The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The Lucky Horseshoes and Soul Imprint


The negotiation with old Minial isn’t successful. Of course, the part that didn’t go well isn’t our request for an alliance. Since we have a common enemy, in the face of a strong enemy, forging an alliance is an entirely rational thing to do.


It isn’t because the old Lion treat others badly. In actuality, his reputation among the Beastman Tribes is actually not bad. However, a powerful person would draw in enemies. The position as the Sovereign of the Beastman is very tempting. Many people are aiming for the position of an Underground Autarch. The moment they show a weakness, countless of underground city lords will try to usurp the position.


Minial in front of me is obviously against the old Lion. The tribes under him has been fighting with Shou’s tribe on the surface and secretly for several centuries. If the old Lion were to show a weakness, the first one to impeach the old Lion would be him. After all, viewing the circumstances of the underground world, there must be a Beastman among the Autarch. However, the Beastman need not be Shou.


One of the reason why old Minial came over is to negotiate an alliance. Since we both have mutual interests, so the alliance went successful. Multiple agreements that is targeted against a certain Lion has been agreed on swiftly. However, when we started to ‘gossip’ about Anya’s future, we got stuck in an impasse.


Very apparently, towards an stubborn old man who wishes to allow her grandniece to inherit the family business, using ‘the grandchildren have their own happiness that they want to pursuit’, ‘the youngsters have their own world’ is meaningless. In their mind, there is nothing more important than tradition and the business passed down by their ancestors. For the interest of the family, they are even willing to sacrifice themselves, needless to sacrifice the freedom of choice for a youngster. Besides, in their eyes, this choice made for you is actually for your own good.
TL: Used the world business but actually isn’t that sided to the commercial aspect. Inheritance, but not that commercial


“Since it is impossible to reason with him, then let’s just go with deception.”


I first complained about how the education of the elderly were too outdated, which led to youngsters not listening to them. Then, I compared Anya with Annie as an example.


“Look, they are both future successors of a city and there are huge expectations of them. Our Liu Huang Mountain City’s Annie is already Gold-rank pinnacle, ready to break through to Legend at any time and she isn’t 20. Even if compared to the entire world, she could be said to be a genius. What about your family’s Anya? I don’t think she is even Silver-rank.”


“This is only a comparison of power. What is more important to a city lord is experience and qualifications. Look at our Annie, she has started doing her job as the City Lord Successor and even served as the main ambassador of our envoy party. Our Annie is able to stand independently in the Alliance Conference. What about your family’s Anya?”


“Do you know how did we groom her? Lions will take the initiative to throw their cubs off the cliff. Annie has went out to adventure when she was 12 so as to experience the world, that’s why she is able to have such achievements today. You put your children in a large grasslands without a single thing, how can you expect them to have the opportunity to explore and broaden their knowledge. They can’t fight with strong opponents to refine their skills. Using your words, are they the eagles soaring in the midst of a hurricane or a fledgling shaking under the tree?”


I almost convinced myself with these words, but not all of these words are true. The reason why Annie is so strong individually is because of her unique inheritance. As for the experiences and knowledge she accumulated during her journey…


Hehe, I have heard her talk about her journey. ‘It feels terrible to starve at night, but I mustn’t follow strangers even when I am hungry’ and ‘Getting wet from the rain feels uncomfortable, but I felt warm when I started running about’ appears the most in her story. Next would be ‘Even though I am hungry, I can’t just casually pick up things from the ground to eat. If it is a poisonous animal, it should be edible after getting rid its poisonous sac and its head. However, the more colorful a plant is, the more poisonous it is. You can’t eat it at all’ and ‘If you got lost in a mountain for too long, then you should randomly find a direction and walk straight, breaking the mountains if one stands in your way and dig a way out. However, it feels horrible to be buried alive so be careful.’


Back then, my reaction was “What the heck, as expected of the goddaughter and disciple of Adam. Exactly the same good and learnt the exact same thing. To still be living like that, her life force must be really strong.”


Cough, looks like I went out of topic. At this moment, after a bit more coaxing, all kinds of half-true lies starts spouting out form my mouth. There are even a bunch of historical examples of countries getting destroyed because of its the bad judgement of its leader, causing the confused Centaur to stare blankly.


“Look, Prince Clint from Iron City also came independently as an envoy to Vance as such a young age. I have seen that person. He might be young, but you really can’t underestimate him in any aspect. It will be the youngsters’ generation next, do you intend for your family’s Anya to lose at the starting line?”


Minial who is already in a daze after my words stare at me dumbfounded.


“That, so if I put Anya with you, a suitable leader would be groomed?”


Of course that isn’t it. I didn’t say so much just to put this unlucky lass by my side, giving me more trouble. It is sufficient as long as you are willing to let her roam about. As for what happens next, I don’t want to bother about it and I can’t bother anyway.


