The Black Card

Chapter 331

Chapter 331 - Shi Lei Is Unhappy

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Shi Lei found it strange that Jiang Yuan would want to see him again.

“Do you want something?” Shi Lei asked tentatively. Jiang Yuan didn’t sound like he wanted to get Hu Xiaohua.

Jiang Yuan replied, “Kind of. We’ll talk when we meet up. Oh, Hu Xiaohua was unconscious last night. I think he’s making up for it now, so I didn’t call him. Where are we meeting?”

“Come to Wudong University. I just left school, but I have more exams in the afternoon, so I can’t go anywhere too far.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in ten minutes. Oh, there used to be a dim sum restaurant out front. Is it still there?” Jiang Yuan was very familiar with Wudong University. Perhaps he graduated from there, but Shi Lei had never asked him before.


“Okay, let’s meet there. Please order the congee served in a casserole pan and some stir-fried Chinese broccoli. I recommend you try their casserole rice and ginger chicken.” Jiang Yuan hung up and Shi Lei slowly walked toward the dim sum restaurant, wondering what he wanted from him.

To be honest, whether it was Jiang Yuan or Hu Xiaohua, they had never really interacted with each other. Everything was based on the favor that Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan had done for Shi Lei, and a certain friend of his also thought that those two should contact him more often.

When they came to Wudong, it was natural for Shi Lei to greet them, just like how they would definitely welcome him back after he finished his exams and returned to Runzhou.

Shi Lei only had a few interactions with these two and their relationship was as clear as water, so it shouldn’t be anything serious.

But from Jiang Yuan’s tone, he felt like he had something serious to talk about.

Sitting in the restaurant, Shi Lei really did order the ginger chicken and some lap mei rice. He then ordered the congee and Chinese broccoli for Jiang Yuan. Considering that he had exams in the afternoon, Shi Lei didn’t order alcohol, but two glasses of juice.

When Jiang Yuan walked into the restaurant, all the dishes other than the rice and congee were ready.

“Haha, it’s the same as a few years ago, nothing has changed.” Jiang Yuan didn’t treat himself as an outsider as he sat down, picked up his chopsticks, and shoved a piece of chicken into his mouth.

Shi Lei smiled. “Even if it’s a one-time use thing, why don’t you familiarize yourself more with the functions, since you are free?”

Jiang Yuan laughed. “I didn’t have any energy last night. If it wasn’t for me drinking quite a lot, I probably wouldn’t have had any energy to last the whole night. Your dark circles look pretty bad. Didn’t sleep well?” Jiang Yuan smirked. He obviously meant something else.

Shi Lei shook his head and smiled bitterly. “Don’t even mention it. After I went back last night, that water deliverer came to Wudong and made me eat supper with her, so I didn’t go home until 2 AM.”

When Jiang Yuan heard that, he frowned. “Water deliverer?”

“Oh, the person you guys know as Shui Ye. You’ve met her before.”

“Shui Ye came to Wudong? Why don’t you introduce me?”

“Why do you want to see her? She’s crazy.”

Jiang Yuan shook his head with a bitter laugh. “There’s only you in the entire Jiangnan area who would dare to speak of Shui Ye like this.”

Shi Lei ate silently.

“Oh, right. Is it because Shui Ye likes you?” Jiang Yuan pondered but spoke again worriedly. “If Shui Ye knows that you have a girlfriend, that little girl will be in trouble. Shi Lei, if you are serious about her, you should hide her—”

“Stop,” Shi Lei quickly cut in. “Stop, I have nothing to do with that water deliverer. Can we not talk about this? I can’t explain this in such a short amount of time and it annoys me when I mention her. Didn’t you want something? Tell me about it.”

Jiang Yuan smiled. He couldn’t ask too much if Shi Lei didn’t want to say anything, especially since it was associated with the Song family.

“First, I need to apologize to you and I hope that you won’t be offended.” Jiang Yuan lowered his chopsticks and spoke to Shi Lei seriously.

Shi Lei frowned. “Why are you so serious? What’s happening?”

“Well, didn’t you want me to ask Wang Kaiming to give you special permission for margin trading? So I thought that you only had a little over 100,000 yuan, and I just happened to ask Wang Kaiming. He said that he felt like you are not an ordinary person when he first met you and he paid some attention to your account. But he realized that your account never exceeded 500,000 yuan, the most you have is more than 100,000. So I was wondering why, since you didn’t take his offer of giving you leverage, and this much money couldn’t possibly be enough for your car. Why did you want to do margin trading? So I was curious. I really didn’t mean to investigate you, but I was just curious, and I asked Wang Kaiming to check your deals over the past two days…”

Shi Lei understood now.

Jiang Yuan definitely saw his two consecutive deals and checked the state of the stock. Before it stopped at the lowest limit, it stopped at the highest fluctuation limit the next day, and Jiang Yuan probably came asking about it because he didn’t understand why.

This wouldn’t be something serious in another person’s case since it was just small deals of money. Even Wang Kaiming wouldn’t put that much money in his eyes, not to mention some fuerdai like Jiang Yuan, with at least twenty or thirty billion in assets.

But it was different for Shi Lei. The reason why he had these two deals was entirely based on the guidance of the Investment Card. In other words, this was associated with the Black Card. Shi Lei couldn’t help but to be nervous about it and his facial expression didn’t look happy.

Perhaps Jiang Yuan saw his change in expression and his heart skipped a beat, afraid that he had touched on something he shouldn’t have.

To Shi Lei, Hu Xiaohua mentioned that Jiang Yuan shouldn’t treat him as on the same level. Shi Lei’s family itself was nothing, but he was so close to Wei Qing. When his family was in trouble, Wei Qing even rushed over to help without him asking, which was too unusual. He even had Song Miaomiao backing him. Well, wasn’t he just informed that Song Miaomiao had come all the way from Xixi last night?

Hence, Hu Xiaohua meant that he should treat Shi Lei as someone superior to them.

After yesterday’s incident, Shi Lei became even more mysterious in Jiang Yuan’s heart. Jiang Yuan thought that perhaps Shi Lei went through some sort of special training in order to interact with people at Wei Qing and Song Miaomiao’s level and even built up a close relationship with them. As a top fuerdai in Runzhou, Jiang Yuan knew a lot more compared to ordinary people. Hence, he always thought more deeply when he encountered things.

Seeing Shi Lei’s expression change, Jiang Yuan felt slightly nervous.

“Shi Lei, I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m just curious.”

Shi Lei pondered for a while and thought that perhaps he was being overly anxious. In Jiang Yuan’s eyes, perhaps it was because he was lucky or he received some behind-the-scenes information.

Shi Lei smiled with difficulty. “It’s because someone gave me behind-the-scenes information. It’s pretty accurate. They know that I just want some pocket money, so they told me about it. I mean, why would you think that I’m so resourceful and can earn money from such a strange stock? But honestly, Brother Yuan, I’m really not happy about this. I could start this because of your help and I appreciate it. But if you ask me, it’s not like I won’t tell you. I just hope that this won’t happen again.”

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