Shura's Wrath

Chapter 808

Godchild (4)    

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Editor: Modlawls123

“Oh? Do as you wish,” Qi Yue said uncaringly. “I’ve already obtained what I wanted from him, so he’s useless to me now. His survival or death are unrelated to me. However, there’s something that I should remind you of: just then, the Godchild said that she was willing to destroy herself if you harmed Earth, but from what I saw, this human is much important to her than Earth. If you kill him, you’ll have to keep it a secret, because if the Godchild finds out… the consequences won’t be too good.”  

“Oh? From what you saw?” King’s eyes narrowed. “Come to think of it, since you created the Shura, you must have spent a lot of time with him, and he spent a lot of time with the Godchild… and yet you did not discover the Godchild’s existence?”  

Aiyaya, this isn’t my fault.” Qi Yue innocently shook her head. “After growing, the Godchild never saw anyone apart from you. I was uninterested in the Godchild Plan, so I never knew the Godchild’s appearance or aura. Moreover, she hid very well, and back then, even you didn’t know that the Godchild escaped, so how could I have known that she was the escaped Godchild? Come to think of it, when the Godchild first met me, she was on her toes against me, but did not know who I was. However… my plans were thwarted a few times for no reason, and only now do I realise that it was the Godchild secretly protecting him. Otherwise, the Shura would not have his consciousness, and he would be completely under my control. However, it doesn’t make a difference because I’ve obtained what I want.”  

A slight change appeared in King’s face before she coldly harrumphed, “Hmph, it makes no difference; I’ll leave him alive then. Risking the Godchild Plan to kill a human simply is not worth it.”  

“Qi Yue… Qi Yue!! Just what are you saying? What do you mean by all of this…” Ling Chen had thought that Qi Yue would be able to help him, but when he heard Qi Yue’s words, his mind trembled, unable to believe his own ears.  

Qi Yue laughed just as charmingly, but the laugh seemed completely unfamiliar and cold to him because it was a laugh of mockery. Similarly, her gaze was as if she was looking at a laughable and pitiful person. “Aiyaya, my poor little Ling Tian, was what I said very hard to understand? I meant exactly what I said… what else could there be?”  

Qi Yue no longer called him ‘little master'. She instead called him condescendingly “little Ling Tian”. Ling Chen deeply breathed in and said in a low voice, “You and King… and the Mad Scientist… were working together this whole time?!”  

Qi Yue’s smile became wider, and she said in an enchanting voice, “I’m called Qi Yue and she’s called Qi Xing. I’m her big sister, so what do you think?”  

Ling Chen’s mind buzzed, and his body swayed before he stumbled backwards a few steps, almost falling to the ground. He stared at Qi Yue, shaking his head in disbelief. “No way… how could it be… I don’t believe it… I don’t believe it…”  

Ever since he had entered the Mystic Moon world, she had been with him, giving him countless tips and reminders. She liked to tease him, seduce him, and occasionally cared for him, and he started to depend on and fall for Qi Yue… and yet, she was King’s big sister… and had been the Mad Scientist’s ally…  

How could he accept this?!  

When he was about to kill the Mad Scientist, she had tried to convince him to leave him alive in order to ask him who the mastermind was… rather, she was trying to stop him…  

How could it be like this? How could things turn out like this?!  

Aiyaya, even the strong-minded like you aren’t willing to accept this bare-faced truth; I feel quite confused about this.” Qi shook her head in disappointment. “But it doesn’t matter to me whether you believe it or not.”   

“Do you not care at all for my life or death?” Ling Chen lowered his head and said in a low voice.  

Qi Yue calmly smiled. “What do you think? Poor little Ling Tian.”  

“No! I don’t believe this!” Ling Chen raised his head, staring at Qi Yue. “Even if you’re the evil King’s big sister and an ally of the Mad Scientist… while the Mad Scientist was harming the earth, you were helping me immensely. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have my power or have obtained the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb that can revive Shui Ruo so easily. When I encountered danger, your worried cries came from your heart, and even though I felt you were mysterious, I never felt any danger from you! I don’t believe that you’re an evil person…”  

Hahahahaha…” before Ling Chen could finish speaking, King could not help but laugh to the point she bent over backwards. As she wildly laughed, she said disjointedly, “Yue… your acting skills are too superb… or this earthling is stupid to the extreme… hahahaha… such a funny thing could happen… hahahaha…”  

Qi Yue was also laughing incredibly derisively, “Hearing your words, I feel a tiny bit moved. However, it’s a pity… since it’s like this, I’ll tell you a story. I’m very curious to see your reaction after hearing this story… any problems, Xing?”  

