Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1148

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Chapter 1148: The Cold Rain

It's raining.

Sparse water lines fell from the slightly dim sky, nourishing the earth.

This was a natural weather phenomenon, and it wasn't even a heavy rain. It gave people a refreshing and pleasant feeling.

However, for the Empire's modern mechanized artillery corps, who had been bombarding the central water vein for several days and nights, this was the worst news imaginable.

"Why is it raining now!"

"Is the Imperial Weather Department eating poop!?"

"It's over, everything is over. Those monsters will definitely not let this opportunity go!"

In all of the artillery bases, most people had despairing expressions.

The Empire's new weapon, the two-five-zero cannon, made by the team of Imperial Sage Poincaré's technology and Chief Alchemy Warlock Asmid, can still be fired even in the rain, but the failure rate will greatly increase.

The prepared artillery barrels were already stretched thin, and the stock of ammunition was also running low. Now, such an untimely rain has arrived.

This is simply the end of the Empire. Losing the heavy artillery's absolute dominance, once those unmanned weapons break through the defense line from the central water vein, what awaits the Empire is a massacre.

The recent battles have proven that those small unmanned weapons, which appear to be only about one meter tall, only need three to form a small team to have the firepower to destroy the Empire's new magic armor.

As for the ordinary Imperial Legion, in the face of these undead soldiers, they are as fragile as matchsticks. Mortals are fundamentally unable to defeat this kind of magical weapon.

Those water bombs may seem like a joke, but when they instantly turn a person into a beehive upon impact, no one can laugh.

Just like how the empire's advanced weapons were able to overwhelmingly dominate the other countries on the continent, until Queen Sia unleashed her earth-shattering nuclear explosion forbidden spell, the ancient weapons sent by the Underground Cemetery also crushed the empire's proud legion.

This made Leviathan realize for the first time how terrifying it is to be inferior in terms of war weapons.

If it weren't for the empire's new mechanized heavy cannons displaying even greater attack power than anticipated, effectively destroying a large number of enemy unmanned weapons, this war would have ended long ago.

However, the two-five-zero cannon, as an offensive firepower, is qualified, but its cumbersome size and the requirement to be fixed in a specific location to aim and fire destined it to only be used as a turret.

A new magic armor charging forward could destroy the entire heavy cannon position in just one minute, not to mention the titled machines.

"Keep on firing, until all the barrels are completely unusable."

"Fire, fire, we will not retreat one step until we are out of ammunition and supplies."

"All magic armor, enter maximum alert status, the enemy's counterattack is coming!"

Ten heavy cannon legions, each equipped with the empire's latest magic armor, the magic armor that should have been at the forefront of the charge have now become precious protectors of the new mechanized heavy cannons.

There is no way, even the magic armor protected by metal armor, once within the attack range of the mechanical cannon, there is a danger of being blasted into pieces.

The mass-produced magic armor cannot effectively withstand the explosive impact of the full firepower of the artillery corps, and it can be expected that the mechanical cannon will become one of the powerful weapons that will change the battlefield of the continent in the future.

Unfortunately, the Leviathan Empire is now facing opponents that are more unreasonable and simply unscientific than the mechanical cannon.

Hundreds and thousands of sea serpents rushed out from the empire's central water vein, having learned from past experiences, forming a dispersed line advancing towards the empire's artillery camp.

The constantly winding posture, resembling a snake, may look somewhat funny, but its speed is not slow at all, and the icy blue body that forms its lower half leaves a very obvious trail on the ground.

Inside the stronghold of the central water vein, War Dancer looked at the hundreds of blue threads extending from the water veins, as well as the ten giant red dots surrounding them, and smiled slightly.

"It's time to teach them a lesson."

"Let them see that long-range attacks are not the only thing they are capable of."

The sea serpents who received War Dancer's command stood upright one by one, and then the icy blue structure of their lower bodies began to contract and coil up.

Two diamond-shaped arms are combined together, forming a weapon that looks like a diamond mirror.

Absorbing the falling raindrops from the sky, it condenses the molecules of "water" and then locks onto the Imperial artillery camp several kilometers away.

Ice spear, fire!

Rows of ice-blue spears, each about one meter long, cut through the sky in the rain and headed towards the Leviathan Empire's artillery camp.

Ice spears with elegant patterns descended upon the current headquarters of the Empire's largest elite army, faster than sound, and then burst open.

Thousands and thousands of dazzling ice crystals exploded simultaneously, countless ultradeep frozen ice fragments rampaged through the vast Imperial artillery camp, visible tracks quickly intertwining into a dense giant net - it was a web of destruction formed by millions of intersecting blue lights.

Tents, soldiers, artillery - everything, except for the knights who controlled the Empire's magic armor, seemed as fragile as thin paper before the sharp ice crystals, easily torn into pieces.

This is the sea serpent's most powerful attack method. Although it requires a rich environment of water element power to use, once used, it completely changes the tide of battle.

This level of attack and penetration power may be slightly inferior to the Empire's new two-five-zero cannon in terms of explosion range, but it is in a completely different league when it comes to resource usage.

The ammunition of the Empire's new mechanical cannons was made of solid gold and silver. Meanwhile, the ice spears of the sea serpents exploded with the freezing rain or in water.

In terms of the scale of the war, the Leviathan Empire was still in the stage of using heavy cannons. However, the sea serpents had reached the level of self-propelled unmanned weapons.

Just the piercing impact of three ice spears caused the constant booming sound of the empire's cannons to become sporadic. This was the result of the empire's new magic armor fighting desperately.

In just one minute, the sea serpent legion, benefiting from the rainy weather, almost annihilated the Leviathan Empire's most powerful new cannon army, completely crippling ten legions.

Close to a thousand unmanned sea serpent weapons advanced towards the empire's cannon camp, which was gradually losing its firepower.

"It seems luck is on our side."

"This empire has also reached its end."

"Let them know who the true master of the continental crown is, the supreme ruler."

Listening to the gradually quieting world and enjoying the sound of the falling rain, War Dancer's eyes gradually became entranced.



From afar, there seemed to be the sound of thunder, rhythmic and similar to the sound of footsteps.