Shura's Wrath

Chapter 250

The Reluctant-to-Leave-Cai’Er

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The Azure Dragon City Amusement Park was enormous, and was larger than even the largest amusement park in Beijing by ten times. The rides were much bigger and better than those in the real world, and although it wasn’t practical to have digital devices that the real world had, there were many things that were made possible in the virtual world that simply would not be possible in the real world. The cost of going to such a place was not cheap, but one was guaranteed to have the time of their life there.

“Wow!!” Cai’Er was amazed by the sea of people, as well as countless rides and things to play. Xiao Qi walked over, and smiled, “Cai’Er, there’s many, many things to play here. Do you want to spend some time here?”

Yes!!” Cai’Er vigorously nodded her head. She was at the age that loved to play, and there were so many toys that could be won at different stalls.

“What do you want to play first? Oh, let’s go on a rollercoaster.” Xiao Qi immediately chose her target.

“Qi Qi, can you not choose to start with something so hair-raising!” Ling Chen retorted.

“It’s decided, let’s go, let’s go!” Xiao Qi pulled Su’Er and Shui Ruo’s hands as she charged over to a rollercoaster. Ling Chen and the others could only helplessly follow behind her.

Rollercoasters, see-saws, merry-go-rounds, rafting, swings, ice skating, Adventure Palace, Fairy Tale Palace, Scenery Palace, etc… the group played on nearly everything the amusement park had to offer. With the entire Heart’s Dream present, as well as an extra little guest, everyone had a great time. Cai’Er, who had never left the Fairy Realm before, had never seen such amazing things before- going to the amusement park with Ling Chen and the others had been incredibly exciting for her. From the beginning to the end of the day, she had not stopped yelling, screaming, laughing. She forgot all about how scared she was of the human world, and forgot to hide within Ling Chen’s cloak. The girls always stood around her to make sure that no one else saw her.

The group played from noon till evening. The little Fairy who had been yelling and screaming the entire afternoon was on the verge of collapse. She tiredly sat on the seat in the Ferris wheel, her little face completely red.

Even Ling Chen sat there, trying to recover his strength. However, the girls were unwilling to waste even a single minute with this little Fairy. Xiao Qi and Su’Er were constantly talking to Cai’Er and asking her questions.

“Cai’Er, did you have fun today?”

“En!” Cai’Er nodded her head very quickly, “I had so much fun. I’ve never felt so happy before.”

“Haha, it was much more fun than in your Fairy world right?” Xiao Qi mischievously asked.

Although she had spent about half a day in the human world, the little Fairy immediately nodded, “You humans are so lucky… living in such beautiful houses, eating such yummy food, having so many fun things to play…”

Cai’Er really, really did like the human world. At the same time, she did not feel fearful of these girls anymore. Instead, she secretly felt very happy when she was with them, because they were so kind and treated her so well… it was completely different to what her granny had told her. This half a day of experience in the human world caused her view of the humans and the human world to change completely.

“Haha, then just stay with us, Cai’Er. We’ll take Cai’Er to play every day! How does that sound?” Xiao Qi excitedly asked.

The little Fairy felt her heart starting to beat quickly. She knew that she definitely shouldn’t leave the Fairy Realm, and definitely shouldn’t stay. And yet, she so desperately wanted to stay with these people and continue to play in the human world. She bit her lips and slowly shook her head, “But, us Fairies shouldn’t be in the human world. This is how it’s been for a long time. My granny, dad and big sis are all going to very worried about me, and are all waiting for me to go back. So… so…”

Granny, dad and big sis… Xiao Qi tentatively asked, “Cai’Er, what about your mum?”

“Mum?” This caused Cai’Er to look downcast, and she shook her head, “I don’t have a mum, and I’ve never met my mum before. I only have granny, dad and big sis. Everyone else all have a mum, but I’ve never met my mum, and I don’t know where she is…”

Hearing this, all of the girls looked at Cai’Er sympathetically. Everyone knew that a mother’s love was one of the most precious things in the world. Xiao Qi’s eyes became teary, and she couldn’t help but hug Cai’Er, “That’s ok, you’ve still got your granny, dad and big sister… and now you also have us. We’ll always be Cai’Er’s good friends, and we’ll definitely protect Cai’Er. Cai’Er, did you know, we’re actually quite similar. After I was born, my mum she… she passed away. Growing up, I’ve never met my mum before and I don’t know what she was like. However, I still have my dad and my big brother, and they treat me very well. So I’m not that envious of anyone else, and I live happier than anyone else. Cai’Er, even if we don’t have mums, we still have to live happily, okay?”