King coldly harrumphed, “Can I stop you from doing anything you want to do?”  

“Indeed, indeed,” Qi Yue calmly replied before looking at Ling Chen. She narrowed her eyes and said slowly, “Listen closely, little Ling Tian, because this story will make you feel a whole new level of respect… for… me!”  

“You should know that the ancient times were the time of gods. They had divine power that you humans are unable to fathom, and there were 5 major god clans during that time: the Rakshasa God Clan, Langya Group, Dark Sun God Domain, Variant Moon God Clan, and the Skyfall Demon Clan with special divine powers. They created countless planets, including Earth and the Mystic Moon planet, and they created countless races, including the human race.  

“It was just that the power and lifespan of the creatures that the gods created could not compare to the gods, and the difference in status was like the difference between the heavens and the earth. Humans reproduced incredibly quickly, and their numbers greatly surpassed those of gods. Geniuses gradually appeared, and soon, powerful experts appeared, with those with Demigod Godhood close behind. However, humans could not compare to gods, and they could only admire and worship the peerless god clans.”  

Ling Chen gritted his teeth, listening silently. He had no idea what Qi Yue was trying to tell him.  

“However, everything changed due to one of the Princes of the Rakshasa God Clan, Rashu, when he met a human woman called Lachesis.”  

“Lachesis?” Ling Chen’s heart slightly trembled… wasn’t this the name of Fey’s rings?  

“Lachesis was a genius who could only be found once every 10,000 years on her planet, and she was incredibly beautiful. Even though she was a human, she had power that was close to Demigod Godhood, and was called a ‘goddess’ on that planet, having a status near what the Moon Goddesses have on this planet. Because of fate, she and Rashu met and deeply fell in love with each other.”  

“In order to show his love to Lachesis, Rashu gifted the most powerful divine item of the Rakshasa God Clan, the [Tricolour Saint Rings], which only Godkings could use, to Lachesis. The [Tricolour Saint Rings] were 3 different coloured rings, and he put these rings on Lachesis fingers, making her their new master, because these [Tricolour Saint Rings] contained great power and could protect Lachesis. Lachesis naturally also gave Rashu an item to show her love for him – it was a bracelet that she had personally made from flawless Saint Jade, and it was shaped like a crescent moon, called the [Prayer of the Moon], which reflected her prayers for her beloved Rashu to forever be safe.  

“It was a pity that the god clan and human clan were on completely different levels. Falling in love with a human was a grave sin for those of the god clans. To gods, this was besmirching the pride and dignity of gods… what’s more, Rashu was the Rakshasa God Clan’s Godking’s son, the next Rakshasa Godking!”  

Hmph!” King coldly said, “Humans are low-grade creatures created by gods; their job is to worship and thank the gods. What right do they have to love gods? What a joke!”  

Qi Yue’s eyes half-narrowed, and she continued to speak, “The Rakshasa God Clan traditionally arranged marriage alliances with the Variant Moon God Clan, making it even more taboo for Rashu and Lachesis to fall in love. However, after Rashu and Lachesis loved each other for 16 years, this was finally exposed to the world. The Godkings of the Rakshasa God Clan and the Variant Moon God Clan were completely infuriated.   

Rashu was the number 1 genius of the Rakshasa God Clan, and when he was in his adolescence, his divine power had already surpassed the Rakshasa Godking. He was the pride of the Rakshasa Godking and the entire Rakshasa God Clan, so how could the Godking allow him to fall in love with a human woman? That would cause the entire god clan to turn into a laughingstock. The Variant Moon Godking had been preparing to marry his daughter to Rashu, and they had agreed on this from a long time ago. This news caused him to feel incredible humiliation, and what’s more, it was a human woman who was the cause of this shame… Rashu would rather be with a human woman than with the Variant Moon God Clan’s princess! This was a massive blow to their pride.  

“The Godkings headed to Lachesis’ planet together… who could stop 2 Godkings attacking together? Lachesis died without leaving behind any words for Rashu, and even her entire planet was completely obliterated into nothing.”  

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”  

“When Rashu heard about this, he could never see Lachesis again. Where the destroyed planet had been, he found the [Tricolour Saint Rings], which had not been destroyed – when the Rakshasa Godking and Variant Moon Godking had destroyed the planet, they had not noticed its existence. Perhaps Lachesis had hidden it and protected it so that it would not be destroyed. This was the only thing left behind from Lachesis.   

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