Shura's Wrath

Chapter 193


Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Temporary Headquarters of the Yan Huang Alliance


A luxurious chair was thrown by Long Tian Yun onto the ground. After he had returned to his headquarters, his rage had exploded out. He would never forget that icy feeling he had felt when the system announcement rang out. It was the biggest humiliation he had ever experienced in his entire life!! He had bought such humiliation with 1 billion gold! Moreover, it was under the views of countless players! Long Tian Yun breathed heavily, his whole body shaking. His eyes were filled with venomous hatred.

“Young Master doesn’t need to be so angry. We will find that Peter Pan in just a few days. As for how he’ll be executed, it will be up to Young Master.” A black clothed male said. The man’s name was Flame Shadow, and was one of Long Tian Yun’s entourage. He was in charge of passing on Long Tian Yun’s orders, as well as external affairs. He had an extremely high status in the Yan Huang Alliance.

“Execute?” Long Tian Yun gave a cold laugh, “Newly created guilds are shielded for one month. In this one month, unless he willingly disbands his guild, there is no other way to remove it. What’s the point in killing him? At least for this one month, our Yan Huang Alliance will be viewed as a joke by the whole world.”

“Then, we’ll capture him, and force him to disband his guild. After that, we can punish him however we like.” Flame Shadow suggested.

Long Tian Yun sat down heavily, his face dark, “No need for further words. Immediately contact The Dark Night! The way for contacting them is probably different from that in the past. Tell them to find Peter Pan as soon as possible, as well as catch that Peter Pan for me. Remember, I want him caught and brought to me, not killed repeatedly. They can name whatever price they want!!”

In this situation, that Long Tian Yun would first think of The Dark Night showed how famous and reputable they were. After all, The Dark Night had never failed at a mission before… not even once. No matter if it was killing people, finding people, stealing treasures……

“Roger!” Flame Shadow accepted the order, retreated back a few steps, and disappeared from the hall.

The hall lapsed into silence. The Sword Emperor stood in silence next to him on his right hand side, still as a statue. Apart from Long Tian Yun’s safety, the Sword Emperor was not concerned with anything else. Seeing Long Tian Yun’s vehement face, Cang Yan thought for a while, and said, “Young Master, that Peter Pan was probably just a pawn used by someone. To act like this against the Young Master, the person must not be a small fry. Peter Pan, this name…”

“Of course I know that!” Long Tian Yun coldly harrumphed, “There are many suspects, but the only person who can give us an answer is that Peter Pan! If we can find him, we’ll naturally know if he’s some sort of mastermind, or just a pawn!”

Cang Yan nodded his head, then glanced at the Sword Emperor, then said in a low voice, “Young Master, what do you think about the affair with Ling Tian?”

“Ling Tian? Heh…” Long Tian Yun gave a cold laugh, “He’s very arrogant, even more arrogant than me. It seemed that he was purposely acting that arrogant in front of me. That sort of person is either extremely foolish, or extremely intelligent.”

“Intelligent? Heh, he’s just someone who’s at the top of a few Rankings and has two Celestial grade equips, and yet thinks he’s invincible. He actually dared to challenge both the Sword Emperor and myself, what a joke. I’ve never heard of this person before, and he seems to have just entered the virtual world. No wonder he’s so presumptuously arrogant. After he sees what a true expert is, he’ll know how foolish he is.” Cang Yan said.

“Whether he’s intelligent or foolish, we’ll find out by tomorrow. However, no matter what…” Long Tian Yun’s eyes flashed with a cold light, “He’s definitely not a match for Xie Yu.”

“Five seconds… no, three seconds.” Cang Yan stretched out three fingers… it would only take three seconds for the Sword Emperor to kill him!

“We’ll not discuss this matter until tomorrow. Right now, let everyone focus on finding that Peter Pan! I want to see results within five days!”

“Young Master, rest assured, within a few days, everyone will know what the consequences are of going against our Yan Huang Alliance.” Cang Yan said as he nodded. He paused, and continued to speak, “Young Master, it seems to me that Guild Creation Tokens pretty much don’t have much of a chance of dropping from LV20 Lord Bosses. Otherwise, with our millions of players in the Yan Huang Alliance, how could we not have found a single one yet? However, the person who did this to us has at least two. To be able to obtain two Guild Creation Tokens before us, as well as has some sort of grudge against us, I think the only possibility is the Skyfall Dynasty… perhaps they were lucky enough to find a boss that was even superior to a Lord Boss. However, now that I think about it, could this have something to do with Ling Tian?”

“He was able to obtain Celestial grade equipment, as well as super pets, which are things that no other player can even dream of obtaining at this stage of the game. So if it was him that obtained the Guild Creation Token, this wouldn’t be surprising at all?” Long Tian Yun asked.

“Yes, it seems that Young Master has also thought about this.” Cang Yan hurriedly answered.

“Hmph, even an idiot can think of something so simple. However, I observed his speech and actions, and did not find him familiar at all. I don’t think I’ve ever met him before, so he wouldn’t have a reason to do such a thing. Moreover, if he was related to Peter Pan, who is hiding himself carefully right now, why would he appear in public in such an arrogant way? I can’t find any reason to suspect it’s him… but that doesn’t mean we can clear him of all suspicion! We definitely can’t overlook any person or guild in our investigation.” Long Tian Yun said darkly.

Half an hour later.

“Young Master, The Dark Night accepted.” Flame Shadow had returned, and reported to Long Tian Yun.

