The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Tragedy


“Return it to me! That is my belt!!! Wuu…Wuuuuuuuuu! For it, I am willing to pay anything. Why must you snatch away my final hope.” The female Dark Elf’s face is full of tears, but she still resiliently holds onto Krose’s waist, her tears wetting the other party’s chests.


“Let go!” Krose also feels like crying. She only picked up a belt from a ‘Child of Greed’ and she just wanted to give it a try seeing how pretty it is. How did it end up like this?


The comrades from 4 Courts 1 Hall all looked at Krose with sympathy… Alright, let’s ignore those people whose face’s are smiling weirdly and those mysterious saliva, let’s treat those as sympathy as well.


“You took away my final hope. I… I’m going to kill you.” The immature Victoria raises her fist, intending to do a double suicide with Krose.


“I… I’m even worse than you. I even have a fiancee!! I will be returning to my old home to marry in 50 years! Wu… Wuuuuuu.”


Remembering her childhood sweetheart, the weak Krose sits down on the floor, paralysed, as tears flow freely down her face.


Wuuuu… why are we so unfortunate? We should both be men.”


Looking at Krose who cursed to the same fate as her, Victoria’s puts down her little fist she was waving about. In the end, the ill-fated ‘girls’ hugs together and starts bawling.


Helpless, I shake my head. I might not have done it intentionally, but I do have to take responsibility for this incident. At least, I should try to think of some ideas to end this farce.


“Actually, this world’s Necromamcy is much more effective than plastic surgery and sex-change. Organ transplant can’t even count as a minor surgery. If both of them all don’t mind using other people’s organs, why don’t I ask them whether they would like me to help them do a little surgery.”


In the end, I gave up on this idea that solve the crux of the problem. Somehow, I feel like if I said it out, not only do I have to be beaten up, the remaining dignity and chastity that I have remaining will be lost.
TL: Again, this chastity refers to restraint and not the other one he is never losing.


“I better look for other ideas…”


In this moment, the system jumps out to brush up its existence and look for trouble.


“Ding! Number… Alright, the system doesn’t recall how many people has met with misfortune because of you. But, even the system can’t look on at such a tragedy, so I think I better award you something. You have awarded the noble title: The Star of Misfortune. After equipping this title, you will gain the passive skill ‘Aura of Plague’. This title cannot be hidden and the aura is active permanently.”
TL: The full translation of the the title is Born as the Star of Misfortune but the first 3 words doesn’t go along well.


“The Star of Misfortune: In daily life, you have always seen the looks of other people meeting with misfortune. In fact, you even started thinking that this is the normal flow of the world. However, one day, you realised that you are the source of all their misfortune! After equipping the title, Charm -10, Damage you take from little animals will be tripled.”


“Aura of Plague: For some reason, the pets you keep always die, the people you meet are also unfortunate. If someone feels that his life is all successful and fears nothing or when someone feels that his life couldn’t get worse than it is, then, he must have yet to meet you.”


“Effects of the Aura: Hidden stat Luck +10%. Yes, increase, you didn’t see wrongly. However, as long as there is a possibility of meeting with misfortune, even if the chances are only 1%, someone is bound to meet with it. The lower the Luck, the higher the chances of meeting with the misfortune. If there’s no one who takes the blow, then the one who will be unfortunate will be you! PS: The Aura doesn’t work on Lancer and the female lead of Korean dramas. Why? You know that the same effects cannot be stacked. If we are talking about misfortune, their ‘Lancer and Supporting Cast is Bound to Meet with Tragedy’ is much stronger than your ‘Aura of Plague’!”
TL: Yup, from the fate series


“Now you know why I increased your Luck right? Go and find some unlucky fellows to serve as your lightning rod.”


I finally understand what it means for the system to acknowledge that you are a Star of Misfortune.


That negative effects for the -10 Charm, for my -88 Charm, there is actually not much meaning in it. Anyway, I can already use my face to scare off other people. Then, there isn’t much of a difference between scaring a few and scaring dozens of people.


However, this is the first time that I am aware that there is actually a Luck stat in this world… Somehow, even if the system doesn’t show it, I know that my Luck is bound to be shockingly low.


However, I am a little interested in the Aura of Plague. Experts must learn to use every factor that can be used, even if the factor looks like it is a prank and is screwed up. It’s hard to say that maybe a precious jewel will be found in a little stone by the side of the road.


“The lower the Luck, the more easier to meet with misfortune huh? Then… Let me give it a try.”


Casually picking up 3 stones, I throw one of them into the sky with all of my might.


When it is flying halfway up in the sky, a strong wind blows and after a beautiful arc of trajectory, ‘peng‘, it happens to knock onto Roland No.2 which is under repairs and slides down the gigantic Robot’s body.


Dang, dang, dang.’ After several rebounds, it finally found its target.


AH! IT HURTS!!! Who is it, who is it? Who is the inconsiderate one!!” The stone happens to hit on the head of Centaur Anya who is hired as chef. Then, it slides down…




The stone rebounds between a few porcelain. ‘Pah pah pah’, ‘guang dang guang dang’, After a few crisp sound, under Anya frantically tried to salvage the situation, all of them broke into fragments.


In reality, seeing the situation clearly, if she doesn’t move at all, she would have only destroyed a plate at most. However, she ran about with her 4 hoofs and clumsily tried to grab the stone, overturning several tables on the way, causing all of the plates and porcelain to shatter.


