So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Gentle Xiao Qing

To be honest, it wasn’t that Yang Ming didn’t have any feelings for Xiao Qing. After all, who didn’t like a beauty! But the main issue was that he and Xiao Qing were now godbrother and godsister. Also, they were not the kind of casual address of brother and sister [1], but rather a formal one!

Currently, the most troublesome aspect is the side of Liu Weishan. If he finds that his godchildren were together... Hai, I don’t know what will happen! As such, Yang Ming sighed deeply. However, he didn’t regret what happened yesterday. Since he did it, there was nothing to regret.

The primary problem at present was to stabilize Xiao Qing's emotions first. As long as she remained calm, the issue of Liu Weishan would be dealt with slowly. Anyway, the two people weren’t actual blood-related brother and sister!

Yang Ming reached out and collected the clothes that had been thrown on the ground yesterday. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his clothes and put one in his mouth. Just as he was about to light it with a lighter, a hand suddenly reached over and grabbed the cigarette. Yang Ming was shocked, and the lighter almost burned his mouth.

Yang Ming was stunned and turned to Xiao Qing, Did she wake up?

"What are you looking at? It’s early in the morning and yet you want to smoke. Are you courting death?" Xiao Qing said with closed eyes, "Let’s sleep for a while."

Yang Ming was unable to make head or tail of it. Is she awake? Or is she just speaking out loud in her dream?

Looking at Xiao Qing sleeping soundly, her face was suffused with a pinkish blush. It seemed she was sleeping pleasantly. Yang Ming was unhappy. When he woke up, he could no longer return to sleep. His heart was occupied about the matter with Xiao Qing.

If Xiao Qing was awake, then it was proof that Xiao Qing didn’t want to pursue the matter yesterday. However, if Xiao Qing was asleep, it was hard to say. It might be an entirely instinctive response.

After struggling with his thoughts for about an hour, Xiao Qing finally woke up and yawned. She turned to look at Yang Ming, who was frowning. She wondered, "You didn't sleep?"

"Ah? Sister... Xiao Qing, are you awake?" Yang Ming found that addressing Xiao Qing as a sister was a bit awkward. The two of them were no longer just brother and sister.

"Uhm... my head hurts a bit..." Xiao Qing shook her head and frowned.

Uhm? Yang Ming was somewhat puzzled. Did Xiao Qing really not know what was going on, or is she pretending to be silly here? Why is she talking about other things? Both of us are lying naked on the bed like this. Didn’t Xiao Qing think there was something wrong with it?

"Sister Xiao Qing… that… we yesterday..." Yang Ming couldn’t help but ask.

"What? Did you want to say that your sister took advantage of you?" Xiao Qing asked.

"Oh... no, I don't mean that. I am a man, and I won't lose anything. It’s just that Sister Xiao Qing..." Yang Ming broke into a sweat as he said this in an awkward manner.

"That's alright. This wasn’t your first time, so no one lost anything." Xiao Qing smiled, "It was all a normal physiological reaction. You don't have to worry too much..."

"No, Sister Xiao Qing. I mean, I will be responsible for you!" Yang Ming said quickly.

"Oh!" Xiao Qing looked at Yang Ming and said, "You will be responsible? How are you going to take responsibility? Will you marry me?"

"This..." Yang Ming hesitated in a moment. It wasn’t that he was opposed to marrying Xiao Qing, but what about Lan Ling and Chen Mengyan?

"Look, you can't marry me. How are you going to take responsibility?" Xiao Qing shook her head and said softly, "Yang Ming, even if you really wanted to marry me, I can't agree!" Xiao Qing wasn’t asleep just now, but thinking about how to say it to Yang Ming! She was already thirty years old and already had the mind of a mature person. She was afraid that if this matter wasn’t handled well, it would burden Yang Ming psychologically!

After all, yesterday’s mistake was not Yang Ming’s fault. Also, there was no fault to find in this kind of matter. Xiao Qing wasn’t very eager for romance. After all, she was thirty years old. She was already over the little girl stage seeking love. Xiao Qing was now more realistic, and she only hoped for a calm and peaceful life. However, Yang Ming was different. He was only eighteen years old and had a bright future. Therefore, Xiao Qing was afraid that Yang Ming would be stubborn and keep with the idea of being responsible. She didn’t want to witness such a result and Liu Weishan would be mad. Hence, Xiao Qing’s intention was that it would be better to resolve it internally.

"Why? Sister Xiao Qing? You don't like me?" Yang Ming asked without hesitation.

