So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Princess-Haired Girl

Zhou Jiajia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She had not forgotten about it at all, but some words simply couldn’t be said easily! Now, Wang Xue had taken out the original line from the manuscript! Zhou Jiajia didn't know what to do anymore.

Yang Ming was also feeling a bit strange, What were those two girls whispering about at the side? However, Yang Ming didn't have much interest in eavesdropping on the private matters of these two people.

Today, the class was university-level chemistry. It belonged to a non-specialized class. The content of the lecture was relatively simple, and just slightly more in-depth than high school. Yang Ming wasn’t quite interested in chemistry. After listening to it for a while, he lay down on the table and began to think about the matters of starting a company.

In fact, starting a company wasn’t as simple as he imagined. Although the type of industry was decided, a jewelry company, the positioning had not been well planned.

Jewelry stores were also divided into many types. For example, there were some which just focused on the distribution of jade, distribution of diamonds, or distribution of gold and silver. Many stores had their own unique selling point. This was the only way to quickly establish a foothold in the industry. Otherwise, not only would they limit their expansion by lacking specialization, but the clients they served would also always be low-end.

Yang Ming considered his own situation. If it was about the advantage, then his advantage definitely lay in dealing with jades. He could find good jades from the rubbles, or he could be in the business of diamond ores. Although he had not done it before, Yang Ming believed that with his eyesight, there was no problem in making more money.

But the key issue was that he had no channels for it! Whether it would be jade stone or diamond ore, he didn’t have a primary channel for getting the goods!

If he could only obtain the goods from a second-hand channel, it would limit the development of the company!

Of course, this was not the main issue. The most important thing was that he was starting a company with Zhang Bing. His ability couldn’t be used casually. This was Yang Ming's biggest headache!

Having an ability yet unable to use it - there was no suffering worse than this! However, Yang Ming immediately figured it out for himself too. Yeah, even if I started the company myself, I can’t be doing everything by myself in the future, right? What is the use of relying on my special ability? My employees won’t have it. If I just relied on the special ability to make money, then I can’t stop doing it in the future! The reason was as long as I left the company by itself for a while, all the operations would come to a standstill!

This wasn’t a long-term method for business management! Since I already had a large sum of money on hand, I can make money even if I didn’t rely on my shortcuts. Why would I want to use my special ability to make money?

Thinking of this, Yang Ming made a decision. The ability was only an auxiliary ability that God gave it to him. He couldn’t rely too much on it but use it to improve his overall ability. That was the most important thing!

Yes. If I was too dependent on a certain ability, and this ability suddenly disappeared one day, what could I do? Yang Ming had to consider this question. After all, the way he got his ability was really weird. It was entirely because of a pair of contact lenses! Although the contact lenses had merged with Yang Ming’s eyes and became one with him, Yang Ming couldn’t guarantee that the contact lenses would never be faulty one day. Even if the contact lens didn’t become faulty, what if the old man who gave him the contact lenses suddenly wanted this item back?

This time, the company was a good chance for Yang Ming to train himself. Yang Ming didn’t believe that he would be worse off than others. Even Wang Xifan could successfully establish a large family-owned enterprise such as Wang’s Century Xiongfeng Group. On what basis would he be worse off than Wang Xifan?

Moreover, from the perspective of funding and network, he had already gotten the right place and the right people at the right time. With hundreds of millions of start-up funds, backed by Zhang Jiefang's company plus Liu Weishan's influence and network, if Yang Ming's company couldn’t be successful, he should simply commit suicide by banging his head on a piece of tofu [1]!

When Zhou Jiajia saw Yang Ming on the table, she found a suitable excuse for herself. "Wang Xue, he fell asleep. Let it go today."

"Ai! I don't know what you’re thinking. You aren’t even worried about this kind of matter. I can tell you Jiajia, I heard that both the campus belles of the department of management have a thing with Yang Ming!" Wang Xue reminded.

"Two? Wasn’t it just Chen Mengyan?" Zhou Jiajia said.

"It seemed that you do pay attention to him. I thought you were in the dark!" Wang Xue laughed.

"I just took a glance at what was written on the Internet." Zhou Jiajia said with a red face.

"There is also a Lin Zhiyun. It was said that the relationship with Yang Ming was also somewhat ambiguous because several people have seen Lin Zhiyun in Yang Ming’s car!" Wang Xue said mysteriously, "This was the latest news!"

