.” Zhao Hui lectured ChenChen.

“It is just as what brother said!” ChenChen looked at Zhao Hui with a hint of worship.