So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Why Is It Him?

With the addition of Yang Ming, the opponents were quickly crushed. Lastly, the arrogant Brother De wasn’t spared. As he was the person trash talking in the situation, Yang Ming stepped on his face. The fellow fainted on the spot.

Aside from the injury on the lumbar spine, there were other visible injuries. Bao Sanli pointed at Brother De who had a collapsed nose and was unconscious on the ground. He admired Yang Ming as he said, “Brother. No, Brother Yang. I submit. You are truly ruthless! No wonder the fellow, Old Chicken [1], was killed by you!”

It was only at this moment that Bao Sanli truthfully submitted to Yang Ming! The calling of “Brother Yang” in this case was more sincere than the earlier pretense!

The prisoners on the scene were mostly from the underworld. The moment they heard that Ji Shuisheng was murdered by Yang Ming, most of them couldn’t help but be intimidated. Their gazes upon Yang Ming were filled with awe.

“The prison guard is coming!” No one knew who shouted it but those in the scene immediately stood in order and opened a path.

“What happened? Who was involved in the fight?” Prison guard Zhang held a baton and asked with a darkened face.

Yang Ming, Bao Sanli, Qi Wenrui and Yu Lei stepped forward.

Prison guard Zhang asked, “What is your name?”

“Yang Ming.”

“Bao Sanli.”

“Qi Wenrui.”

“Yu Lei.”

Yang Ming? Prison guard Zhang thought to himself, he is actually Yang Ming! Captain Chen wanted me to take care of you. It never crossed my mind that you could take care of yourself!

Actually, Captain Chen felt that Yang Ming wasn’t a bad fellow. He was afraid that Yang Ming would be bullied by the other prisoners in the detention center. He especially asked a favor from his old schoolmate, Prison guard Zhang.

“What happened?” Prison guard Zhang had a slightly eased expression. If the one who got beaten up was Yang Ming, he would get complaints from his old schoolmate.

Bao Sanli said, “Reporting in, Yu Xiangde saw that Yang Ming was new and came looking for trouble. We were in one team thus we fought with them!”

Looking for trouble? Yang Ming was bewildered. It was a fight between Yu Xiangde and Yu Lei. We were just here to help. How had it turned into a bullying case on Yang Ming! There were a lot of people at the scene, would the prison guard know the truth after several questions?

Yang Ming wanted to say something but Bao Sanli gave him a wink. Yang Ming shut his mouth.

Prison guard Zhang nodded his head after hearing those words. He believed seventy percent of the story. It was a common occurrence where an old prisoner bullied a new prisoner without proper reason! It was beyond a reasonable doubt. Prison guard Zhang asked the other prisoners, “Is it the case, everyone?”

Prisoners quickly shook their head and spoke, “We aren’t sure. It probably is the case?”

Yang Ming was previously feeling uncertain. No wonder Bao Sanli wasn’t nervous when he lied. It wouldn’t be possible to be exposed! He never knew that the prisoners would always distance themselves when it was none of their business. There wouldn’t be anyone to come testify on any matter especially when they saw how ruthless Yang Ming was. They were afraid of the repercussions later on.

Prison guard Zhang knew the eyewitnesses would act dumb. He didn’t dig further but spoke to the other prison guards behind him, “Check if they are injured. If they are, deliver them to the infirmary office. Also, shut those who are fine in solitary confinement!”

The strange thing was that nothing happened to Yang Ming, Bao Sanli, and company. They were sent back to their respective cells.

Yang Ming was feeling uncertain as he asked, “Brother Bao, why would you say that Yu Xiangde bullied me?”

Bao Sanli explained, “Hehe, Brother Yang, you’re new here. You don’t the rules of this place. If it was about fighting for seats, both sides would be held responsible. On the other hand, it would be their full responsibility if we reported them bullying us as the new prisoners or else, we will be sent to the enclosed cell!”

Yang Ming asked, “Aren’t you afraid that they will report us after they wake up?”    

Bao Sanli laughed as he spoke, “They wouldn’t be able to. They will shoulder the blame for sure! In prison, prisoners need to resolve everything with their own strength. Those who rat out will be looked down upon by all the other prisoners! Unless Yu Xiangde didn’t want to stay in the underworld any longer, he would not do something so embarrassing!”

Yang Ming also laughed. So there was such a rule in this place. It seemed that Yu Xingde was out of luck this time!

On the next day, people nearby naturally opened a path for Yang Ming wherever he walked in the cafeteria during the breakfast period. Yang Ming was just like a prison tyrant in a movie.

In the past, the detention hall was led by Yu Xiangde and Bao Sanli. They usually didn't collide with each other. No one knew what kind of medicine Yu Xiande ate to have caused him to beat Bao Sanli’s man yesterday. The beating wasn't serious but rather the balance of power had been broken. A new figure named Yang Ming arrived at Bao Sanli’s detention hall. Bao Sanli treated him as the tyrant of detention hall.

Ever since yesterday’s incident, Bao Sanli addressed Yang Ming as Brother Yang. Of course, it was the same for Qi Wenrui and Yu Lei.


The Police Department of Song Jiang City.

Lin Zhiyun shook her head as she spoke, “Police officer Xia, I...  I don’t want to see that person anymore...”

Xia Xue replied, “No, before sending this case off to court, the last step for you is to verify the identity of the crime suspect!”

Lin Zhiyun said, “However, even if I go, I couldn’t recognize him. During the moment, he... me that time. I was quite afraid to open my eyes. Later on, I fainted...”

Xia Xue explained, “Never mind, this is just a procedure. It needs to be done. According to the scenario of the case, the suspect was arrested at the crime scene. Even though you can’t recognize him, the court would still declare him guilty!”

Thus, Lin Zhiyun went to the detention hall of Song Jiang City accompanied by Xia Xue and Chen Fei.

Prison guard Zhang opened the cell door and said to Yang Ming, “Yang Ming! Come out!”

Afterward, Yang Ming was brought to a room separated by glass. The glass was unidirectional where people on one side could see Yang Ming but Yang Ming couldn’t see the other side of a mirror.

Yang Ming heard from Bao Sanli that if they were brought for identification by the eyewitness, they would be sent to court soon. In fact, Yang Ming wished to have this moment come sooner. Rather than staying in this place, he wanted to be imprisoned. That way every day counted to his sentence. Staying here was just wasting time because it didn’t count at all.

When Lin Zhiyun saw Yang Ming on the other side of the glass, she couldn’t help but scream, “Why is it him?”

Chapter Notes:

[1] Ji Shuisheng’s surname is Ji, which has the same pronunciation as chicken. 

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