The Black Card

Chapter 319

Chapter 319 - I’ll Beat All Eight of Them

Translator: Lav

Editor: Red

The tourists on the bus glanced at each other. They hadn’t expected expect the couple to bring people over so quickly, and they were worried for Shi Lei.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan immediately became nervous.

Although they already found some people and were organizing them to come over, even the area’s local police would take some time to arrive.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan shook their heads as they exchanged a glance with each other. They stood up and took their jackets off, passed them to the girls next to him.

Hu Xiaohua pretended to be relaxed as he rolled up his sleeves, “I haven’t fought for a long time, I’ll take care of two. Yuan, what about you?”

Jiang Yuan laughed as he too, also rolled up his sleeves, “If you are taking two, I need to at least take two.”

They looked towards Shi Lei, who was sitting on the seat without budging.

They were confused. Why wasn’t Shi Lei moving? Was he scared? But he shouldn’t be; Shi Lei could take at least three of them on at the same time.

Quickly, they realized that Shi Lei definitely wasn’t because he was scared, but because he didn’t care at all. He was too calm; a person who was horrified could not pretend to be this calm.

Shi Lei was relaxed as he took out his phone to check the time. Hmm, only twenty minutes had passed since he used the Martial Arts Card. In other words, he had about ten minutes left to use as he was still possessed by the martial arts master.

Ten minutes…

Shi Lei looked at the people running towards him. There were nine people altogether, including the husband and eight other people, and excluding the wife, who could not fight at all.

After using the Martial Arts Card a few times, Shi Lei had basic grasp of the skill level of the Martial Arts Card.

Even when he faced the two underground boxers for the first time, Shi Lei didn’t have to use all his strength, and the few times after that was almost like a joke.

Shi Lei assumed that the boxers wouldn’t take five minutes to handle these eight people. Although Shi Lei was alone, ten minutes was more than enough.

The only problem was that he couldn’t be too heavy, as he couldn’t get away if something severe actually happened. 

Shi Lei stood up slowly and took off his jacket. He passed it to Sun Yiyi and smiled at Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan, “You guys can just watch that idiotic woman and don’t let her run around. I’ll handle those men. If I can’t make them lose their ability to fight within ten minutes, I lose.”


Holy shit!

Ten minutes? Eight people? Bro, did you have to exaggerate it?!

And, it was losing their ability to fight, not frighten them.

Even so, what do you mean by you lose? Who the hell is betting with you?

“Shi Lei, don’t underestimate them. We both saw that you are strong, but they have eight people. Yuan and I aren’t as skilled and we can only take two each. You can be as heavy as you want for the other four. For group fights, it’s enough to frighten them because they won’t go all out in public.” Hu Xiaohua was worried that Shi Lei had overestimated himself.

Shi Lei smiled, “I know my limits. Don’t worry, these eight useless people… I still mean what I said, I lose if I take longer than ten minutes. But if I can do it, you guys owe me a meal.”

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan were thinking, Not to mention a meal, we wouldn’t care if we had to treat you for the rest of your life if you could really do that! 

Before they could react, Shi Lei jumped lightly out of the bus and strolled towards the men.

He turned around after a few steps, “Don’t just stand there. I’m not used to beating up women, just watch her!”

Shi Lei turned back quickly towards the men. After all, he didn’t have too much time, and he didn’t want to waste another use of the card on these idiots.

Those men also didn’t expect Shi Lei to face them alone. But since Shi Lei was by himself, they thought that it was a good thing and stopped to wait for Shi Lei to reach them.

Shi Lei stopped two meters away from the men. He pointed at the idiot husband from before, “Looks like your mouth isn’t swollen enough. I should’ve slapped you harder.”

“Brat, don’t be so reckless in front me. I’ll tell you what it feels like to be beaten up. You think you can be so arrogant just because you can fight? Fuck you, I’m going to see how you can deal with so many people!”

As soon as the man finished his words, Shi Lei flashed forwards a few steps and slapped the man’s mouth heavily.

This time, Shi Lei almost used half of his strength, and it was much heavier than before. He used the back of this hand and the man fell over, spitting blood when he hit the ground.

The rest of the gang was shocked, and two of them punched out at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei lowered his body and slipped between them. He attacked with two of his elbows and hit the men on theirs back where their hearts were.

They both promptly fell on the ground face first and swallowed the dirt on the ground.

The rest of them knew that they had encountered a real master. But they couldn’t back off, as they had so many people.

One of them yelled, “Fuck! This guy can fight! Grab the things!”

The five people left all stretched out their hands. Four of them had a knife in their hands, while the last one took out a baseball bat.

Shi Lei frowned and asked curiously, “Where did you get out your baseball bat for? It’s so thick! Damn, does it hurt?”

The man with the baseball bat froze before he quickly realized that Shi Lei was teasing him. He yelled furiously and swung the bat towards Shi Lei’s head.

Shi Lei kicked out, and before the bat could hit him, Shi Lei’s foot landed on the man’s stomach.

His kick was so powerful that the guy immediately flew away.

But at the same time, four knives stabbed towards Shi Lei, and all the tourists behind him screamed.

Shi Lei’s face darkened. He didn’t expect these guys to really used controlled weapons, and thought that they were seeking death.

Shi Lei twisted his body around. He didn’t back off, but advanced and moved closer to the man on the right side.

As fast as lightning, Shi Lei grabbed the man’s wrist and lightly twisted it...

A painful yell escaped the man’s lips, asShi Lei was really mad. He used about seventy percent of his strength and broke the man’s wrist.

Then Shi Lei kneed the man in the face, and the man stumbled backwards, his face a bloody mess.

Shi Lei pulled the man back by one arm and lifted him up. He didn’t even take a glance back and the three other knives all stabbed into the man’s body.

The man screamed again and fainted.

Shi Lei was easy on them. Although it seemed like he just casually raised his arm, but he actually calculated it and the knives all drove into the man’s butt.

Although there was blood everywhere, but in fact, he wasn’t heavily wounded.

He pushed the man into the other three and they crashed into each other.

Shi Lei turned around slowly and estimated that he had five minutes left.

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