So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 186

Chapter 186: I Am Living Just Fine

Yang Ming was stunned, What do they mean by “it’s me”? But, the three guys went after Yang Ming, one with metal chains, one with a big earring and another one with a swollen eye.

Yang Ming frowned. He understood most of the situation now. These people weren’t just stopping their car here by chance. They purposely came here to create some trouble! Moreover, the target was himself! This could be further confirmed by the conversation of the metal chain guy when he was comparing Yang Ming’s face to the cell phone!

However, I don’t think I have formed enemies with anyone. But in the present situation, Yang Ming couldn’t think that much. Those three brats had already surrounded Yang Ming.

“Wait, who is your boss?” Yang Ming decided to find out the mastermind was before continuing. He didn’t think these people were sent by Wang Zhitao. Wang Zhitao already knew that this tactic was ineffective against him as most normal punks were not capable of punishing him. It was even less possible that it was Jin Gang. That guy would be hiding from him for fear of Yang Ming asking about his bicycle again.

Therefore, the remaining individual who could be his enemy was only the Taekwondo club Vice President, Liu Zhaojun. However, wasn’t that guy set up by Wang Zhitao? Why would he dare to hop out again? Moreover, how would he know that today I would be coming to the White Swan Restaurant?

Therefore, Yang Ming couldn’t be sure that the mastermind who instructed these brats was Liu Zhaojun.

Ha, uncle, you don’t even know who you have offended. You are rather untactful!” The big earring guy laughed loudly.

“Brother, let’s stop wasting our time. Let’s waste him first!” The metal chain guy was obviously impatient. He simply took out a steering wheel lock and aimed at Yang Ming. The remaining two punks had taken out their own weapons to attack Yang Ming too after seeing the metal chain guy start attacking.

Even though Yang Ming was good at fighting, he wasn’t invincible. The steering wheel lock was deflected by his hand, but it did send a shock of pain to his arm! That was a metal object!

After dodging an attack from the steering wheel lock, Yang Ming quicking kicked out a fatal hit to the metal chain guy’s abdomen stumbling him. Since the two of them had some distance in between, all of Yang Ming’s force didn’t land on the metal chain guy, therefore this kick wasn’t fatal.

Yang Ming regretted that he didn’t launch his attack first. These kids were obviously punks who were out on the street. Their style of fighting was like his a few years ago. All of them were strong, and often fatal.

If he was handling just one of them, Yang Ming had the situation in his hand. Even if it were two, it was manageable. But when the three of them were punks equipped with blunt weapons, Yang Ming had to pay full attention to the fight.

As saying goes “two punches are a tough match against four hands” [1], what more with six hands? Yang Ming had just dodged the swollen eye guy’s metal rod. Then his back was knocked down hard with a brick from the big earring guy, almost knocking Yang Ming out.

“F*** you!” Zhang Bing had come out of the car without the others knowing. He took out a big wrench from his car trunk and just whacked it toward the big earring guy’s stomach.

Ough… cough, cough!” The big earring guy covered his stomach as he knelt down on the floor. Yang Ming took this opportunity to give a punch to the swollen eye guy’s right eye. This was Yang Ming’s full force. He not only had bruised eyes, but this swollen eye guy probably had a concussion at this moment.

Indeed, the swollen eye guy who had suffered a heavy knock knelt down on the floor and started puking with “wawa” sound. It was obvious that he suffered a concussion.

The remaining one, the metal chain guy was a lot more manageable. Looking at how his two partners were defeated to a point where they couldn’t take care of themselves, the metal chain guy was scared. Seeing how Yang Ming and Zhang Bing approached him, he shouted loudly, “Don’t you guys come. Do you know who my boss is?”

“Scr*w you! Do you still want to bring out names? Why didn’t you say it before when we asked for it?” Zhang Bing gave him a glare and raised his wrench.

“Don’t don’t… my boss is Brother Liang. Zhang Yuliang. He’s dominant in this area. If you guys beat me up, my boss definitely won’t let you guys off!” shouted the metal chain guy.

“Zhang Yuliang?” Once Yang Ming heard that this guy’s boss was Zhang Yuliang, he was stunned. “He sent you here?”

“No… ah yes, he… he sent me here!” The metal chain guy wanted to say no, but seeing Yang Ming’s puzzled expression he thought that he was frightened by his boss and changed his words.

It can’t be? Yang Ming was perplexed, Did Zhang Yuliang just take some aphrodisiacs and stimulants? Did he dare to send someone to mess with me?

--- I hope that he can leave after hearing my boss’s name! F***. If I knew this brat is so dangerous, I wouldn’t have taken this job. Please don’t see through my lies!