“En…” Cai’Er nodded, and enjoyed the sensation of being hugged by Xiao Qi.

Ling Chen looked up and looked at Xiao Qi in shock… he had never known that from the day Xiao Qi was born, she had lost her mum. He looked at Meng Xin and Su’Er, and saw that after what Xiao Qi had said, they all seemed to be a bit down. This was especially so for Su’Er. Her head was lowered, and her hands clenched onto her dress. She bit her lips, and her eyes became misty.

What was going on? Why did Su’Er have such a reaction to Xiao QI’s words? Could there be some sort of secret?

“Poor Qi Qi, to have lost her mum when she was born… at least she still has her dad.” Shui Ruo’s eyes became red, and she sighed as she leaned on Ling Chen.

Ling Chen gently smiled, and said in a warm tone, “Even if everyone else leaves, I’ll still be with you forever.”

Shui Ruo smiled, and leaned in close to his ears, “Big brother, it’s already quite late and you haven’t even had lunch yet.”

Ling Chen nodded, and looked at the time. It was already 7pm, so he decided that he should take Cai’Er back soon.

He stood up, and went over to Cai’Er, “Cai’Er, it’s quite late, so I should take you back now.”

“Ah? Going back already?” Hearing Ling Chen say that, Xiao Qi quickly hugged Cai’Er, refusing to let her be taken away.

“This can’t be helped,” Ling Chen explained, “Cai’Er’s been out here for a long time, and the Fairy Clan is probably panicking. If I don’t quickly take Cai’Er back, the Fairy Clan might move out to find and kill me. As for Cai’Er… I’m sure you want to go home too, right?”

After getting off the Ferris wheel, the group went to a secluded area to say their goodbyes. Cai’Er waved her hands, unwilling to part with these big sisters.

“Cai’Er, here are a few toys that we bought from the toy store just then; take them with you.”

“Also, here’s some clothes for Cai’Er. Cai’Er can wear the smaller ones, and the bigger ones are for your big sister and your dad. I’m sure you big sister and your dad will like the clothes as well.”

“Here’s lots of yummy lollies. Don’t eat too many in one go though, otherwise it’ll be bad for your teeth.”

“Say hi to your friends and relatives for me.”

“Cai’Er, do your best to be happy every day, we’ll all miss you.”

As she said her goodbyes, Cai’Er’s eyes became misty, and tears started to roll down. She yelled out, “Big sisters, I… I’ll also miss you all a lot…”

Ling Chen patted Cai’Er’s shoulders and said, “It’s time to go.”

Ling Chen and Cai’Er each shattered a teleport scroll, and appeared in the town near the Fairy Forest.

Why Ling Chen made so much effort to make sure that Cai’Er had a good time in the human world and changed her view towards humans, Ling Chen had no idea. Perhaps it was because he felt indignant towards the Fairy’s unjustified loathing of all humans; perhaps it was because he did not want the Fairy Clan to be too angry that he had taken away Cai’Er; perhaps it was because he wanted Shui Ruo and the others to see what Fairies were like. On the way back to the Fairy Forest, he mulled over this inwardly.

One hour later.

“This is the Fairy Forest; your home is inside. You’ll be able to go home soon.” Ling Chen said as he pointed towards the green forest.

There was no need for Ling Chen’s announcement- when they were close to the Forest, she could already smell the scent of the Fairy Realm. Hearing Ling Chen’s words, she did not become excited, but rather stopped in front of the forest, silently looking ahead.

Ling Chen also stopped walking, “Cai’Er, what’s wrong?”

The little Fairy was not as excited or relieved as he had expected her to have been. Instead, she looked at Ling Chen with a complicated look on her face, “Big bro… in future… can I still meet those big sisters?”

Ling Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “If you want to meet them, just come out of the Fairy Realm and come to the human world. Then you’ll be able to see them again.”

The little Fairy lapsed into silence. She didn’t fly around anymore, but stood on the Cloud Stepping Mare’s head, staring ahead. Ling Chen did not say anything, but increased the speed, and charged into the Fairy Forest.

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