Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Six Feet Under

Old Guo nodded and replied, “I’ve observed them for some time and discovered that the two basically don’t look at the monitor. They probably think that no one would try to break in, so they aren’t alert.”

Xiao Ma chipped in, “Of course. After all, who would break into a cemetery? It’s not like it’s an ancient tomb filled with gold.” He paused for a bit and asked, “Something is strange though, even if the Ma Family is extremely wealthy, there’s no need for them to build a cemetery in the middle of nowhere. They even hired security guards for this place, I wonder why?”

“There’s definitely something wrong here. My guess is that the Ma Family knows about the existence of the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation, so they have made some arrangement,” Ye Shaoyang said, “That’s why they purposefully made it look like a cemetery.”

Xiao Ma took a deep breath and said, “If the Ma Family has something to do with this, we’ll have to face some big problems.”

Ye Shaoyang smiled and said, “Don’t worry, those two security guys aren’t even doing their jobs.”

Xiao Ma looked at the tall wall and did not discover any spots of leverage. Before Xiao Ma could open his mouth to ask, Old Guo had already taken out a grappling hook. Old Guo swung it hard over the wall and checked if it was secure.

Xiao Ma was impressed, “Old Guo, you’re really professional. Honestly, were you the culprit behind the peeping tom incident at our school?”

“Cut your crap!” Old Guo gave him a mean stare, “Oh yeah, you guys climb over first, I’ll fetch my shovels.”

After saying that, Old Guo ran to the car and brought back two shovels. He also brought along some items in his rucksack that he thought would be useful.

The three of them climbed over one at a time and got down. Under the cover of the cypress trees, the three ran straight for the tunnel. The tunnel was pitch black and about ten meters long.

After walking for a while, the three smelled the fragrance of flowers. At the same time, Ye Shaoyang felt that the air had become cooler. Ye Shaoyang turned around and said, “Walk behind me guys and be careful.”

Even though Old Guo had told them that the sakura trees would show up after they exited the tunnel, the scene before their eyes still shocked the three.

It was a sea of sakura leaves.

There were trees everywhere, and the petals covered the ground. Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma were stunned by the beautiful sight in front of them.

“Something’s wrong,” Xiao Ma suddenly said. Then he asked, “Sakura's blossom around April and May, right? It’s almost summer already, so how come these sakura trees are still blooming?”

Ye Shaoyang went over to the closest sakura tree and kneeled down to grab some dirt from the ground. He examined it for awhile. Soon afterward, he took out the Soul Quelling Stake. He used the stake to give the tree a shallow cut, and to his surprise, a green goop dripped out from the cut.

“Is this a… tree demon?” Xiao Ma asked nervously as he backed off.

Ye Shaoyang shook his head and explained, “The green liquid is Yin in nature. That means these flowers blossom because of… Yin Qi.”

After explaining this matter, he walked deeper into the garden. As he walked, he examined the positions of each tree, while Xiao Ma and Old Guo followed behind him. Not long after, Old Guo felt that something was off, so he frowned and said, “These trees were not planted in random positions; there’s a specific pattern that they follow… could it be a formation?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, but he did not give a direct answer. He took out his Yin Yang Compass and walked in the direction he suspected. As he walked approached one of the trees, the pointer on the Yin Yang Compass pointed to the tree in question.

Ye Shaoyang looked up and saw that the tree was bigger than the others. Its trunks were thick, and its crown was tall. Ye Shaoyang proceeded to pluck off a branch. Immediately, a red liquid flowed out. He used his fingers to dab a little of the red liquid then gave it a whiff, “It’s blood!”

Old Guo came close and looked at the giant sakura tree, “Has it become a tree demon?”

“It’s not a normal tree demon. If it were, it would have attacked us early on.” Then, Ye Shaoyang plucked off a leaf, stuck it to a talisman paper, and burned it. Immediately, yellow fumes rose up, but they soon backed down and circled the tree.

Ye Shaoyang was surprised, “The demon Qi is searching for its source; the demon might be at the root.” He walked under the tree and used his Yin Yang Compass to confirm the position before he drew a circle. Old Guo, who had brought along the shovels, passed one to Xiao Ma. Then, the two proceeded to dig.

As they made their preparation, Xiao Ma looked up and wondered, “Old Guo, didn’t you say that this place was built three years ago? How could these sakura trees grow so big?”

Ye Shaoyang explained, “These trees were showered with blood, that’s why their growth is ten times faster than normal.”

Xiao Ma swiped away the flowers and began to dig. They lifted the soil up and saw that it was indeed blood red. This sight shocked Xiao Ma, “No way! How did they find so much blood to shower so many trees? And who could have done this?”

Old Guo answered, “This is probably animal blood that they fetched from a slaughterhouse.”

“Who did this? Maybe the Ma Family?”

“Maybe, it could also be… Jing Shuai,” Ye Shaoyang looked around the area and said, “Since Jing Shuai created the other four formations, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he had also created this one.”

After hearing that the blood was from animals, Xiao Ma became slightly disgusted. He looked at the scenery around him and shook his head. Even though it was stunning, the truth behind this scene made it disgusting.

Old Guo frowned and said, “This also means that there could be blood cherries. I wonder if they have grown out?” Old Guo instantly looked up and began to search for some. To his surprise, he did find some fruits, so he immediately collected them with great joy.

Ye Shaoyang complained, “Don’t take too much. Don’t forget that we are trespassing here, so we have to move quickly.”

Since the shovels were extremely sharp and the dirt was slightly wet, they soon dug out a hole. Suddenly, Xiao Ma struck something hard. He put down the shovel and went closer to examine the object and abruptly exclaimed, “Human hand!”

“Dig it out, be careful not to break it,” Ye Shaoyang was not surprised by this finding.

Xiao Ma and Old Guo carefully dug away the dirt around it. Ten minutes later, the upper half of a skeleton was revealed.

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