The strange situation had once again appeared. The person before him hadn’t said anything but Yang Ming did clearly “hear” his words! Yang Ming had once again “seen” what others were thinking!

But right now Yang Ming couldn’t think that much. Yang Ming said coldly, “I hate it when people lie to me. I’ll give you one minute to give a call to Zhang Yuliang. He will let you know what kind of person that I, Yang Ming, am. I have limited patience.”

Ah?” The metal chain guy was stunned. He never thought that Yang Ming would have seen through him. He even asked me to give Zhang Yuliang a call? It seems like his background... is very big?

The metal chain guy dialed his phone to Zhang Yuliang hesitantly. “Brother Liang, I am Ada!”

“Ada? What’s up?” He couldn’t tell whether Zhang Yuliang had a loud voice, or the speakers on the metal chain guy’s, Ada’s, cell phone were better, but Yang Ming could hear every word clearly.

“Brother Liang, Xiao Guang and the gang are all beaten up…” Ada said.

“F***, who dared to do that? Where are you guys? Let me know. I’ll bring someone there right now!” Ada pays quite a sum of money to Zhang Yuliang every month. If his underlings had problems, Zhang Yuliang would automatically be anxious.

“Brother Liang, he seems to know you…” Ada continued speaking.

“Know me? F*** He knows me yet still doesn’t give face to me? Have you mentioned my name to him?” Zhang Yuliang got angry listening to it.

“I mentioned it, but it wasn’t effective!” Ada said while trembling.

“F***, where are you? I am coming over now!” Zhang Yuliang was going to explode. I am already a number one person on the street. How could someone be so impudent?

“Wait… Brother Liang, he said his name is Yang Ming…” Ada added.

“What?” Once Zhang Yuliang heard it, he went silent. The arrogance just now dissipated in a moment. But the anger had been turned to Ada himself. “Brother Yang? F***. Little kid, don’t you have a pair of eyes? How dare you mess with Brother Yang. You deserved it if you are beaten to death!”

F*** it. This Ada can really get me into trouble. If you’ve got nothing to do why would you mess with Yang Ming and say my name out? Isn’t this just digging my grave? If Yang Ming thought it was me who sent Ada to mess with him, then I am done! Sh*t, I must explain this now. This type of thing must be handled well!

“Brother Liang… I…” once Ada have heard Zhang Yuliang’s tone, his heart turned cold. We are done. This person in front of me is obviously a bad*ss who was stronger than Brother Liang.

“You? What you! Pass the phone to Brother Yang. Let me speak to him!” Zhang Yuliang shouted.

“Yang… Brother Yang. Brother Liang wants to speak to you…” Ada’s tone of voice shifted immediately. He passed the phone to Yang Ming while trembling.

“Yes?” Yang Ming took over the phone and said plainly.

“Brother Yang, I am Yuliang!” Zhang Yuliang said enthusiastically.

“Zhang Yuliang, what’s happening? Your underling said you sent him over here to mess with me.” Yang Ming said with arrogance based on his social position.

“B*llsh*t!” Zhang Yuliang got nervous and angry, started swearing. “Brother Yang, I am living just fine. There’s no need to dig my own grave, right?”

Pu chi!” Lan Ling who was standing beside Yang Ming heard Zhang Yuliang’s words and was amused.

“What are you laughing at, little b*tch?” The bad girl who was named Xiao Yin glared at Lan Ling.

En?” Yang Ming frowned. Lan Ling was his precious. How could someone call her a b*tch? Yang lifted his leg and wanted to give that bad girl a kick.

Yang Ming wasn’t any gentleman. He was only a gentleman toward girls he liked. For other girls, just step aside.

If someone offended Yang Ming, he wouldn’t really care about it in most situations. But if it offended a girl that Yang Ming loved, regardless of whether they were male or female, Yang Ming would deal with them all. This was also why Yang Ming found someone to teach Zhou Jiajia a lesson in those days.

Now, this Xiao Yin dared to scold Lan Ling and strongly violated his principle. Yang Ming wouldn’t be soft on her.

However, before Yang Ming could extend his hand, Ada jumped out first and gave a big slap on Xiao Yin’s face. He scolded her. “B*tch, how dare you criticize Mrs. Yang. You don’t want to live anymore? I will scr*w you up tonight! Quick, apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Yang!”

However, Ada’s performance didn’t appease Yang Ming. Instead, Yang Ming felt more hatred for him and started to pity the bad*ss girl who was called Xiao Yin.

At any moment, Yang Ming would never use his beloved woman to gain the favor of his enemy. But after Ada did that, Yang Ming didn’t want to punish that Xiao Yin anymore.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Idiom: One man can’t fight against multiple people.

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