Shura's Wrath

Chapter 207

Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

It was absolutely crucial to keep one’s distance from the Sword Emperor- because once the Sword Emperor got within range, the fight would already be over. This was something all players… especially those who had fought against the Sword Emperor knew. In a split second, the Sword Emperor could attack many times, making it impossible to dodge, much less counterattack.

Just then, everyone saw the Sword Emperor come within close range of Ling Chen, and shot out countless illusory blades that completely covered Ling Tian. At that moment, everyone was sure that Ling Tian was dead… although the Sword Emperor’s equipment were all very ordinary, but normal attacks could do around 300 damage (unless, of course, Ling Tian had unrealistically high Defence). Attacking ten or so times in just a split second, that would deal over 3,000 damage. Even if Ling Tian was covered in Celestial grade equipment, it was impossible for him, at his level, to have over 3,000 HP.

However, he was not hit even a single time, and was even able to successfully counterattack, striking the Sword Emperor backwards.

“Im…Impossible!!” Long Tian Yun gnashed his teeth, repeating that word over and over again. Even with his mental fortitude, he was still shocked to the point of disbelief… the Sword Emperor was the strongest player in his Yan Huang Alliance, as well as the strongest player in China. The Sword Emperor was also his main bodyguard, who he had absolute faith in. However, the Sword Emperor’s attack had been easily broken by the opponent- this was something that he simply could not believe, and did not want to accept.

Flame Shadow could understand how Long Tian Yun was feeling. Seeing the person that he had absolute confidence in being forced backwards, it was something extremely unpleasant and worrying. Seeing Long Tian Yun’s expression changing, he hurriedly said, “Young master! Don’t worry, that was only the Sword Emperor’s most basic attack. The Sword Emperor is unparalleled in China, so after he becomes serious, even 10 Ling Tians will not be able to defeat him! Please do not worry, young master!”

Flame Shadow’s words caused Long Tian Yun to calm down slightly. Long Tian Yun frowned, and gripped his hands into fists, “You’re right. Right now, the Sword Emperor might even be able to fight on even grounds with Eve. How could he lose to this Ling Tian!”

“This time, it’s my turn to attack.”

In the second bout of attacks, Ling Tian decided to take the initiative and attack first. However, his attacking style was completely different to that in the first bout of attacks. He held the sword in front of him, and slowly walked towards the Sword Emperor. His walking seemed extremely casual, as if he was taking a stroll, rather than fighting an extremely important match with an incredibly powerful player.

However, in contrast, the Sword Emperor was not at all at ease. Instead, every time Ling Chen took a step closer, the Sword Emperor could feel an invisible pressure becoming greater. The Sword Emperor could almost see an incredibly venomous and dangerous snake slowly and stealthily creeping forwards, ready to strike out suddenly at any moment.


Although movement speed was something players were limited by, explosive power and speed were not restricted at all. Usually, before most people ran at their full speed or released their full power, their feet would always have a slight preparation movement. However, Ling Chen didn’t have one- he was like a gale that burst forth suddenly, charging towards the Sword Emperor. The Pale White grade sword in Ling Chen’s hand was like the venomous fangs of a snake, piercing towards the Sword Emperor’s head.

Seeing such an explosive movement, without needing any preparation, the experts who were present were all shocked. With this sort of explosive speed, let alone in close quarters, but even if he was a mid-range distance away, his opponents still wouldn’t be able to easily defend even if they were mentally prepared.

This was the first time that Ling Chen had attacked first. His extremely ordinary sword actually brought pressure to the Sword Emperor. The Sword Emperor’s mastery of the sword was at an incredibly high level, to the point that it was unnecessary to actually see the opponent’s attack- after all, just based on the pressure from the opponent’s sword, the Sword Emperor was able to immediately work out the trajectory of the sword. The Sword Emperor did not retreat, because with such explosive speed behind the attack, there was simply not enough time to move backwards. Moreover, the Sword Emperor’s body was much slower than the sword, so although retreating was impossible, the Sword Emperor could still execute a perfect parry.

With his sword pointing towards the Sword Emperor, Ling Chen’s lightning fast attack would cause most ordinary players to panic, and pray that their weapon would activate a parry. Nonetheless, when Ling Chen’s sword was a mere 10cm away from the Sword Emperor, the Sword Emperor already prepared to parry it in the next instant… however, in that last moment, the Sword Emperor suddenly felt that the sword suddenly disappeared… the Sword Emperor immediately gripped down on the sword.


Although Ling Chen’s attack seemed to be aimed at the Sword Emperor’s head, it was only a feint- his real target was the left side of the Sword Emperor’s chest, but his sword was suddenly parried by the Sword Emperor.

A look of shock flashed past on Ling Chen’s face… the Sword Emperor could even parry this? The Sword Emperor’s sword intent was indeed monstrous. To be able to cultivate such a sword intent, even if it was the Xuanyuan family, it would take someone perhaps sixty or seventy years. To be precise, even if one began to train in the sword as soon as they were born, they would still have to be sixty or seventy to achieve this level of sword intent. However, the person in front of him didn’t seem to be an elderly person, based from their movements and the aura they gave off. At most this person seemed around forty.