I am the type who thinks the process is unimportant, only the ending matters. As long as the ending is good, there is not need to bother too much about what happens in the process. Since I have already coaxed him to this point, I might as well do it to the end.
TL: The exact phrase for coax is ?? which means a bit like fooling, but very very mild.


“Of course not…” Suddenly, someone interrupts my speech on shirking responsibility.


“Of course you can! Lord Wumianzhe is extremely skilled in teaching others. Even Big Sister Magaret praised him, he will definitely teach Anya properly.”


Suddenly, Annie walks through the door and promises him in an instant. Furthermore, the eyes that she looked at me with is sparkling.


“I didn’t expect Uncle.. Lord Wumianzhe to view me in such a manner. I always thought that you were unsatisfied with Annie. Annie is more motivated now!”


Minial carefully assesses the City Lord Successor who had been praised to heavens and is surprised to find that I wasn’t lying. It is quite outrageous for a human who is yet to be 20 to reach the boundaries of a Legend, and the Fire of Phoenix which her body is charged with shows of her limitless potential. It is very possible that she wouldn’t be just a normal Legend after breaking through.


To an experienced veteran like him, he knows that strength is the root of everything in this underground world where the weak serves as food for the strong. Annie’s abnormal strength is the best proof, it is also the final straw that convinced old Minial.


“Fine, I will pass Anya over to you all. She will be the best guarantee for our Alliance. We, Centaurs, always keep our promise. If you can deliver your promises, we will be your alliance forever.”


Anya grabs the right hand of the old Centaur that is in the air. In the ancient Centaur traditions, this is the symbol of an agreement being made.


“Yes, not just Lord Wumianzhe, I will also share my experiences with Anya and we will work together. Both of our people will become true friends.”


Then, she turns her head and leaves.


“Uncle Bones, I did well right! Did I seem like a real City Lord?” Even if she didn’t say it oud loud, but from the gleeful look that Annie gazes at me with, I can sort of tell what she was trying to express.


“…Share experiences, more like sharing how to land other people into trouble and how to act like a rascal.” Fortunately, my mask prevents me from revealing my expressions, otherwise my whole face would be full of bitterness now.


No matter how I put it, Anya is an ambassador in name. Now that we have made a friendly alliance with the other tribe, can I still reject her? Afterwards, I still have to fulfill the requirements of the agreement and turn this unlucky lass into a passable city lord… Seems like an impossible mission. Looks like I can only try to wash her brain with my Necromancy.


However, the Centaurs of the grasslands are well-known to be trustworthy. If we can earn an alliance mate that we can truly rely on because of this, this is also a great thing for Liu Huang Mountain City. The only one who met misfortune because of this is probably just me who is stuck with this hassle.


“Shot my own foot again huh? It is hard to be a good person these days. Right, why didn’t that unlucky lass fulfill her role as a lightning rod? Or maybe, I can use this to complain about her.”


Looking at the delighted Anya,


“Looks like Anya’s luck is really bad, if an accident were to happen…”


Before I even finished speaking, Minial shakes his head.


“This is a symbol of the royalty of our tribe, the Golden Bloodline. While we are blessed with hidden powers within our bloodline, it also brings along a curse of misfortune. However, we have a treasure that brings luck. If Anya stays here, I will pass it to her so that her situation will improve.”


A treasure that brings luck? It is quite unbelievable just thinking about it. Alright, I’ll admit that my heart wavered. If I have this, maybe my luck will get better, especially my luck with women…


“Fine, hand your grandniece to me.”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that’s great. Lord Wumianzhe, everyone says that you are gay and scary, but I didn’t expect that you really are a good person!!”


Hearing that she don’t have to return to the grasslands, Anya is already pouncing around at one side happily like a little deer. Rage surges in me who just gotten another ‘good man card’.
TL: Good man card -> You are a good man, but…


“WHO SAID THAT!! I am going to send him to the sulfur mines to dig sulfur!”
TL: Sulfur is poisonous, good kids please don’t imitate.


By the side, Minial nods his head, his face smiling cheerfully as though saying ‘This is great, if he is gay then Anya will be safe. Although she is a Centaur, there is too many perverts in this era.’


“What safe. There is Beifeng here.” Alright, this kind of criticism should remain in my belly. Family scandals shouldn’t be boasted about.


Anyway, it will just get more complicated the more I try to explain. Do I still have to explain my sexual orientation? Shaking my head in frustration, looks like there will still be many days to come that I will have to refute the rumors. I can only pray that the old Centaur doesn’t like to gossip.


Old Minial expresses that he would be back after a few days to teach Anya their family’s Archer Skills and prepares to takes his leave. Seeing that, I immediately questions him.


“What about the treasure?”


“Oh, the Lucky Horseshoes. Wait, I will take it off now.”


