The Grandmaster Strategist (RSS)

Action, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Psychological, Tragedy, Wuxia, Chinese

Author: 随波逐流 (Follow the Crowd)

Status: 224 Chapters (Completed) Raw

Translator: Tannhäuser

Editor: hweirdo (aka weirdo)

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Note from the Translator:

Hi all, I've decided to take up this translation project. The webnovel is completed with a total of 224 chapters, 1.548 million characters. It is the eleventh most recommended webnovel on Qidian with 5.77 million recommendations and has been published in book form by People's Literature Publishing House.

There will be a chapter released per day (usually 7 PM EST), with additional sponsored chapters released during weekends.  I have opened up the queue and will be accepting donations.  For each donation of $100, there will be an additional chapter released each week.  Each sponsored chapter is set at $100 because of the anachronistic language, the frequent poems, and the length of each chapter (roughly 4.5-6k words translated, 2-3 times longer than most other web novels).


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This is an alternate history.  Decades after the fall of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the world is still in chaos, although there is hope for reunification.

Of poor background, Jiang Zhe, styled Suiyun, has finally, after ten years of hard work, passed the imperial examinations and become a scholar within Hanlin Academy.  Unwittingly, he becomes involved in the succession dispute of the Great Yong Dynasty.  He faces conspiracies and machinations, countless battles of strength and wits.  Intending to avoid court politics, he ultimately has no choice but to become involved.  With no alternative, Jiang Zhe can only follow the crowd, joining the chaotic political turmoil.  In this conniving world, he uses his intelligence and knowledge to provide for himself and his companions a stable environment to survive.

Watch nations fall, great men rise, and supreme martial artists kneel before the quiet whispers of a frail, unassuming scholar.