Shura's Wrath

Chapter 92


Peace Town

When players began to flood into Azure Dragon city, Ling Chen used this time to ride his horse.

After the plains was the mountain forest area. The mountain forest area contained level 20 to 30 monsters of different varieties. There were also all kinds of hidden traps, it was much more dangerous than the plains. After the mountain forest there was a medium sized town. In Mystic Moon, other than the main city, there are second cities, large, medium and small cities and numerous villages. These towns outside the main city will sell return scrolls to those villages, because, these towns not only provide a large variety of big and small hidden quests but it also provides supplies. Moreover using the return scrolls to these towns can be used for faster travel. So, with every town Ling Chen goes through, he would stop and buy the town’s return scroll, then he would find an NPC to tell him the most convenient way to the Silent Spirit Ridge.

The hidden tasks were not hard like pit father [TLN: Not sure what this is, (坑爹) will go back and check later], however the first step of the task was already difficult. Travelling East from Azure Dragon City for 200km, if you just run you won’t just be running for a long time, but there are also countless monsters on the way, and later in the journey, the monsters are higher level. Attempting to get through all the high level monsters’ territory safely to reach the mission point is not something an average player would be able to do.

Ling Chen’s horse galloped nonstop, running from the evening to the early hours of the morning. He was aware that the more East he went, the lower number of towns and the number of people also became more sparse. He was now in a desolate place, the big and small mountains were chaotically arranged. Running up the mountains is significantly harder than leaving Azure Dragon City. In addition, it was obvious that this place was a good place to find all sorts of beasts. So on this road, Ling Chen never let his guard down and always paid attention to his surroundings. At Level 13, this was a top level among the player base, even if he didn’t level for three days no one would be able to catch up, but in this whole Forgotten Continent, his strength was the absolute lowest. And in this dangerous place, any monster that jumped out was able to kill him.

Stepping out of the level 45 Sawtooth Blood Panther territory, Ling Chen reached a safe zone before finally stopping. When he was going to go offline, his intercom rang, broadcasting Yun Feng’s voice.

“Haha, Ling Chen! Did you hear, I spent a whole night desperately trying to level and now I’ve finally reached Azure Dragon City. I’m now by the square… fuck, the number of players here is intimidating, the transfer hall is completely crowded. Oh yeah, where are you? My sister hoped that I’d be here by last night, and already transferred. How about I take you to see her? If she finds out that the helper I found for her was you, she’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Your sister wants to create a guild called ‘Dream’, right?” Ling Chen responded.


“How many people are there?

“err… *cough cough*,  honestly, ‘Dream’ till now still hasn’t been successfully created. It didn’t occur in the previous world either, so there are no core members, so, only after reaching Azure Dragon City can the development begin. And also, at first, it can only be the smallest type of guilds — in the form of a studio, then only can it slowly grow bigger. Right now, including you, there are… 5 people.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“Aish, I know that this number is appalling as well, but… aiish, no matter what, I couldn’t just sit by idly. This is her last fight, and I know how she is, even if it appears impossible, she still wants to try… She says, even if its a small, almost invisible ray of hope, it is still hope. This means that there is a faint possibility, so if you dare not even try and just give up, that would be a real tragedy.” Yun Feng, sighed a few more times. All long, from what he said to what he did, Ling Chen could feel his love towards his sister, the same way he loved Shui Ruo.

Ling Chen was silent for a moment, then he said: “This was the reason she gave?”


In that moment, he gained the desires of a certain person named “Yun Meng Xin”. At least in terms of their persistent attitude, they were similar.

“I only just reached Azure Dragon City, there are a lot of errands to deal with, I’ll take 1 or 2 days to settle in. I also have a task to complete. With regards to meeting her, I’ll talk to you about it in 1 to 2 days.” Ling Chen said. Because of Shui Ruo, he will definitely help Yun Meng Xin, to fulfill Yun Feng’s expectations. But helping a girl who effectively has nothing in two days, this was going to be really difficult.

“No problem! When you’re free just contract me! Oh yeah, that Soaring Cloud…”


Ling Chen hung up and went offline to make Shui Ruo some breakfast.

After noon, Peace town.

In accordance with what the Azure Dragon City mayor said, Peace Town was the closest town to Silent Soul Ridge. If you continued East, you wouldn’t find anyone anymore, because in less than 15km, is the feared “Ghastly Grounds”. After the Ghastly grounds lies Silent Soul Ridge, the place where no one has entered and lived to tell the tale. Peace Town’s name also comes from the fact that the villages use the place to pray for peace. After all, it is so close to such dangerous places so they cant help but worry that a catastrophe could happen at any moment.

Reaching Peace Town meant that he was really close to Silent Soul Ridge.

Frankly speaking, Ling Chen didn’t spend any more time leveling and was really eager to come here. The main reason was to gather information as soon as possible, then he can spend a sufficient amount of time to prepare. His strength compared to all of the Forgotten Continent was at the lowest of the low. Many high level players from the Forgotten Continent didn’t come back alive after entering the Silent Soul Ridge. He couldn’t find a reason as to why he would be any better than them.