To be able to achieve such a sword intent at the age of forty, this sort of talent could be described as a monstrous genius!

In the way of the sword, it was incredibly difficult to train one’s sword intent. This was because training sword intent was not just about training, but also about one’s talent and comprehension. It was something that could only be developed over a long period of time. The more powerful one’s sword intent was, the more skilful their execution of sword skills and techniques would be.

To have such a cultivation at such a young age… was the reason this Sword Emperor is completely wrapped up to protect his identity? Ling Chen looked up at the place where his sword and the Sword Emperor’s sword were locked together, and smiled…

To be able to parry whenever one wanted, that was an incredible skill. As long as one could get the timing right, as well as block at the right place, one could parry any type of physical attack. With Ling Chen’s skill, it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to do such a thing. However, Ling Chen had not used this many times in the Mystic Moon world, especially not while fighting strong bosses. The reason was simple- just because one parried, that didn’t mean the attack would be completely blocked. Rather, this was extremely dangerous…

It would be possible for one to completely parry and block the attack from an opponent whose strength was similar, or weaker. However, if an opponent with strength much greater than the user attacked, if the user tried to parry, that would be courting death. The opponent’s attack would easily break through or thrust aside the parry, resulting in the attack hitting the user.

Ling Tian put most of his points in Strength, and his War God Technique also boosted his Strength greatly. Thus, in terms of Strength, the Sword Emperor definitely wasn’t Ling Tian’s match. Moreover, taking into account Ling Chen’s explosive speed… the moment his attack was parried, Ling Chen continued to burst forwards. Just like he expected, the Sword Emperor’s body was easily pushed back by him, causing the Sword Emperor to stumble backwards. Ling Chen continued to rush forwards, sending a Ling Tian Burst towards the Sword Emperor.

The players in the crowd let out gasps and cries of shock. Even Long Tian Yun involuntarily took a step forward. Ling Tian’s attacks could deal over 10,000 damage- if the Sword Emperor was hit, then the match would be immediately over.


The sound of metal clashing once again sounded out. The Sword Emperor’s sword, as if it had a life of its own, once again parried Ling Chen’s attack. Immediately after, the Sword Emperor’s wrist flicked, pushing Ling Chen’s sword aside, and rushed towards Ling Chen with the sword pointing towards Ling Chen’s chest.

Being able to parry even while off-balance, and immediately counterattacking afterwards, Ling Chen simply could not look down on this Sword Emperor. The sword in the Sword Emperor’s hand came closer and closer, but this time, there was only the single sword, and no illusory swords. However, as the sword drew nearer to Ling Chen’s body, everyone’s eyes widened… because the straight sword suddenly bent and curved.

The sword was clearly heading towards his chest, and yet the sense of danger came from the right. In the next moment, the sword seemed to bend and attack from the left, right and centre.

Ling Chen frowned, and retreated, then suddenly leaned backwards. Three gusts of wind passed over him. Ling Chen then immediately shot forwards, barraging into the Sword Emperor’s chest.

With the sword piercing over Ling Chen’s head, there was no way for the Sword Emperor to dodge Ling Chen who charged like a meteor. Ling Chen’s left elbow struck the right side of the Sword Emperor’s chest, making the Sword Emperor lose balance. Immediately, Ling Chen also cast a Ling Tian Burst.



After being elbowed and hit by a Ling Tian Burst, the Sword Emperor was knocked back by 10 steps and fell down. Because Ling Chen was only using a Pale White grade sword, his Ling Tian Burst only dealt 1260 damage, leaving the Sword Emperor with just a sliver of HP.


The Sword Emperor falling to the ground and almost being insta-killed caused all of the spectating players to call out in shock and dismay. Long Tian Yun staggered, and felt as if he was going to vomit blood. Flame Shadow quickly rushed over and supported Long Tian Yun’s body, “Young… young master! The Sword Emperor hasn’t used his full strength yet, please do not worry. He will definitely defeat Ling Tian.”

“The one to fall was actually… actually… the Sword Emperor!”

“Ling Tian really does have the power to defeat the Sword Emperor!”

“I couldn’t even see what he did clearly. My goodness, is this really a game? Why does it seem like a scene from an action movie…”

“I can’t believe it! Is the Sword Emperor’s legend going to be dispelled? What sort of person is this Ling Tian?”

“Damn! Who was it that bet with me that the Sword Emperor would destroy Ling Tian in 5 seconds? Come out!”

The development of the battle was out of everyone’s expectations. They had only exchanged a few blows, but it was already obvious who had the upper hand; it was Sword Emperor… who had fallen. Although the Sword Emperor was still alive, anyone could see the difference in strength… and it wasn’t a small, either.

“Yeah!!!” Within the small house in the Azure Dragon City, the girls cheered wildly.

“‘Cool Breeze Caressing the Ridge’ of the Xuanyuan family’s thirty six sword techniques. It seems that you are indeed from the Xuanyuan family.” Facing the Sword Emperor, Ling Chen spoke in a low voice that only the Sword Emperor could hear. Suddenly, Ling Chen’s expression changed, and said in a shocked voice that only audible by the Sword Emperor, “You’re a woman!?”

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