The Trembling World

Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Constant Downpour

“Then is Brave, which belongs to your grandpa, a boat or an airship?” LuLu asked Dong Dong to continue the conversation with him.

“Brave is a transformer. It can be a boat on water or an airship in the sky.” Dong Dong’s face filled with yearning, as if recalling a fond memory, when he replied LuLu.

Liu Gan glanced at LuLu and thought to himself, “Looking at how familiar she is with the kid and with her temperament, she will definitely want to bring the kid along. With the kid beside her, he will only be a burden and nothing else. Once they encounter any danger, he will most likely drag her to her demise.”

However, this was none of his business.

“Dong Dong, is your grandpa the captain of Brave?” Jiang JinYuan, who wasn’t very talkative at the start, began to take an interest in this topic, and he eventually found a chance to interrupt the conversation to ask his question.

“Yes, he is the captain.” Dong Dong ran around the table as he raised his airship.

“Do you know where your Grandpa is?” Jiang JinYuan asked Dong Dong.

“He might be on the sea or in the sky.” Dong Dong replied to him. 

Jiang JinYuan frowned after he heard Dong Dong’s reply. Asking was almost the same as not asking. His answer was totally useless. Even though he desperately wanted a boat or airship to transport him to the city’s laboratory, it would not be feasible in this post apocalyptic world. Whether the airship Brave that Dong Dong mentioned might have been infected and already crashed was unknown.

In addition, what this four year old Dong Dong said might be something he made up and could not be fully trusted. Even if Brave really existed and was functioning, Dong Dong’s house had no way to contact his Grandpa. Having this piece of knowledge was useless because nothing would be solved until after reaching the laboratory a few streets down the road.

After eating their meal, Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan repacked their belongings to prepare for their trip to the laboratory. Liu Gan carried an oversized backpack while Jiang JinYuan was carrying only his own luggage. If Jiang JinYuan were to carry such a huge backpack, walking a single step would be very difficult even with his strength.

LuLu followed them to the doorway, hoping to start a conversation with Liu Gan, but Liu Gan left without saying anything.

“Big sister, will the Uncles come back?” Dong Dong asked LuLu curiously. After becoming familiar with them, they unexpectedly left.

“I don’t know.” LuLu carried Dong Dong and walked towards the window to watch Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan walk out from the building and then to the main gate. In a short while, their silhouettes quickly disappeared from the inside of the alley.

“Big sister, please don’t cry.” Dong Dong raised his small hand and wiped off LuLu’s tear-stricken face.

“I’m not crying.” LuLu quickly wiped her tears.

Liu Gan had shouted at LuLu the whole afternoon. His mouth was really foul, but he enjoyed lecturing people. LuLu’s eardrum was sore from all of his shouting, but after Liu Gan left, the world suddenly became silent. The silence made her feel suffocated.

At this moment, how she wished that he would continue to be with her and continue scolding her.


The sky started to turn black again. In the distant horizon, lightning and thunder from the day before was seen and heard. It was gradually moving towards their area.

“The weather in this game only has this setting? Can it please be changed? Is the brain of the producer waterlogged? Thunderstorm, thunderstorm, thunderstorm! Don’t you people find it boring and repetitive?” Liu Gan cursed as he looked into the distance from the roof of a building. After which, he jumped down and continued forward.

He had to bring Jiang JinYuan to the laboratory before the thunderstorm arrived. If not, then it was easily possible for them to be stuck on the road. The difficulty of these thunderstorms were something Liu Gan experienced first hand and had caused him to change his attitude.

“Do you have a family in the real world?” Jiang JinYuan took the initiative to ask Liu Gan as he dragged his luggage and followed closely behind him. It was obvious that he was trying to worm his way into being friends with Liu Gan.

“Of course.” Liu Gan replied while using the computer and probing equipment that he carried in his hands. He didn’t intend to return it yet, and Jiang JinYuan also didn’t ask for it back.

“Don’t you want to go back and reunite with them?” Jiang JinYuan asked. Only if Liu Gan had this goal would he safely send him to the city’s laboratory.

Liu Gan glanced at him, but did not give him a reply.

“I have a daughter, and she is turning six this year.” Jiang Jin Yuan continued the conversation. The best way to familiarize yourself with a stranger was to discuss your family. This way, you could easily shorten the distance between two people.

According to Jiang JinYuan’s deduction, Liu Gan should also be in a similar situation to him in the real world. He was either someone who had an illness or someone had some unsolvable trouble. If not, it would mean that he didn’t have any family members. Therefore, he would rather stay in [The Trembling World] and not return.

“Eh?” Liu Gan was not interested in having a conversation with Jiang Jin Yuan. However, when he mentioned his daughter, Liu Gan gave a reply to show his respect.

“The day my daughter was born was like today, a constant downpour.” Jiang JinYuan took out his wallet and showed Liu Gan a picture of his daughter. In the picture, there was a small girl with a bright smile.

“Your daughter is very pretty.” Liu Gan gave a perfunctory reply.

“She is. My daughter looks just like her mother. She is the exact replica of my wife when she was younger.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan with a tinge of pride and unconcealed sorrow on his face.

Sometimes, as a man, we had to bear the burden on our own.

“I can see that you have a blessed family…” Liu Gan had a better opinion of Jiang Jin Yuan, as he glanced at Jiang JinYuan and saw happiness and sorrow in his eyes.

“Before I was diagnosed with my illness, our family was indeed very blessed.” Jiang JinYuan smiled at Liu Gan and looked into the distance.

Liu Gan did not speak any further. Everyone had their own misfortunes. Just like him, he lost all his limbs last year and it was indeed a misfortune. However, now he had already started anew. From his point of view, this was being happy and blessed.


Two streets away from Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan, there was a family of three that was carefully searching for food. The parents were both thirty plus years old, and they were bringing along a twelve or thirteen year old girl. Maybe the place they were staying at was no longer safe, so they decided to bring their daughter along.

The place they were searching for food didn’t have any zombies nearby, but they didn’t know whether the zombies ran to another area or were killed off. A safe area was such a rare opportunity, so they spent a lot of effort looking for food and water to bring back home.

“Daddy, I am very hungry and dizzy. I can barely walk anymore.” The daughter clutched her stomach and complained to her father.