“In Yang Ming’s car? Really?” Zhou Jiajia knew that Wang Xue liked to chat with some people who gossiped. She had added more than ten people from the school’s QQ group as she gossiped with people every day. "Why does he have a car? Someone may have mistaken it?"

"That's not known. I also just heard about it from others." Wang Xue said.

"Lin Zhiyun, where did you buy this bag? It looks pretty genuine. I assume it’s a fake." A girl who had a princess hairstyle said in a mocking tone.

"This... someone gave it to me..." Lin Zhiyun said.

"Given by someone? Hehe, Lin Zhiyun, don’t be fooled. Let me tell you. Boys are most willing to fool women with counterfeits!" The princess-haired girl said proudly, "But unlike me, I have dealt with famous brands since I was young. I don’t have any of these concerns! Besides, my boyfriend would never give me counterfeits!"

"Hehe, it doesn’t matter whether it is genuine or counterfeit. I’m good as long as it can be used." Lin Zhiyun absolutely didn’t believe that Yang Ming would give a counterfeit to her. But, she naturally didn’t like to fight with others, so she didn’t mind the words from the princess-haired girl.

"But you can’t say that. You would be laughed at if you carry counterfeit goods on the street!" The princess-haired girl continued, "If you went shopping, you might be stopped by the staff of specialty stores to have it confiscated!"

Lin Zhiyun shook her head and said nothing.

Noticing how Lin Zhiyun didn't speak, the princess-haired girl thought that she had hit her sore spot. "Lin Zhiyun, it’s not that I want to criticize you. Although you aren’t as good as me, your appearance isn’t bad either. Or else, why don’t I let my husband introduce you to a rich boyfriend?"

"It’s alright..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head.

"Why not? You can just count on me on this matter!" The princess-haired girl said as she patted her chest.

This princess-haired girl was the same girl who asked Lin Zhiyun to buy a can opener for her. Her name was Ge Xinyao. Her father was a big shot. Therefore, she had a sense of superiority since childhood. The other girls in the dorm weren’t willing to bother with her. Only Lin Zhiyun was more accommodating and could talk to her. However, Ge Xinyao didn't have the self-awareness and started instructing Lin Zhiyun as if she was an underling!

Lin Zhiyun’s had a good personality as well. If it had been anyone else, they would probably be raging. Ge Xinyao also took advantage of this character of Lin Zhiyun, acting all superior to Lin Zhiyun in every area.

Two days ago, a brother of her boyfriend saw Lin Zhiyun and asked him to connect the two of them together. Ge Xinyao was a girl who valued her pride, and her boyfriend also said that this brother was actually his own boss. If his brother was pleased, he might be promoted as well! Therefore, Ge Xinyao had a special focus on this matter.

However, in her heart, she felt a sense of dissatisfaction! Ge Xinyao’s boyfriend was involved in the underworld. It was for this reason that no one had done anything to her bossy and rude attitude!

It must be known that not all people were as kind as Lin Zhiyun! Those girls who were subjected to Ge Xinyao’s mockery were inevitably unhappy. But when they found out that Ge Xinyao’s boyfriend was a gangster in the underworld, they could only let it go.

Yet now, the boss of his boyfriend actually took a fancy to Lin Zhiyun. Didn’t that mean that Lin Zhiyun will soon turn from a pheasant into a phoenix? At that time, can I still order her around like how I do now?

On one hand, she felt it was rather unfair, but on the other hand, Ge Xinyao had to match her boyfriend's boss to Lin Zhiyun! Therefore, Ge Xinyao’s words were harsher today. Otherwise, even if she wanted to express her sense of superiority every day, she wouldn’t be so straightforward!

Maybe this was the last time she could show off to Lin Zhiyun. Ge Xinyao definitely didn’t want to miss this opportunity!

Although Lin Zhiyun was scolded by Yang Ming yesterday stating that she didn't know how to refuse others, Lin Zhiyun still didn’t say anything bad today. After all, they were all classmates. They were even in the same dorm!

Forget it. Let her say whatever she wants to say. Lin Zhiyun shook her head.

At noon, Yang Ming stood up. He stretched for a while and looked for Zhou Jiajia who sat beside him. He found that she had already left. He walked out of the classroom feeling rather strange.

Yang Ming thought that Zhou Jiajia was behaving rather weird these past two days. But regarding the specific area that was weird, Yang Ming couldn’t tell. However, looking at her, it seemed that she did not want to retaliate against himself.

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