Shura's Wrath

Chapter 328

I Won’t Fall (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire
Editor: Chlocolatte

Everything was finally over, but the price they had paid caused Long Zheng Yang’s heart to become incredibly heavy. Over 300 elite soldiers from the seven main forces had died under Ling Chen’s hands, including the leaders of the Dark Eagles and Blood Wolves. It was a gigantic blow to the Long family. This horrific battle had also caused a great amount of damage to the Long family’s residence, and mental effects experienced by every person present, for a long time. 

The Long Yu espers finally arrived, and started to clean up the corpses. Long Zheng Yang sighed and said, “Let’s also go out and have a look.” 

As he turned to leave, he glanced at the screen. However, as soon as he saw it, his body froze, as his eyes remained glued to the screen. At this moment, a cry of pain sounded out. 

The cry of pain was especially loud, and came from a Long Yu esper who had wandered to the edge of the crater. The esper had suddenly disappeared, and a bloodied hand slowly emerged from the edge of the crater. The owner of the hand pulled himself out of the crater… 

All of his clothes had been destroyed, and his body was completely covered with blood. The congealing blood stuck to the scraps of his clothes, hair and skin together. He moved slowly, but was still able to climb out of the crater. The moment he walked out, he swayed, and fell to the ground on one knee. However, he stood up while trembling, and stared murderously at the people in front of him. Although he looked incredibly weak, the bloodlust he was emitting was incredible… he seemed like a Blood God who had just returned from hell.  

 “All of you… must… die!!” 

His voice was incredibly weak, but it somehow filled the entire residence, causing everyone to tremble with fear. 

“T-This is impossible! That explosion… how can he still be alive?!” Long Tian Yun yelled as he stared wide-eyed. Owl Wolf had been clutching on to him during the explosion. Even steel would have been blasted to shreds if it had been so close to the bomb. 

“This is… incredibly difficult to accept. It’s simply impossible.” Xuanyuan Sheng also said in shock. 

“Is he… a monster?” Flame Shadow said, his voice trembling. 

An icy feeling came over Long Zheng Yang. Not even the incredibly tough Murong Xiong Tian would have been able to survive an explosion at such a distance, and not be missing any limbs. This individual couldn’t be described as a human anymore- he was simply a monster!! He just couldn’t understand how the Long family had offended such a ‘monster’, and neither could he comprehend how such a ‘monster’ could possibly exist.  

Xuanyuan Dao’s face was also filled with shock. He slowly said, “This is indeed hard to believe… however, although he’s not dead, he’s been gravely injured, and can’t even stand properly anymore. He can’t fight anymore, so Long Yu should be able to take care of him.” 

 “Don’t kill him yet,” Long Zheng Yang calmly said, “He’s still alive, but he’s not a threat anymore. Tell the Mental espers to destroy his mind, and ask him why he hates our Long family so much. They can get rid of him afterwards.” 

The rest of them all nodded. This person had launched two terrifying attacks on the Long family, but they still didn’t know the reason. 

Murong Xiong Tian immediately gave the order, “Xi Feng, go and control his mind, and ask him what he has against the Long family, or who’s giving him orders.” 

Ling Chen’s appearance caused all of the Long Yu soldiers to feel incredibly shocked. The Dark Eagles, Steel Dragons and Blood Wolves had all been ripped apart by him, and although he was incredibly weak, they still felt pressured. As they received the order from Murong Xiong Tian, a person wearing a whole body of green clothes slowly walked out, and stood 20 metres away from Ling Chen. He looked up, and a mysterious light shone from his eyes into Ling Chen’s eyes.  

All Long Yu espers were either born with their powers or later developed them. They didn’t have a uniform, and all specialised in different things. The most terrifying of them all were the Mental espers. A Mental esper could, without any warning, control another person or destroy their mind from quite a distance away. However, these sorts of espers were rare. Within Long Yu, there were only eight of them. Six of them were present at the scene. 

The person in green clothes was called Xi Feng, and was an incredibly strong Mental esper. As he looked into Ling Chen’s eyes, his mental energy swept out and collided into Ling Chen’s mental energy. 