“Accepted? Very good.” Long Tian Yun stood up. Hearing that The Dark Night had accepted his request, his rage had disappeared by half. The Dark Night was so powerful that they didn’t even fear his Yan Huang Alliance. Since they accepted his request, they would definitely complete it.

“However, the price is very high.” Flame Shadow continued to say.

“How much?” Long Tian Yun expressionlessly asked. As long as he could take his revenge, money was not a problem.

“If they can complete it within one month, 5 million. Half a month, 20 million. One week, 50 million. Five days, 100 million!”

“100 million, and add another 50 million if they can bring Peter Pan to me within five days!”

“Roger!!” Flame Shadow knew that because of this event, Long Tian Yun had been greatly perturbed. He did not waste any words, and immediately departed.


At the same time, at a different place.

After leaving the Auction Hall, Ling Chen quickly blended into the crowd, and disappeared. After losing any people who were following him, he changed his attire in an alley and headed towards his destination.

After a long time, he stopped at a dark place where there were no people, and silently stood there.


Like a ghost, a man clothed in black appeared from behind him, and knelt down.

“Did Hidden Shadow come?” Ling Chen turned around, and asked in a low voice.

“Greetings, Master!” Another black clothed person appeared like smoke, and knelt down.


The two people quickly stood up in front of Ling Chen.

Ling Chen raised his left wrist, and pressed on the bracelet on his wrist. Afterwards, a sound came out from the bracelet…

“Skyfall Dynasty’s Skyfall bids 50 million gold for the Guild Creation Token!”

The bracelet played a recording of part of the auction that Ling Chen had recorded. It was the first time Skyfall had made a bid. Afterwards, Ling Chen lowered his wrist and said, “Imitate it for me.”

The black clothed man on the right slightly nodded, and without much preparation, talked with a voice that was completely different to the “Greetings, Master” that he had spoken previously, “Skyfall Dynasty’s Skyfall bids 50 million gold for the Guild Creation Token!”

No matter if it was the sound quality, accent, tone, or even the subtle aura, everything was exactly the same as the original. The black clothed man on the left said in a low voice, “Rest assured, Master, Hidden Shadow’s vocal cords were modified by the Mad Scientist for 10 years. No matter if it’s human, beast, bird or insect, he can perfectly imitate any sort of voice.

“Imitate the voices of three people laughing loudly together.” Ling Chen said.

Again, without much preparation, a burst of laughter came out of the man’s mouth, “Hahaha, hahaha….”

He was evidently one person, yet what came out of his mouth was the laughter of three separate people mixed together. Ling Chen nodded his head, “Very good. In the next few days, start recording the voices. Finish it within five days. You all already know what to do when the time comes.”

“Yes… also, the Yan Huang Alliance has already contacted The Dark Night to find Peter Pan.”

Ling Chen was not surprised at all, and calmly asked, “Did they accept?”


“What was the price?”

“One hundred million. Long Tian Yun also voluntarily added on 50 million for The Dark Night to bring Peter Pan to them within five days.”

“Haha, 150 million, what a cheap price, heh. Hahahaha.”

Laughing loudly, Ling Chen turned around and slowly walked away. The two men clothed in black lowered their heads, in a show of deference.

North of the Azure Dragon City, in the Residential Areas- the building belonging to Heart’s Dream.

Yun Feng paced around inside, unable to it still. Apart from Shui Ruo and Mu Bing Yao, none of the three other girls could keep calm either. Ling Chen’s actions today had been too arrogant, to the point that it had been incomprehensible. They were all waiting anxiously for Ling Chen to give them an explanation. However, Ling Chen had blocked off all communication, so they could only wait.

Finally, the door opened and Ling Chen walked in. Seeing that all the girls were present, as well as an extra Yun Feng, he was just about to start talking when Yun Feng rushed up, “LING TIAN!! HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY!! Do you know what you did!! I know you can fight with Ev- I know that you have the power to defeat the Sword Emperor, but it’s not just about the Sword Emperor, but the entire Yan Huang Alliance!!! It’s fine to fight with the Sword Emperor, but why did you make such a bet! If you win tomorrow, and take away the Guild Creation Token, Long Tian Yun will remember you forever!! He might even send people to track you down and kill you, and even the entire Heart’s Dream might get caught up in it!”

Ling Chen quickly retreated a few steps, and dodged most of the spittle flying out from Yun Feng’s mouth. He wagged his finger, and calmly replied, “Alright, alright, calm down. I know what I’m doing so don’t worry too much about it. Meng Xin, this is for you.”

He walked in front of Meng Xin, and looked into her confused eyes. He initiated an invitation to trade… afterwards, Yun Meng Xin’s expression stiffened as he gave her a whole 900 million gold.

That’s right, 900 million!

“This is 900 million gold, the rest I’m keeping as expenses for Shui Ruo and myself.” Ling Chen smilingly said. He did not hesitate at all when giving this 900 million to Meng Xin, as if it was something very casual.

“Nine… Nine hundred million!?” Hearing Ling Chen’s words, Yun Feng, Xiao Qi and Su’Er’s jaws all dropped to the ground.

Yun Meng Xin looked at Ling Chen with a very confused expression. The money she received confirmed something without a doubt, “So that Guild Creation Token… was consigned by you.”

Deathly silence filled the room… afterwards, Yun Feng leapt up as if someone had kicked him hard.

“W-w-w-w-what… what!! The one who consigned the Guild Creation Token, w-w-w-w-was… was you!?!?!?”

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