So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 217

Yang Ming thought he understood when he saw Lin Zhiyun's expression where she was slightly stunned. Maybe it’s because this girl had just encountered a robbery and didn’t trust me. He said with a smile, "My name is Yang Ming, a student at Song Jiang Industry University. I am a computer science student in level 08. This is my student ID..." Yang Ming was reaching into his pocket as he spoke.

"No... It’s okay... I didn’t mean it that way..." How could Lin Zhiyun not know Yang Ming? The memories he gave her were unforgettable. She just felt that it was late already and didn’t want to trouble Yang Ming.

"Eh?" Yang Ming was stunned, and he looked at Lin Zhiyun carefully. He then said in surprise, "I’ve met you before!"

"Ah?" Lin Zhiyun’s heart was shocked by Yang Ming's sudden words to the point where it almost jumped out! Did he recognize me? Did he... remember? Lin Zhiyun panicked. She didn’t know whether to be scared or embarrassed, and her face became slightly flushed. "How... do you... know me?" Lin Zhiyun asked stutteringly.

When Yang Ming saw Lin Zhiyun's appearance, he thought it was caused by shock. It didn’t bother him that much. So, he explained, "Yeah, was it you who was robbed at Business Street?"

So he was talking about this! Lin Zhiyun breathed out a sigh of relief. She nodded and pretended to have realized something as she said, "Oh. I remember! You were the one who helped me to catch the robber the last time!"

"Yeah, what a coincidence... But, you are really unlucky. You were robbed twice!" Yang Ming shook his head. A tamed horse is often ridden. This kind of robbery was specially directed toward the weak. If you dare, why don't you rob me? However, the robbers were not idiots, Yang Ming had a large and sturdy figure. Whoever robbed him was just finding trouble for themselves. At that point, it was no longer a robbery. It would be begging for a lighter beating!

"Oh, thank you... you saved me twice..." Lin Zhiyun said in her heart, in fact, it was three times... just that for one of them we no longer owed each other anything. Although you didn't want it at that time, later on, you got what you deserved.

Lin Zhiyun felt very contradictory. At the bottom of her heart, she thought that Yang Ming was a good person. She also wanted to communicate more with him subconsciously. Regardless of whether there was a relationship, a woman would always have a special feeling for the man who took her first time. But Lin Zhiyun told herself rationally that they no longer owed each other anything. She did not want Yang Ming to despise what she did when he discovered the truth. She felt that selling herself was a very shameful thing. Since Yang Ming did not recognize her, she did not need to reveal the truth herself.

"Oh yeah, what is your name? We have met a few times, but I don’t know your name yet!" Yang Ming asked as they walked.

"My name is... Shen Lin..." Lin Zhiyun didn't know how she came up with this name. She subconsciously told Yang Ming a fake name because she was afraid that Yang Ming would remember something.

She got the name of Shen Lin by connecting her parents’ surnames. Her mother had the surname Shen, while her father had the surname Lin. But the name did sound nice, very much like the name of a girl.

"Shen Lin...hehe, glad to meet you." Yang Ming naturally didn’t know that Lin Zhiyun was lying to him, so he thought Shen Lin was her actual name.

The two of them walked to the school gate. Lin Zhiyun said, "Yang Ming, thank you. You can drop me off here. I can walk back myself..."

"It’s quite late already... How can I let you go home by yourself? It’s fine if I didn’t know it. But since I already know, I can’t let you go back alone. I would feel guilty if something else happened to you!" said Yang Ming.

"But... if you take me home, how are you coming back?" Lin Zhiyun refuted.

"No worries! I have a car!" Yang Ming retrieved Zhang Bing's car key from his pocket. There were two sets of car keys. Zhang Bing gave Yang Ming a set, so Yang Ming always had the car key with him.

Lin Zhiyun felt even more confused. How come Yang Ming didn’t look like a kid from a rich family at all? How did he own a car? Wasn’t he taking the train the last time?

"It belongs to my roommate. He shared it with me." Yang Ming saw Lin Zhiyun’s perplexed expression, and he explained.

"Oh." Lin Zhiyun nodded. Yang Ming had already unlocked the car door with his remote car key, and she felt bad to continue rejecting Yang Ming’s fine intention. Once she got into the car with Yang Ming, Yang Ming started the car and asked, "Where do you live?"