The familiar feeling of his mental energy being attacked, which he had hated, came into his head… within ‘Heaven’, he had endured this sort of training almost constantly. Because of this mental energy stimulation, his mental energy had come close to collapsing on numerous occasions, causing it to break through new levels again and again. Apart from Eve and himself, no one would be able to imagine just how torturous the training was, and they weren’t even able to use words to express what it was like. 

When the esper’s attack reached Ling Chen’s mind, his mental energy defenses were instantly awakened, completely blocking the attack. It then immediately counterattacked, like a vicious viper. 

One second… within one second of the esper, Xi Feng, attacking Ling Chen’s mind, his entire body stiffened as his eyes widened. His eyes remained wide open while he fell to the ground, never to breathe again. 

All of Long Yu looked on with shock. 

“W-What’s going on?”  

“Could it be that… he’s a Mental esper who’s even stronger than Xi Feng?” Murong Xiong Tian said as he raised his eyebrows. He quickly picked up his communication device and yelled, “Demon Eyes, Soul Chaser, Qian Luo, Crimson Eyes, Azure Snake, go and attack together, and control his mind! He seems to also be a Mental esper, so don’t let down your guards- you must work together! If you can’t control his mind, then destroy it!” 

The remaining five Mental espers walked out together, and stood in formation. Their breathing became synchronized, and they released the mental energy towards Ling Chen together. Xi Feng’s failure showed that Ling Chen had incredibly strong mental energy- not only had Xi Feng failed, but the counterattack had even killed him. The effects of counterattacks were becoming unconscious if it was light, or complete destruction of the mind if it was severe. Xi Feng was not the strongest Mental esper in Long Yu, but his instant death raised alarm bells for the others. The five of them worked together, using their full strength… even if the enemy had incredibly strong mental energy, the five of them would definitely be able to overcome him.  

Five powerful streams of mental energy intertwined, creating a powerful mental energy beast that rushed towards Ling Chen’s mind. 

However, even if the five of their mental energies combined, how would it amount to even 1% of Ling Chen’s mental energy? To Ling Chen, their mental energy beast was like a tiny bug… however, it was still much more powerful than Xi Feng’s attack, and while it did not hurt Ling Chen, it awakened his anger. His bloodshot eyes opened, as he roared. 


One second… again, after only one second had passed, the five Mental espers’ bodies froze, their eyes widened and lost their colour. Subsequently, just like Xi Feng, they all fell to the ground, unmoving. As he roared, Ling Chen, who couldn’t even stand properly, suddenly burst with energy again as he charged at the Long Yu espers, filled with bloodlust. 

 “This… this is impossible!! Absolutely impossible!!” Seeing the five espers all fall down, Murong Xiong Tian simply couldn’t believe his eyes. He believed that Xi Feng had failed because he had underestimated Ling Chen, and did not expect that Ling Chen was also a Mental esper. However, five Mental espers that were working together… had been instantly defeated! Moreover, they weren’t just defeated- they had been killed by their opponent’s mental energy! 

What was going on? Could it be that he was not only a Mental esper, but an incredibly powerful one as well? 

A terrifying body, terrifying strength, terrifying speed… and terrifying mental energy as well! 

The information clearly stated that he was only 22 years old… 

The sinking feeling in Long Zheng Yang, Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian’s hearts became worse and worse. 

Cries of pain began to sound out, and on the screen, the weakened monster once again sprang into action. His speed had not reduced by a single bit, and he had reached the espers before they could even realise what was happening. Except for the Strength-based espers, none of them could compare to even a normal soldier in terms of their bodies or speed. Even the Steel Dragon soldiers couldn’t withstand a single hit from Ling Chen- this was even more so for the Long Yu espers. As soon as Ling Chen got close, all that was waiting for them was death. Ling Chen punched out twice, easily punching through two espers like they were made of tofu. Seeing what was happening, the espers all hurriedly started to use their powers to attack… 

This was the first time Long Zheng Yang had felt such fear, and the one who had caused this fear was only 22 years old. If he was allowed to leave here alive, Long Zheng Yang would have to live the rest of his days in worry and fear. He slowly said in a low voice, “He’s nearly finished. This rampage is surely the last of his strength. Xiong Tian, go and immediately kill him!” 

“Roger!” Murong Xiong Tian nodded. 

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