The Black Card

Chapter 345

Chapter 345 - The Third Use of the Millionaire Card

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Editor: Llikia 

Shi Lei wasn’t finished with his questioning.

“Excuse me for saying it straightforwardly, but Zhen Xu’s personality isn’t even as good as mine,” he remarked. “I don’t think I’m capable of managing a business right now, even during the start-up stage. It would be more impossible for him. This company will be bankrupt in less than six months under his management.”

“Stupid marmot, the success or failure of an investment is never related to only one person. You are investing in the company, not this Zhen Xu you’ve been talking about. Alright, that’s enough. I’ve told you too much. I didn’t have to answer these questions, but the noble me didn’t want to see you continue being this stupid.”

Shi Lei froze. He had invested in the company, not Zhen Xu. In other words, if Zhen Xu couldn’t take the pressure and decided to sell it, Shi Lei’s investments would remain and eventually reach the results as shown by the Investment Card.

Could it be that the company would end up taken over by the opposite party?

However, from Wei Xingyue’s analysis, the other company only wanted to intervene and didn’t plan to operate for long. Perhaps their goal was to force Zhen Xu to sell them the company, then merge and reorganize it to sell again at a higher price.

Although Shi Lei didn’t know much about the purchase, combination, and reorganization of companies, he had read some related materials over a period time and especially last night. It was clear that as soon as the company was purchased, the shareholders who had some say could change their shares over to the new company and participate as a shareholder after the two merged. However, the best thing for those who held smaller shares was to monetize and leave.

In order words, as soon as someone bought Zhen Xu’s company, the best choice for Shi Lei would be monetizing his shares and leaving, even if they offered him an unexpected price.

So why was the Scepter so confident that the Investment Card’s prediction wouldn’t change? In fact, Shi Lei would leave as soon as Zhen Xu sold his company. Otherwise, he and Zhang Meimei wouldn’t have a say when their shares were reduced. Then they would be vulnerable to the new company’s tricks and lose everything.

If seen like this, then not only did Zhen Xu have to hold on to his company, he had to quickly defeat the adversaries.

However, that wasn’t possible!

Shi Lei was slightly bewildered.

“Stupid marmot, you’ve asked too much today and the majority were questions you are in no position to ask, with your current level. Hurry up and eject the card.”

Seeing Shi Lei not speak for a long time, the Scepter became somewhat worried.

“Don’t be in a hurry. I have more questions. Jiang Yuanchao looked into me a few days ago and found out about the two deals I made. This is related to the Investment Card, so shouldn’t you kill those who attempt to look into it?”

Shi Lei didn’t dislike Jiang Yuanchao to the point that he wanted him dead, but he knew that the Black Card wouldn’t kill him. Otherwise, it would’ve erased him from the world when he came across the deals without waiting for Shi Lei to ask. He only wanted to know what the Black Card thought about this matter.

The Scepter remained silent for a while. “He didn’t discover anything he can’t know,” it finally answered. “If he does cross the line, then I will naturally deal with him as I see fit.”

“What exactly are you going to do?”

“This has nothing to do you with you, Level Two Employee. You are asking too many questions. Do you really want me to punish you?”

Shi Lei shrugged. “Alright, I won’t ask about this, but what about the mysterious Eye of the Dark Night? I’ve used the Millionaire Card twice and am now inevitably involved with it. I remember you saying that there are no more than one hundred thousand people in the world who know about it. People like me obviously aren’t qualified to do so. Due to this, Wei Ye has already looked into me. Although his methods were confusing, I called him and ended the possibility of him keep probing into it. He might continue, only more secretively. However, doesn’t this mean that people are already questioning me? Runzhou’s Hu Jianjun hasn’t tried to look into me yet, but I believe that his son and that Jiang Yuanchao only took the initiative to contact me under his directions. So what kind of qualifications does a person require in order to be in contact with the Eye of the Dark Night?”

Shi Lei’s many words sounded like a tongue twister, but the Scepter easily understood what he meant.

“You don’t need to worry about this. Not all members of the Eye of the Dark Night are at the top. In fact, whether it’s that Wei Ye you mentioned or Wei Changqing and Hu Jianjun, their situations weren’t necessarily better than yours when they first interacted with the Eye of the Dark Night. Of course, you are definitely the one in the worst situation. As a Level Two Employee, there is no need for you to care about the organization. Both Wei Changqing and Hu Jianjun don’t require any punishment. The Eye of the Dark Night will make them regret it if they ever cross the line.”

After a slight pause, the Scepter continued. “Alright, stupid marmot. You have seriously asked too much. I will not answer any more questions today.”

“Okay,” Shi Lei agreed. “I won’t ask any more, but I want to use the Millionaire Card.”

“You want to use it again? Alright, tell me how you want to use it this time. Oh, right. You’re going back to Runzhou soon. Do you want to pretend to be cool in front your family and friends? Someone as noble as I advise you to—”

“I’m not as vain or stupid as you think I am,” Shi Lei cut in mercilessly. “It’s more than enough to drive that two million yuan car back, but I am curious that you can even use words like ‘pretending to be cool.’”

“Then what do you want to use it for?” The Scepter felt humiliated and became obviously impatient.

“It’s twenty-four hours in the shoes of an extremely wealthy person. Hmm, I think even top millionaires would inevitably want to investigate someone, right?”

The Scepter froze. “Who do you want to investigate? How did you think of using the Millionaire Card like this?”

“It’s simple. The Eye of the Dark Night definitely collects information and data. Without a large web of information, its power is limited. So top-tier millionaires—perhaps only a small portion of them—are able to give the Eye of the Dark Night missions to investigate certain people. I want to be such a millionaire for a day.”

The Scepter spun around twice and actually made the sound of an applause.

“It seems like this Millionaire Card has quite a lot of potential and you have found yet another function for it. Mhm, it is related to the Eye of the Dark Night, which you’ve already come into contact with. Cunning Mickey Mouse, I knew you would continue to surprise me from the moment you first used the Millionaire Card and discovered the Eye of the Dark Night’s existence. Now tell me the person you want to investigate.”

“It’s actually a family,” Shi Lei replied.

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