The City of Terror

Chapter 244

Chapter 244 - Cowberry Glazed Reindeer Barbecue

    Wei Xiao Bei did not notice this at all. When he finally noticed that the Small Fairy did not leave, he once again began to skin the reindeers.

    On his way back, nothing unexpected happened. This had eased his worry.

    After all, he did not know where the big wolf went as it chased after the reindeers.

    If it did not catch them, it might return and encounter him. That would be a big problem.

    Wei Xiao Bei was unwilling to provoke the big wolf since he was able to gain evolution points from the reindeers.

    Although he did not know the wolf’s status, he was able to feel that it was above a normal 3-Star Creature.

    Wei Xiao Bei was also a normal 3-Star Creature, but if an unknown 3-Star Creature appeared, he did not dare ignore what powerful skills might exist in their status.

    It was like the Small Fairy. No one could have imagined that such a weak looking 2-Star Elite Creature actually had such a strong special skill.

    After returning to the original place, some of the limp reindeers had ran off, but there were still five in the same place.

    Among them were four children and one female.

    In truth, even if Wei Xiao Bei killed so many reindeers, he still had the slightest amount of compassion. After all, majority of animal children were adorable, and he was not the kind of person to destroy beautiful things.

    However, five reindeers was equivalent to 750 points, and they were able to increase some of his status.

    Thus he was hesitating. He looked at the five reindeers with eyes flickering with indetermination.

    When Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes leaked out killing intent as he decided to kill the reindeers and gain evolution points, the Small Fairy that was unwilling to come down flew down and stopped in front of the child reindeers. It spoke a few words that Wei Xiao Bei did not understand, and its hands made back and forth gestures.

    The Small Fairy was rather intelligent. It understood that Wei Xiao Bei did not understand its words, thus it made gestures.

    If it was the former Wei Xiao Bei, he would not be able to understand these gestures.

    However, he could not rely on his [Precise Calculation], allowing him to roughly understand the Small Fairy.

    It wanted Wei Xiao Bei to let off the these child reindeers.

    Fairies were kind hearted yet mischievous creatures. They were normally mischievous, but in crucial moments, they would show their kindheartedness.

    In truth, Wei Xiao Bei’s thoughts about learning more languages increased in fervor.

    If he could understand this language, then communicating with the Small Fairy would be a lot easier, and he would not have to look like an idiot as he exchanged gestures with the fairy.

    In the end, Wei Xiao Bei let the fairy believe in him, that he would not direct the butcher knife towards the children. As for the female reindeer, Wei Xiao Bei judged that if the children did not have an adult to guide them, they would not live long and die soon. Thus, he might as well let it continue living.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei had other deeper thoughts.

    There were still a lot of reindeer meat on the ground behind him. He could turn the children into a labor force, while the female would be his mount.

    As wei Xiao Bei was thinking about this, information suddenly popped up in his mind.

    This was the first time something like this happened.

    Small Fairy Kashmir requests for a partnership contract with the host, [Yes/No?] (Note: A partnership contract is an equal relationship. After the contract concludes, you will gain the following duty and power: 1. The two parties can communicate disregarding the language barrier. 2. If any party encounters danger, a warning will be sent to the other party. 3. Both sides have an obligation to help each other, but this can be refused. 4. Do not commit acts that cross the other party’s bottom line principle, else the contract will be voided. 5. After the contract is voided, both parties will return to being strangers. No loss in power will happen after this. 6. Once the intimacy of both parties reach a certain threshold, a symbiotic contract, a master-servant contract, or a life and death contract could be formed.)

    Wei Xiao Bei’s first reaction was that the content was well-defined.


    Without any hesitation, Wei Xiao Bei agreed to the partnership contract.

    Only an idiot would reject such a good thing.

    Although there were a few restrictions in the contract, being able to enter a partnership contract with the fairy had a lot of benefits.

    Moreover, if their intimacy increased, then they could enter into a deeper contract like the master-servant contract.

    As for the symbiotic contract and the life and death contract, Wei Xiao Bei did not understand what they did yet, nor could he verify them.

    No matter what was said, when he agreed to the contract, changes immediately happened to his status panel.

    Below his evolution points, the label partner was written followed by the words Kashmir (Intimacy: 30)

    Intimacy 30?

    Wei Xiao Bei did not know how high an intimacy of 30 was, but it should not be too high. After all, their contact time was only so short, so it was a lie if he said this was at the level of friends.

    After all, this was not a game!

    Afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei received the benefits of the contract.

