Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 150

Chapter 150                Corpse makeup


Xu Yajuan was clueless. She thought they were in the washroom this whole time, “What were you guys doing for so long in the washroom?

“Relax, we’re not gay,” Xiao Ma said.

Ye Shaoyang looked at Xu Yajuan and asked, “Something wrong?”

Xu Yajuan explained in a worried voice, “Just now, the two guards beside the morgue lost consciousness, but Old Wu who was in the guard post woke up and went into the morgue. I couldn’t tell what he was doing from up here.”

Ye Shaoyang was shocked. “Let’s go now!”

The three of them rushed to the staircase and down to the first floor. As they reached the first floor, Xu Yajuan’s body went limp and she collapsed to the ground as if she fell asleep.

Shocked by this Xiao Ma asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Spirit Qi,” Ye Shaoyang looked up. “This whole building is filled with it. Even though it’s not strong, it is able to make normal people faint. The rooms aren’t bad I think. That’s why she was okay upstairs.”

“No wonder no one saw what had happened,” Xiao Ma mumbled and then asked, “Wait, why am I not asleep?”

Ye Shaoyang looked at the dim light that shined through his shirt and explained, “You’re wearing a charm that I gave you. That’s why this level of spirit Qi is not affecting you.”

“It’s that good?” Xiao Ma joyfully touched it. He then thought of something else and asked, “Then how was the baby spirit able to almost kill me?”

“You think this thing is a multipurpose tool? Cut the crap, for now, will you?” Ye Shaoyang looked at Xu Yajuan and said, “We can’t leave her here. Carry her and follow me!”

Ye Shaoyang swiftly drew two Qi Hiding Talisman Papers and stuck them to Xiao Ma and Xu Yajuan. Then, he used Maoshan Qinggong to quickly get to the morgue because it was fast and silent.

When they arrived outside of the morgue, Ye Shaoyang felt the intense spirit Qi. He also heard spirit screams. These screams were not ordinary as they were able to shake the hearts of men and make them lose consciousness. It was no wonder that even a sorcerer like Zheng Xiaofei could not get close. Any ordinary sorcerer would have passed out when they heard the screams.

It was a good thing the underworld midwife didn’t cultivate by killing people. If that were the case, the hospital would have turned into hell.

With the light of the moon, Ye Shaoyang was able to see a skinny man pulling out a female corpse from the storage area inside the morgue.

Ye Shaoyang was sure that the man inside was the guard of the morgue called Old Wu. Old Wu held the face of the corpse with his left hand as his right hand collected black liquid from the eye of the corpse and patiently used it to draw eyebrows on the corpse.

Ye Shaoyang frowned as he witnessed this disgusting scene unfold.

Soon, he felt something coming from behind him. He turned around and saw Xiao Ma carrying Xu Yajuan coming closer. Xiao Ma walked slowly trying not to make any noise.

Ye Shaoyang quickly gestured Xiao Ma not to come closer and signaled for him to go under a pine tree. Xiao Ma and Ye Shaoyang hid behind the tree and were still able to look into the morgue.

When Xiao Ma saw what Old Wu was doing to the corpse, he asked in a shock, “What the f*ck is he doing? Is this his fetish or something?”

“Get down. Now is not the time for discussion.”

When Old Wu was done with the eyebrows, he chuckled a bit and opened the corpse’s mouth. He pulled out her tongue, cut it, and used the blood to paint her lips red.

The duo waited and observed for more than 15 minutes. When Old Wu was finally done, he held up the upper body of the female corpse and checked his work. After some time, he nodded in satisfaction with a faint smile on his face.

Xiao Ma glimpsed of what the female corpse looked like now and almost puked, “What kind of makeup is that? He really has unique taste.”

Ye Shaoyang said, “Shhh. He is almost out, let’s get ready.”

Ye Shaoyang told Xiao Ma to carry Xu Yajuan and hide behind the bushes. Not long after, Old Wu came out from the morgue with the female corpse on his back. Old Wu was now expressionless. His eyes seemed dazed as if he was just a corpse carrying another corpse.

Old Wu walked toward the hospital with a reasonable speed, and as he walked past an area, the spirit Qi in that area intensified.

The three of them followed Old Wu up to the obstetrics department. Old Wu arrived at the door of the OR, unlocked it somehow, and entered.

Ye Shaoyang told Xiao Ma, “Let’s go in, but we’ll have to be careful.”

Xiao Ma was quite tired. “Can I put the nurse down? I’m so tired I don’t even want to take advantage of her anymore.”

Ye Shaoyang looked at Xu Yajuan and said, “Okay, put her here near the door, but keep an eye on her just in case something comes from behind.”

As they neared the OR door, the two of them peeped through the gap and saw that Old Wu had already laid the female corpse on the operating table. He was now holding the female corpse’s hand and seemed to be talking to her.

When Ye Shaoyang saw this, he sighed.

“What the hell is he doing?” Xiao Ma asked softly.

Ye Shaoyang took out a bottle of Qixing grass juice and sprayed it into Xiao Ma’s eyes. Xiao Ma rubbed his eyes and looked through the gap again. He was shocked to see a baby covered in black liquid on the shoulders of Old Wu. With one hand holding the female corpse’s hand, the baby looked around nervously. His expression was fearful and sad.

Ye Shaoyang sighed and explained, “This is also one of the babies under the control of the underworld midwife. Even though his soul is under control, the baby still has lingering feelings for his mother. Somehow he learned of his mother's death, so every night he uses Old Wu’s body to find a woman that is of similar age to his mother and put makeup on the corpse.”

Ye Shaoyang pointed at the face of the corpse and continued, “His mother must have liked to put on makeup when she was alive. Since fetuses already have souls, they are usually able to remember what their mother looked like.”

“I guess he even remembers where he was born and is trying to summon his mother’s soul. That’s why he brought a female corpse here and gave her makeup to look like his mother. Even though this is somewhat naive, I am guessing this is the best he can do.”

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