“The person with the lowest Luck has appeared huh? Poor child, I hope that you can pay that off with 1 month of your wages.”


Sympathetically shaking my head, I stare at the figure who is grabbing the broken plates, trying to put them back together. Noticing the silhouette behind her, I decided to give her a helping hand.


“That, Diana, go and help Anya. Beifeng has set his gaze on her and is currently laughing indecently by the window. Don’t let him succeed and there’s no need to consider my reputation. Just beat up until he is the verge of death. You don’t have to be worried about him dying, the Gold-rank Hunter is actually quite sturdy.”


I send the Town Security team off with my gaze. Currently, the one who has the lowest Luck stat is indubitably, the unlucky Centaur Anya who lost several jobs due to our appearance.


“The second…” After hesitating for a moment, I still decided to give it a try.


This time, despite a wind blowing, the stone actually bizarrely maintains its previous motion and simply flies straight up and down.


“It can’t be, it’s me….”


Just when it is about to hit my head, the wind blows again and floating with the wind, it hits on the head of another unlucky fellow.


“Ah, it hurts!”


The unlucky Victoria happens to take the blow. The small rock falls into her long hair and the uncomfortable Victoria shakes her head forcefully, causing the stone to fly out.


“Bo.” That is the crisp sound of the lumps of flesh hitting each other. The thing that shouldn’t exist shakes contrallably due to the impact of external force and under the rough motions, the shirt which is already stretched to its limit finally breaks. Snow-white flesh bounces out and Krose immediately turns red.


This isn’t the end yet…


“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Following the exclamation of the lechers, the rock continues to slide downwards into her pants. At this moment, the panicking Krose starts to cry again.


“Don’t move, big sister. Let me retrieve it for you.” Due to their equally ill fate, Victoria, who has just forged a strong revolutionary friendship as ‘sisters’ with her, takes the initiative to put her hands into the other party’s pants to search for the stone.


“STOP!!” But Krose, who is frightened by the situation, feels extreme fear at the foreign feeling between her thighs and is shivering. She immediately grabs the demonic hand which is about to do evil. In the end, it turned into a ‘physical fight’ between two ‘sisters’. The wolves in the surrounding were agitated and howling about, especially in response to Krose’s opened shirt.


Alright, I better clean up my own mess. It is too dangerous to allow this situation to develop like that.


Will I say that the scene of the exposure of the two top beauties gives me an urge to roar to the heavens.


“Yawen, take those bastards whose male hormones is excessively secreted to… to the kitchen to clean it up.”


Not far away, the Town Security team is currently lynching Beifeng who was intending to ‘hunt’. On the other side, Anya keeps apologising to Head Chef Henry of the kitchen while picking up the broken fragments.


Alright, in reality, fearing that she would be fired, the panicking her is still destroying the kitchen.


“Pah!” “Why did it break!! Anya didn’t do it on purpose. Uncle, please don’t fire me!! Anya will try her best to clean up. AHHHH, why did it break again.”


“Go quickly, before the clumsy Centaur destroys all of our tableware, causing us to be unable to eat our dinner!”


Just two stones have brought terror of another meaning here. Looking at the final stone in my palm, I shivered. Perhaps, this stone might be even more dangerous than the Yongye Scepter than I made with all my effort.


“Un, so is the 2nd one Victoria of Krose? Forget it, it’s roughly the same.  I will just rank both of them as number 2. Since I already have 3 lightning rods, as long as they are beside me, I don’t have to be worried about the effects of the Aura of Plague. No, for such a thing like a lightning rod, it is better to have more of it.”


After making up my decision to continue, I cast a Dash Spell on myself and flies far away so as to not affect those around me.


“Go, my lightning rod detector. Show me who is the next unlucky fellow!!”


But, the stone disappears from sight the instant it flew out. It actually followed the draft of the wind all the way up to the clouds. Then, a roar could be heard.


“Which bastard is it throwing stuff at other people!! I?%?……?”


It’s Xiao Hong’s voice. Recently, people have been knocking at her door and beating her up. As she has yet to get even with them despite suffering under them, her resentment has been piling up.


“It’s Xiao Hong? Isn’t her luck quite good normally? Hehe, looks like this toy isn’t very accurate.”


“So it is you bastard!! You are the reason why I have been so unlucky recently! You still dare to challenge me! Eat my Body Slam!!”


Fine, looking at the dark silhouette which keeps growing bigger and the angry roar, I corrected my judgement.


“Oh, so I am the 3rd one. Un, I better keep a lightning rod by my side at all times in the future.”


Cough… Let’s not talk about how I caused a chaos and how I managed to escape with my life. After this incident, I am resolved to bring a person with lower Luck then me at all times.


After that, as lightning rods, I felt quite bad to Victoria and Krose who helped me to avert quite a few calamities. In the end, I found far-fetched solution to it.


“Spring of Drowned Man.” A magical spring from an old manga. It can grant a unique physique to a female, such that when coming in contact with hot water, she would turn into a male, and when coming in contact with cold water, she would turn back into a female.
TL: Ranma 1/2


In order to win this rare treasure from a foreign world, I spent just a lot of points and a few Gachapon chances and finally got what I wanted, but…


There is only one Spring of Drowned Man…


At that moment, Krose and Victoria who have become even closer than blood-related sisters, for the opportunity to become an incomplete man, they fought each other and in the end, under the effects of a certain Aura of Plague, the spring water ended up being overturned on an unlucky passer-by…