"Shanty Town..." Since she had already gotten into the car, Lin Zhiyun could no longer hide it anymore.

"What?" Yang Ming was stunned! The Shanty Town was where Fang Tian lived. It took about twenty minutes to drive there. Even though you can take shortcuts when you walked, it would still take more than thirty minutes to walk there! "That’s so far, and yet you said it was nearby?"

"I..." Lin Zhiyun's face was slightly flushed. She wasn’t lying to Yang Ming intentionally. She was just concerned that Yang Ming would be worried about her. "It's not that far. If you walk a little faster, you can still get home in about half an hour..."

"Right, but then you have to take the side roads. It’s so late now, and there are no street lights. Aren’t you afraid of meeting the bad guys again?" Yang Ming shook his head and said.

"I have walked before… it was fine! Right, how did you know I wanted to take the side roads?" Lin Zhiyun felt weird.

"I walked there before... It seemed like you have been having bad luck. You were robbed twice in such a short amount of time..." Yang Ming smiled and said, "I have a friend who lives there, that’s why."

Yang Ming was already familiar with the location of Shanty Town. He did not need directions from Lin Zhiyun and drove there easily.

"You have a friend there?" Lin Zhiyun asked curiously, "Who is it? I know almost all my neighbors."

"You may not know my friend. He just got out of prison..." Yang Ming replied to her perfunctorily.

"Just got out of prison... Are you talking about Uncle Fang?" Lin Zhiyun asked after she thought for a moment.

"You know Fang Tian?" Yang Ming smiled bitterly. It seemed like Lin Zhiyun knew a lot of people!

"Well... Uncle Fang is a good person... When I was a child, he hugged me before!" Lin Zhiyun nodded and said, "Later, I heard from my family that Uncle Fang was framed, and he was sent to jail... It wasn’t until recently that I heard he got out. I have visited him too!"

Yang Ming did not expect Lin Zhiyun and Fang Tian to have this relationship. He shook his head and said to himself that it was such a small world.

Yang Ming didn’t want to continue this topic anymore because there were unspeakable secrets between him and Fang Tian. As the saying goes, “If you speak too much, you are bound to slip up at some point.” Even though Yang Ming was already very careful, he thought it was wiser to not talk about this instead.

So Yang Ming changed the topic, "Was your father ill?"

"En... ah?" Lin Zhiyun was shocked, she thought that Yang Ming had recognized her. But as she saw Yang Ming’s ordinary expression, she thought that he could have heard the conversation with the robber, Hou Zhenhan. "It’s fine... He just can't walk."

"Next time please avoid going to such a quiet and remote place at night." Yang Ming did not probe further. He just advised her. "You should be more careful since you are a girl. Today, this person was only looking for money. If you met a person who robs your body [1] instead, wouldn’t you suffer a great loss?"

"I know..." Lin Zhiyun said. Robs my body? Well, my body has been robbed once, and the person who robbed me was you. Aren’t you a bit too arrogant to say those words? However, Lin Zhiyun didn’t say this aloud.

Ai! Lin Zhiyun sighed. She thought that she no longer owed him anything since then and would never have to see him again. She didn’t expect to meet him again at university!

In fact, it’s nothing to be in the same university. Many students who are in the same university or even the same course don’t know each other. But somehow, because of some coincidences or the arrangement of fate, I became a friend with Yang Ming... I guess we are now friends?

Forget it, let’s stop thinking about these troublesome things. Lin Zhiyun shook her head and said in her heart, Let’s go with the flow. As long as I don’t have other things to do with him, I guess it should be fine.

“Where to go now?” Yang Ming drove the car to the entrance of Shanty Town “Shen Lin?”

Yang Ming saw Lin Zhiyun was dreaming, so he called her name. But Lin Zhiyun was in deep thought. The name that was called was “Shen Lin” too, hence there was no response.

"Shen Lin?" Yang Ming called again.

"En? Ah! What?" Lin Zhiyun finally snapped out of it and asked quickly.

"What were you thinking? We’re here. Where to next?" asked Yang Ming.

"Ah, sorry, I was thinking about today's course..." Lin Zhiyun blushed. She was lying with her eyes wide open!

"Turn left at the intersection ahead." Lin Zhiyun said after she looked at the road.

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Chinese, 劫色 can be translated word for word as robbing body which meant rape or sexual assault. 

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