So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Yang Ming's Bold Idea

"But why didn’t the police care about the knife wounds on their bodies?" Although Hou Zhenhan thought that the old nurse was telling the truth, he still didn’t want to give up. So I could only let these guys be arrogant?

"Hehe, knife wounds?" Yang Ming used to be in the underworld. He knew these matters well. "They can say that they accidentally hurt themselves when they were playing with knives. Who stipulated that they could not cut themselves?"

"This..." Hou Zhenhan was stunned and said nothing. Yeah, Why can’t people hurt themselves?

At this time, the attending physician came over and said to Hou Zhenhan, "Your mother is no longer in danger. The wound is stitched, but she must be hospitalized for a few more days. Medical expenses and surgery fees must be readjusted."

"But, this happened in your hospital. You all should be responsible!" Hou Zhenhan was unhappy to hear that he still had to pay.

"Sir, you’re putting me in a difficult position. I can't help it..." The doctor said helplessly.

Yang Ming waved his hand to Hou Zhenhan. "Where do I pay?"

"Take this list to the collection counter downstairs." The doctor glanced at Yang Ming with gratitude.

When he came to the collection counter downstairs, Hou Zhenduo was puzzled, "This happened in the hospital. Naturally, it should be solved by the hospital. Moreover, why don’t they say something when the gangsters are not even paying!!"

"Hehe, do you understand the survival of the fittest?" Yang Ming smiled, "If you don't pay, they will stop treating you. But for the gangs, do they dare to stop treating them? No one would risk their life on that."

"Aren’t they afraid that I will take revenge?" Hou Zhenhan was a little angry.

"Hehe, they will call the police." Yang Ming shook his head. His heart was trembling when he heard the old nurse say "Brother De"!

Yes, after Yang Ming’s repeated considerations yesterday, he felt that Bao Sanli’s words were still powerful. Although the underworld’s forces were not visible, they are the strongest in many cases.

So, a bold plan instantly formed in Yang Ming’s mind just now.

Hou Zhenhan seemed to have accepted his fate. He sighed a little and no longer talked.

Yang Ming handed the bank card to the cashier. After swiping it, he got the receipt for the payment.

"Let's go and see auntie’s situation." Yang Ming patted on Hou Zhenhan's shoulder, "Oh yeah, you told me that you were retired from the special forces just now in the car?"

"Yes... In those days..." Hou Zhenhan apparently remembered the magnificent scenery of himself on the battlefield, but now everything changed. His bravery stories were in the past. "Nothing..."

“What do you want to say?” Yang Ming asked while acting interested.

"Everything is gone. I have a lot of skills, but I have no place to use them." Hou Zhenhan said with a self-deprecating statement, "My defeated opponent was the special forces of d-country. I had also joined various mercenary groups after retiring. I had incredibly high pay. Yet, as a security guard, I was fired!"

Yang Ming listened to Hou Zhenhan’s words, and his heart was moved again. He was more determined with his idea now.

"What do you think of the underworld?" Yang Ming suddenly asked.

"The underworld? Hey! They bumped into my mother. If I ever catch them, I’ll definitely beat them up!" Hou Zhenhan said with hatred.

"Heh, what if they didn't hit your mother?" Yang Ming asked again.

"That… why would I bother with their business?" Hou Zhenhan shook his head.

"Do you want to do something great?" The reason Yang Ming dared to say these words was because he believed in Hou Zhenhan’s character! From the fact that he kept the remaining money to return to him at the door, he could see that there is no problem with Hou Zhenhan's character. This person was not greedy and not evil-minded, so Yang Ming thought of this plan.

“Do something great?” Hou Zhenhan was stunned, but then he was surprised to say, “Are you asking me to join the underworld?”

Yang Ming looked at him and slowly nodded.

"Why?" Hou Zhenhan looked at Yang Ming, confused. He didn't understand why this university student was suggesting him to join the underworld!

"You can consider it as helping me or earning a living for you." Yang Ming said faintly.

"Help you?" Hou Zhenhan asked, "What do you mean?"

Yang Ming looked at Hou Zhenhan’s eyes and didn’t speak for a long time. He only started to speak again when Hou Zhenhan got a bit frightened. “Because I want to be the rule maker.”