    As long as Wei Xiao Bei faced the Small Fairy, he would be able to understand its words even with his eyes closed, but, if he was not facing it, then he would not be able to understand.

    However, this was enough to satisfy him.

    “Hello, Kashmir.”

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled and greeted. No matter what was said, they had already entered into a partnership contract so he would naturally try to pull their relationship closer. Wei Xiao Bei even hoped to enter a master-servant contract with it.

    “Hello, Wei Xiao Bei.”

    A tiny, fragile voice came out from the fairy’s mouth.

    After the contract was established, they naturally knew each other’s names, even if their names were not written in the contract’s content.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not really care about this. After all, the description would never have all the information.

    After talking with Kashmir, Wei Xiao Bei began to busy himself and gathered withered shrubs to begin cooking the reindeer meat.

    Stocking up on food reserves had already become a habit.

    The reasoning behind this was already obvious.

    He lit up a fire and cut the meat to pieces. Then, he sprinkled salt and flipped it from time to time, waiting for the red to disappear. Afterwards, he pulled out the cowberries that he had gathered and squeezed the juices out on top of the meat.

    Towards this wasteful action, the Small Fairy was not happy and hovered around him while muttering something. Because Wei Xiao Bei was not facing it, he did not understand.

    However, it was clear that his actions had not yet exceeded the Small Fairy’s bottomline.

    Gradually, the meat let out the fragrance of cowberries. The more cooked it was, the thicker the fragrance was.

    The smell was even able to disturb those reindeers eating grass at the side. They blinked their eyes, wanting to approach, but they stopped when they saw the bonfire.

    As for the Small Fairy, it had already lied down on Wei Xiao Bei’s shoulder and muttered something while staring at the roast meat.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not pay any attention to this as he concentrated on roasting the meat.

    With only his right hand, flipping all the meat at the right moment was hard if he did not concentrate. A small amount of carelessness would scorch the meat.

    Finally, six pieces of meat had turned to golden. He placed five of them in his Small Holding Bag and left one out.

    Although it did not increase the requirement on his [Cooking] skill, Wei Xiao Bei still used his [Status Appraisal] on it.

    Information on the roast meat entered his mind.


Name: Cowberry Glazed Reindeer Barbecue (High Quality)

Description: This item was created by the cooking skill. The main ingredients are cowberries and reindeer meat.

Effect 1: Fragrance increase by 80%, taste increase by 60%

Effect 2: After eating, fatigue recovery increases by a good amount, mental strength recovery increases by a small amount.

Effect 3: This item can be brought into the Dust World.


    Sure enough, it went as Wei Xiao Bei expected. After adding the cowberries and through his careful cooking, the reindeer meat turned into a high quality cowberry glazed reindeer barbecue.

    Compared to the deep fried squid he previously made, the barbecue’s effect was a lot better.

    Just the first effect of increased fragrance and taste raised the dish’s smell and flavor by a lot.

    Additionally, it would increase his fatigue and mental strength recovery after eating. This meant that this dish was able to allow Wei Xiao Bei to stay in the Dust World for a longer period of time.

    It must be known that he had no control of how long he could stay in the Dust World.

    After entering the Dust World, a person’s mental strength would be slowly sapped. After reaching their limit, they would be forced out of the Dust World.

    Thus, how vigorous a person’s mental strength was determined by how long they could stay.

    Although the dish increased his recovery speed, it would not necessarily mean that it would increase the amount of time Wei Xiao Bei would be able to stay in the Dust World by a long amount of time, but it was a lot better than nothing.

    Wei Xiao Bei took a bite out of the barbecue.


    The oil from the meat was not greasy, and the meat was tender. As he bit into it, the slight taste of salt mingled with the meat and cowberry. Anyone who ate this would probably want to eat more.


    This is?

    When Wei Xiao Bei took a second bite, he noticed something appear in front of him.

    After adjusting his focal distance, he saw Kashmir.

    Didn’t it say that it loved to eat cowberries the most?

    At this moment, the Small Fairy took a bite of the meat. Afterwards, it did not pay anymore attention to its white clothes and began to take large bites out of the meat, giving Wei Xiao Bei a difficult time to find room to take another bite.

    Sigh, since you like it, I’ll give this to you.

    Wei Xiao Bei expressed this intention of his through his facial expressions and let go. The remaining meat began to fall to the ground, but the Small Fairy was still hugging onto it. It began to flap its wings with all its might. At the moment the meat touched the ground, it was finally able to drag it up. On its way up, it did not forget to take large bites out of the meat.

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