So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 250

Chapter 250: A Strange Conversation

"I am Yang Ming. Did you forget the first day of school? You helped me to find the computer science building." Yang Ming said with a smile.

"You are Yang Ming!" Zhang Weihan was surprised as he said, “I remember. I also met a pretty girl at that time, and you called her a prostitute!"

Yang Ming broke into a sweat after he listened to it. What do you mean I called her a prostitute? Those were your words! However, Yang Ming wouldn't utter such an offensive remark, "Yes, you remember?"

"Ya, I remember." Zhang Weihan nodded, "Ha, you are Professor Liu’s godson! Pardon for my lack of respect!"

"Haha" Yang Ming smiled and replied, "Yes. Where is the item my godfather wanted you to give to me..."

"Here! Look at me. I have talked so much that I had forgotten about it!" Zhang Weihan smiled embarrassedly.

"It's fine. Rather, it was me troubling you to go through this long journey to deliver the items!" Yang Ming thanked him.

"No big deal. Oh ya, Yang Ming. I wanted to apply for Professor Liu's postgraduate class as a research student. Can you say a few kind words for me?" Zhang Weihan said flatteringly.

"Postgraduate research student? Isn't Professor Liu in the history department? Aren't you studying computer science? That doesn't go hand-in-hand with your profession, does it?" Yang Ming found it strange as he added on, "Moreover, the postgraduate students and doctorate course are not the same. You can just take the course and go through the assessment. You don’t need to look for people for such matters."

"Hey, you just simply don't know. Professor Liu's postgraduate research students are popular!" Zhang Weihan said, "There are several graduate tutors in the history department, but everyone wants to be a student of Professor Liu! If they managed to accomplish it, they got to be the appraisers at major auction houses and jewelry shops. It won’t be a problem to have ten thousand yuan of income per month!"

Yang Ming didn’t expect this, but he recalled Liu Weishan’s reputation in the jewelry appraisal industry. As such, it would be typical for his disciples to have bright futures! However, wasn’t it a big shift in this fellow's change of profession?

“Isn’t computer science in demand too? They say that after graduation from university, many of them go to the South and Dalian for career development. Their monthly salary isn’t low as well!" Yang Ming asked.

"Hah, brother, you just simply don't know. The computer science profession may look like it has a high demand now, but in actual fact, it’s already saturated! Company recruitment on staff now doesn't look at your educational background, but your capability! Have you not seen the graduates of computer science? Many of them went to training schools in society to learn Java or C++ after graduation! The knowledge in the university is simply not enough! Those whom you mentioned, earning the monthly salary of tens of thousands exists, but there are only a few of them. It is only limited to the outstanding ones!" Zhang Weihan smiled as he shook his head, "Look at me, your brother. I am busy with the student union every day, and I usually earn a little extra money. I don't have the time to really learn something! Now, we have passed the decades of the 1980s and 1990s where you would have a bright future as long as you are a university graduate. In our time, there's an abundance of university graduates. Without some realistic skills, which company would want you?"

After Yang Ming listened, he nodded, "Even if you said so, it is alright to have such a big shift in profession?"

"Why not? The research students of the history department relied mainly on memory. I just have to look for time to have a crash course! If I can become a disciple of Liu Weishan, then the fortune in my future is secured! Brother, it is fate for us to know each other! Can you help your brother here?" Zhang Weihan squinted and began to beg Yang Ming.

"Alright, alright, I will help you to ask about it from my godfather. However, the premise is that you have to be able to past the test on your own. If you don't have high enough scores, I can’t really do much." Yang Ming decided to push it aside first and deal with it in the future.

He didn’t expect Zhang Weihan to be exhilarated by his words, “Brother, what I want is your confirmation! I am relieved to have your words, my brother. I don’t dare to promise anything else, but I’m confident about memorizing. Don't forget to help your brother when the time comes!"

Yang Ming nodded helplessly. There was a feeling that he was cheated.

After speaking with Zhang Weihan, he rushed to the Song Jiang City Police Station. The transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong [1] had already been more than a decade. However, due to a few reasons, a valid Hong Kong and Macau Pass [2] was still required.

There were already many residents of the capital cities in the country who could apply for a Hong Kong and Macau Pass directly with their identification cards and household registration book. However, Song Jiang was a second-class city. At the present time, only individual visas were issued, which meant that following a tourism group was mandatory. This type of individual visa was inconvenient. When you crossed the border, you must go with a group. Therefore, Liu Weishan had requested a business invitation letter from the Hong Kong auction. Yang Ming can request a business pass with the invitation letter.

When he came to the door of the police station, Yang Ming couldn't help but sigh. He had already come here numerous times before, but it was all after being caught by the police. He didn't expect that he would come in an upright manner this time around.