This was the result of Yang Ming’s deliberation over the past few days. If I didn't have the strength, I would always be bullied by others. If I had the strength, then there would be no such people like Wang Zhitao and Sun Zhiwei.

However, Yang Ming did not want to be involved in the underworld. After all, things in the underworld were very troublesome. Once he joined, it will become very difficult to get out. He originally wanted to use Bao Sanli as his spokesperson to do something. However, Yang Ming considered it over and over again. Although his relationship with Bao Sanli was good, and Bao Sanli would listen to him, it didn’t mean that Bao Sanli was willing to serve under Yang Ming!

Based on what? Bao Sanli just felt that Yang Ming was a capable fighter. Other than that, Bao Sanli didn’t think Yang Ming was special!

If Yang Ming could help him, then it was fair to evenly split the north and south of the city with Yang Ming. But if Yang Ming retreated behind the scenes, then why would Bao Sanli kneel down to Yang Ming?

When he heard that Hou Zhenhan was from the special forces, a bold idea was formed. Yes, if Hou Zhenhan could be his own spokesperson, then the problem was solved.

Hou Zhenhan took out a cigarette. He lit it up as he trembled, and then he smoked it. He couldn’t believe that this young man who was about his age would actually say such shocking words.

Hou Zhenhan was an honest man. Yang Ming helped him twice. He had already regarded Yang Ming as a benefactor! Yes, if he didn’t appear, it was still a problem to get money for saving my mom. Even If I can get it, what are the consequences for me?

Therefore, by right, he would not hesitate to agree if Yang Ming asked him to do something! But now, Yang Ming was suggesting him to join the underworld!

What was the difference between the underworld and robbery? Hou Zhenhan was a little confused! Those who pushed my mother just now were even more abominable to him than the robbers! But I didn’t expect I will soon become one of them.

"I don't want to do bad things..." After a cigarette was finished, Hou Zhenhan said slowly. During this period, Yang Ming had been watching him silently! Yes, Yang Ming was nervous too. This idea was really crazy!

Yang Ming even felt that he was taking advantage of Hou Zhenhan’s honesty and his gratitude. Yang Ming actually asked him to join the underworld! However, Hou Zhenhan’s only said “don’t want to do”, but he didn’t say “not going to”! This meant that he had already promised Yang Ming in a certain sense.

"What do you think is good? What is bad?" Yang Ming smiled and asked, "For example, when the agents of the two countries fought with each other. Then which side is good? Which side is bad?"

"This..." Hou Zhenhan thought, Yes, I really can't answer Yang Ming’s question! He could only say, "They are just doing their job for their country."

"Hehe, this is it. As long as you do it without conflicting your conscience it is enough!" Yang Ming said, "The underworld will always exist. But if you want to rectify it, you must become the rule maker!"

"I understand." Hou Zhenhan nodded and said firmly, "What should I do?"

"The current Song Jiang underworld is very chaotic, and there may be a bloody war soon! I have a friend who has a lot of power in the south of the city. His opponent is Brother De whom you heard about from the nurse. Yu Xiangde holds power in the north of the city! Yang Ming said, "What you have to do is help my friend to deal with Yu Xiangde!"

"Okay!" Hou Zhenhan heard that he needed to deal with Brother De who caused his mother's injury today. He said immediately without hesitation.

Yang Ming sighed secretly and hoped that Hou Zhenhan would not blame him in the future. Although this road was difficult to walk down, it did not mean that it would not work.

"As for me, I will find another person to secretly assist you." The other person that Yang Ming spoke of was himself, but he was not prepared to expose his assassin identity. "We will find a quiet place to talk about the specific plans later. For now, let’s take a look at auntie’s condition."

Hou Zhenhan nodded and stood up. "Mr. Yang, I, Hou Zhenhan, owe it to you! If anything happens to me in the future, please take care of my mother for me!"

"Yes." Yang Ming nodded and smiled, "But you have seen too many movies. The underworld is not as dangerous as you think."

It was true that Hou Zhenyu thought too much. If it were so easy to kill people, Bao Sanli would have already sent people to assassinate Yu Xiangde, or Yu Xiangde would have already sent people to assassinate Bao Sanli.

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