I am a little agitated. The legends that horseshoes can bring about fortune is already well-known. To think that it would be secret treasure of the Golden Bloodline royalty of the Centaurs. To be able to get hold of such a rare treasure, it can’t be that my luck is turning about?


Very quickly, the old Centaur takes off 2 horseshoes and passes it to Anya.


?Lucky Horseshoes/ Myth-class Equipment/ Effect: Increases the user’s Luck dramatically?Ohhhhhh, looks like its a top-tier good.

?You want to obtain Luck? Remember to find a blacksmith to nail it on.?


Looking at this, I went silly.


?This is an equipment. You get it, equipment must be equipped before it can be useful. Do you have hoofs? Congratulations for doing volunteer work. Actually, you can stop struggling already. There is no hope for your luck, just give up.?


No wonder old Minial gave these Horseshoes which are almost equal to a God Equipment to Anya so decisively. Although there is no requirement to equip, others are destined to only watch it… If you want to equip this toy, you must first find a nail to nail it onto your hoofs!


Fine, looking at the delighted Centaur darting about while having to suffer the tease of the system, I am really getting more and more unlucky nowadays.


The misfortunes keep coming in nowadays. Perhaps, the only good news that I heard these days is that Elisa was awake.


When blazing pillars of inferno shooting into the heavens and a quiet flowing river of ice appeared, I, who was experienced in this field, was shocked.


Using 2 conflicting power of Elements as the core for the Soul Imprint, it is an act that defies common sense. However, what was even more inconceivable is that she actually succeeded, and it was a level far beyond the level of manipulating the Elements, reaching into the level of Rules (of the world) and the level of Concepts. Of course, this is all good thing but the ‘concept’ itself makes one overthink.


“Marauder is it? Why does it feel like it’s Soul Imprint is sided towards the Chaos faction? Looks her she is still influenced by the blood of Demons.”


The power which the Soul Imprint represents is usually related to the experience of the person in the past and his type of power. The imprints from the experts of the Order Faction tend to side towards strengthening, control, solidifying and similar other rules. The shape it appears in tend to be a buff, such as Xueti’s Steel Heart, which makes his body as tough as steel, and Adam’s Indestructible Phoenix, which allows him to never fall down permanently. Even my Mark of Justice and Magaret’s Corridor of Time has the effect of strengthening a certain type of magic.


It is different for the Chaos Faction. They tend to distort or destroy the existing rules and their offensive power tend to be extremely powerful.


The rule of Plague is basically a destruction of the rule of Health, the rules which implements control over the Elements is a destruction of the natural cycle of Elements and the rules of Undead is the destruction of the rule of Life and Death. Elisa’s The Marauder is even more so, breaking the concept of ‘existence and possession’. It is normal for it to appear on Demons and Undeads. However, for it to appear on Elisa who serves as a Law Enforcer, it is hard to tell whether it is a good thing.


“However, I feel that this rule is very powerful, it is a little similar with Ah Dang. As long as it is power that complements it and the physical body is able to take it, it is able to steal it. As long as the user accumulates to a certain level, it is definitely a very powerful source of power. However, if the user were to steal randomly as he wish, causing his attribute of his power to become scattered, it might not be a good thing too.”


Thus, I requested Elisa to not use this power casually. She agreed immediately but somehow, I felt that something was amiss.


Rank Advancement makes the recovery of the body hastens significantly. The 2nd day after she awakes, she requested to remain to the team. Looking at the terrifying pile of work and official letters sent by Liu Huang Mountain City, I did a few basic examinations on her and after confirming that her health is good to an outrageous point, I approved of her return.


Just like previous days, she served as my assistant and head of intelligence coldly and efficiently, but…


“Totally no change at all, that is what that is wrong!! That calm look makes one feel like she is scheming something.” Maybe it is that I have been tricked so many times that I have become paranoid, but there is basis for my guess.


Soul Imprint is the crystallisation of a person’s past experiences and strength. It affects not only the one’s strength, it will also imperceptibly affect one’s personality. When Adam attained his infallible Indestructible Phoenix, he became more stubborn and strong. My Mark of Justice allows me deal with things rationally in matters relating to the law, Magaret’s Corridor of Time allows her to roam in history, becoming an onlooker of history and reality and not a participant while Xueti’s Steel Heart is an obvious negative demonstration…


Furthermore, this is for the milder Order Faction. The changes should be much greater for the Chaos Faction after forging their Soul Imprint. I expected changes to occur in Elisa and changes should happen, but the change has still yet to appear. It feels like a heavy rock hanging in midair, there is bound to be a moment when it falls. However, it persistently remains up there, making one feel uneasy.


But very quickly, I didn’t have the attention to bother about it anymore. The auction is just ahead and a savage war, from the moment when Yongye Scepter was brought into this city a month ago, was destined to happen.