Yang Ming made a phone call to the person who was introduced by Liu Weishan. Soon, the phone call was connected. It was a girl’s voice. "Hello, this is the police investigation team. How can we help?"

"I am looking for Police Officer Chen." Yang Ming said quickly.

"Please wait for a moment," replied the girl. After a while, it changed to a male voice, "Hey, hello, I am Police Officer Chen. Who are you?"

"Hello, Police Officer Chen, Liu Weishan is my godfather. He asked me to come to you." Yang Ming said.

"Oh, you are the godson of Teacher Liu. Is it for the business visa for the Hong Kong and Macau Pass? You need to come to the second floor, Room 206," replied Police Officer Chen.

"Okay, I am coming over now." Yang Ming hung up the phone and shook his head. Why did this voice sound so familiar? Have I heard it before?

Yang Ming went to the second floor and found room 206. Then, he knocked on the door.

"Please come in!" With the reply, the door of 206 was opened. A man came out in front of him.

"Uncle Chen?" Yang Ming was caught by surprise.

"Yang Ming?" Chen Fei was surprised as well.

"You are Police Officer Chen?" Yang Ming was surprised. It was a coincidence. The police officer whom my godfather mentioned was Police Officer Chen, Chen Fei.

"Stupid boy. Aren’t you talking nonsense? My name is Chen. If it isn't Police Officer Chen, is it Police Officer Wang or Police Officer Zhang?" Chen Fei patted on Yang Ming's back.

"Hehe, I was just surprised!" Yang Ming shook his head and smiled.

"Why, are you going to have a vacation in Hong Kong?" Chen Fei took the folder from Yang Ming's hand and asked.

"Vacation? I’m going to an auction with my godfather." Yang Ming added, "He wanted to expand my horizon!"

"Oh, Xia Xue, come over here." Chen Fei waved at Xia Xue, "Head over to the immigration department and ask about the procedure for applying for a Hong Kong and Macau Pass."

"Yes, Captain Chen." A beautiful policewoman nodded to Chen Fei. Wasn't that Yang Ming who I caught last time for "prostitution"?

Seeing Xia Xue, Yang Ming still found it awkward. When he was peeing last time, she had taken a look at it. It was a shame! When Xia Xue saw Yang Ming, she was also a little embarrassed. As she noticed Yang Ming looking straight at her, she couldn’t help but glare at Yang Ming as she turned around and left the room.

"How are your studies? Are you busy?" As Xia Xue went out to ask, Chen Fei and Yang Ming chatted.

"It’s alright. I found it much easier than high school." Yang Ming smiled.

"That is true. After you enrolled into university, there won’t be much trouble." Chen Fei nodded, "Yes, the girl that you mentioned before. Have you managed to pursue her?"

"Ah?" Yang Ming was stunned. He didn't expect Chen Fei to be a gossipy type to look into such a matter. Hence, he replied embarrassingly, "It's okay."

“What do you mean?” asked Chen Fei.

Originally, Yang Ming wanted to be perfunctory with him. He thought that Chen Fei wouldn’t tangle around this topic. However, Chen Fei didn’t let him go.

In desperation, Yang Ming had to say, "She ignored me. I can't help it!"

“Is she ignoring you?" Chen Fei frowned. When his daughter came home yesterday, Chen Fei naturally noticed her daughter’s gloomy expression. He asked her, but she refused to talk about it. Chen Fei was once in a relationship. Naturally, he could connect her gloomy expression with relationship issues. Since he saw Yang Ming today, of course, he had to clarify with him!.

"Yeah." Yang Ming nodded, "Uncle Chen, let's not talk about these unpleasant things. Does Xia Xue have a prejudice against me?"

"Don’t worry about her yet." Chen Fei waved his hand, "Talk about your girlfriend first, why did she ignore you? Did you upset her?"

"I think so..." Yang Ming was a little dumbfounded, "Uncle Chen, why are you so interested in my romantic life? I don’t think early relationships fall under the responsibility of the police."

"As your elder, Uncle Chen naturally cares about your growth! This is also a certain supervisory role!" Chen Fei smiled embarrassingly and said, " For girls, a few flatteries will do. I heard that girls like a limited edition Disney plushy which is sold in the Hong Kong Disneyland [3]. Since you are going to Hong Kong, just buy a set for your girlfriend. She may forgive you if she’s happy."

"????" Chen Fei’s statements filled Yang Ming’s mind with question marks. Limited edition plushy? All the girls like it? However, that doesn’t mean Chen Mengyan will like it, right?

Chen Fei spoke in a rather weird manner today!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong

[2] Hong Kong and Macau Pass -往来港澳通行证

[3] Hong Kong Disneyland

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