"Ugh! To be honest, Yang Ming, regarding my feelings for you, I can't say that I like you or not. Anyways, it is an intimate feeling." Xiao Qing shook her head. In fact, she had been paying attention to Yang Ming before. But after all, the gap in their age was too big. Xiao Qing didn’t think much about it. But yesterday at the bar, Yang Ming said the phrase "No one can hurt my sister," Xiao Qing was really moved! Such a man was a real man, a person who she could rely on forever. Song Hang was a despicable person, nothing but a short passer in life. It was precisely because of this that Xiao Qing’s heart opened up letting her be more impulsive that led to the passion last night!

"However." Xiao Qing continued, "What if I like you? You have to know, Yang Ming, I’m twelve years older than you. Do you think it’s possible between us?"

"But..." Yang Ming still wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Xiao Qing.

"Yang Ming, you have your own life. I also have my life. In front of outsiders, I am your godsister. Do you understand?" Xiao Qing said in a word, "If you don't think for yourself, you have to be considerate of others. What will your parents think? What will our godparents think?"

Yang Ming became silent. Yes, he can care for nothing, but how about Xiao Qing? The first thing she had to worry about was Liu Weishan's thoughts and feelings!

For myself, if I’m with Xiao Qing, is Chen Mengyan going to go berserk? I am afraid that even my parents wouldn’t let this go. People who had strong traditional beliefs couldn't tolerate something happening between me and my godsister!

"Alright, Yang Ming. Don't think so much. You are a man. Why are you fussy like a woman?" Xiao Qing smiled and patted Yang Ming's face.

Yang Ming frowned and fell into contemplation. He thought that Xiao Qing would wake up and cause havoc with him, or swear to be irreconcilable with him and drive him out. He didn’t expect Xiao Qing to not only remain calm but also wanted to look after him in multiple aspects and she was thinking of him! This moved Yang Ming a lot. Xiao Qing was really good!

Such a woman, if Yang Ming didn’t care and love her, he felt sorry for his conscience. Moreover, he also had a rather embarrassing mentality. Last night, the kind of passion they had was really unforgettable for Yang Ming.

The style of a mature woman was completely different from the little loli of Lan Ling. They were two extremes.

"Sister Xiao Qing, I don't want to lose you." Yang Ming remained silent for a while, but he still said it.

"How can you say that you’d lose me? Hehe, your sister won't leave you for the rest of her life. You can rest assured that your sister had already decided not to marry." Xiao Qing said with a smile.

"Oh!" Yang Ming heard Xiao Qing's answer and was somewhat disappointed. He didn't want to have just a simple brother-and-sister relationship, so he asked unwillingly, "But Sister Xiao Qing, the relationship between us..."

"What relationship? In front of outsiders, I am still your godsister!" Xiao Qing hesitated and said.

In front of outsiders? Yang Ming’s eyes suddenly lit up. Then when there were only the two of us? Thinking of this, Yang Ming quickly asked, "When there are only two of us?"

Xiao Qing frowned, and she realized that what she had just said had a bit of a loophole. She pursed her lips. How could she not know what Yang Ming meant? Especially when Yang Ming was at his energetic age! As a matter of fact, Xiao Qing also fell in love with what the two of them did last night. In any case, Xiao Qing was already a woman with complete physical and mental maturity. A woman in her 30’s was like a tiger [2]. The degree of sexual desire was completely due to normal physiological reactions!

Although, sometimes, Xiao Qing would deal with it in other ways. But, compared with yesterday, it was a different level. In fact, if there wasn’t too much concern with the identity between her and Yang Ming. They might really come together!

After all, at the moment yesterday, Xiao Qing was really moved! That was the real feeling of skipping a heartbeat which was different from the natural feeling that came together with Song Hang.

As Xiao Qing noticed Yang Ming’s unhappy look, Xiao Qing really couldn’t bear to let him be too disappointed. But, there was still a restraint from what she could say!

Seeing that Xiao Qing was frowning there, Yang Ming thought that his words irritated her. He didn’t dare to say anything more as he quietly waited for Xiao Qing to speak.

After a long time, Xiao Qing faintly said, "When we are together, I am still your godsister..."

Chapter Notes:

[1] Some couples liked to call each other brother and sister. In a sense, it was like the girlfriend is the little sister seeking protection from a big brother. Some couples deemed that intimate.

[2] An internet myth whereby women at the age of thirty were more active and desired sex. 

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