Peace Town was small, the whole town only had a few hundred people, but the shops had everything. But, aside from the main city, all other city’s equip stores don’t sell strength crystals. Obviously, selling crystals was the privilege of the main city.

“ Uncle, how are you, how do I get to Silent Soul Ridge?” Peace Town’s residents were all fairly closed families, barely any pedestrians could be seen. Ling Chen did not easily find anyone, so he quickly stepped forward to ask his question.

“Oh, its about 15km northeast from here… what!? You want to go the Silent Soul Ridge?” the middle aged man responded with a startled look. He then quickly blocked the way: “Young man, you must an adventurer? Don’t ever go to the Silent Soul Ridge, that is a place of death, no man that has been there has ever come back alive! I’ve lived here for many years, even thinking of Silent Soul Ridge’s name makes me feel a chill, never ever go there!”

The middle aged man’s fear on his face was not false in the slightest, as the town closest to the Silent Soul Ridge, even the name would incite fear. One can only imagine how horrible the place is. Ling Chen asked: “Why is that place so scary? Are there really strong monsters inside?”

“Aish, no one really knows.” the middle aged man shook his head: “In front of the Silent Soul Ridge are the Ghastly Grounds. Within Ghastly Grounds, it is surrounded by an undead gas. Within the gas, there are also herds of terrible spirits and zombies. Whoever goes near would start to get dizzy and their body would feel weak. Our ancestors said that the place was filled with a vast amount of undead gas released by the undead, which can devour human life.

The undead gas in the Ghastly Grounds, although it is scary, it can be prepared for. It is not hopeless. Our town is only a few kms away from the Ghastly Grounds, and sometimes the undead gas still reaches here. So, the village has long since developed methods of resisting the undead gas. But even then, once you pass through the Ghastly Grounds, into the Silent Soul Ridge, you will disappear off the face of the earth and never return. Young man, you must be an adventurer from another world right? Otherwise, you would definitely know about the fear of the Silent Soul Ridge. It is known throughout the Forgotten Continent as the top feared and restricted area, never ever go there.”

Undead gas?

Ling Chen nodded: “I now know, thanks for telling me. Oh yeah, you were talking about a method that could resist the undead gas, what is it?”

“Oh, that is our town’s special food. After eating it, you can mitigate the impacts of the undead gas, and its also really yummy. I’ve been having it for many years and I still haven’t had enough. This food is sold everywhere, I believe that after you’ve tried it, you’ll understand that this taste can only be acquired in heaven!” the middle aged man pointed at a closed door and said, with a look of satisfaction on his face, he seemed to be able to taste the “taste that can only be acquired in heaven”.

Ling Chen remembered the location of the house and continued to ask: “At the Silent Soul Ridge, is there a plant named ‘Black Inflamed Grass’?”

The middle aged man nodded: “On the ancient records of the Silent Soul Ridge, there is a message about the Black Inflamed Grass. But since the Silent Soul Ridge had become off limits, whether the Black Inflamed Grass is still there no one knows. Speaking of which, some time ago a few parties were looking for the Black Inflamed Grass. They didn’t listen to our warnings and went to the Silent Soul Ridge, even until now they haven’t returned. They must have also been turned into the undead. Young man, remember my words, never ever go there. That place is scarier than what you can imagine.”

After talking to the middle aged man, Ling Chen stayed in Peace Town for a long time. Every time he saw a resident he would go and ask them questions, but he didn’t obtain any more useful information. Hearing the words “Silent Soul Ridge” causes a look of fear, then they would just try to stop him from going there. He stopped trying to ask. Ling Chen went to the middle aged man’s house and opened the door and some white hot air burst out.

“How are you, adventurer of a faraway land, come drink our special delicacy and enjoy the coolness that will flood your body. I believe that after you try it, you would definitely understand the taste that can only be acquired in heaven! And even desire to stay here forever, living with this amazing taste.” A skinny old man carrying a steamy big bowl, with a grin said.

… what is this food? is it really that good? Ling Chen looked at the big bowl.

Rice porridge: Boiled rice porridge, after eating it will, user will gain 10 HP recovery. Within 10 minutes it will mitigate the effects of undead gas. Price: 3 silver coins.

Ling Chen: ! @#¥%……”

“Bring 20 bowls.” Ling Chen quickly said, skipping the small talk and taking out 6 gold coins, giving it to the old man. 20 bowls of hot porridge will last 200 minutes. He came here to explore. He didn’t think he would complete the task so 20 bowls should be enough. More importantly, he remembered that when leaving Azure Dragon City he only had a few gold coins left. He can’t buy too many even if he wanted to.

Thus, after preparing 20 bowls of steaming hot porridge he went to his Cloud Stepping Mare and headed northeast straight for the Silent Soul Ridge.

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