Shura's Wrath

Chapter 190

Blocking the Way

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Well, looks like things are getting interesting.” Yun Feng stroked his chin, staring into space for a good ten seconds before finally slowly saying that sentence. This was the first time he had seen Long Tian Yun reveal such a terrifying expression. After spending so much time, effort and money, as well as being cheered on in such grand applause, he had suddenly become a joke, a ‘dog’. Even Long Tian Yun couldn’t bear such humiliation.

Xiao Qiu Feng frowned, and said in a low voice, “That person must have some sort of deep enmity with Long Tian Yun. With how large the Yan Huang Alliance is, they must have offended many people and made countless enemies. However, none of them dare to openly take revenge. To be able to obtain two Guild Creation Tokens, and has a great enmity towards Long Tian Yun… Yun Feng, can you think of anyone?

To slap the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance on the face in such a manner in public, what sort of deep enmity did that person have!? Yun Feng thought for a while and replied, “To be able to obtain two Guild Creation Tokens before the Yan Huang Alliance itself would probably take an alliance between ten or so large guilds. However, even the Skyfall Dynasty, which has always been openly challenging the Yan Huang Alliance, wouldn’t be so stupid to do something like this. Otherwise, if Long Tian Yun found out who was behind this, the consequences would be unimaginable. If there’s anyone able to do this, they’d have to be on the Heaven Rankings… oh, and also that Ling Tian. However, none of the people on the Heaven Rankings have any sort of enmity with Long Tian Yun. As for Ling Tian, he hasn’t even appeared for that long, and hasn’t even had any opportunities to interact with Long Tian Yun or the Yan Huang Alliance, much less hate him… I can’t think of anyone, but at least, this Peter Pan…

“A pawn.” [TLN: As in chess piece] Xiao Qiu Feng indifferently said.

“Before finding that person and destroying their guild, the Yan Huang Alliance definitely won’t officially establish their guild. Otherwise, they’d become complete laughingstocks.” Yun Feng said in a low voice. As the leader of one of the subsidiary guilds of the Yan Huang Alliance, he maintained sombre and serious expression. However, there was still a bit of schadenfreude and glee that he couldn’t cover up.

No matter who the person is, or if they were a good or evil person, or if they were male or female, to be able to make Long Tian Yun suffer such humiliation, they were definitely the first! This audacity, this boldness, as well as the ability to obtain two Guild Creation Tokens… Yun Feng truly wanted to find this person and shout at them, “RESPECT!!”

“Wah! Wah! Woaahhhh!!! This is so funny; so, so, so, so exciting!! Hahahaha…..”

Xiao Qi’s inelegant laughter burst forth, and she even started to jump up and down. If she was also in the hall, she would be like all the other people, maintaining their silence. However, in the VIP Box, no one from the outside could see or hear what was going on inside. As such, she let out her emotions as she pleased. Because of Meng Xin’s situation, she had been very displeased with Long Tian Yun. However, apart from joining Heart’s Dream to help Meng Xin, there was nothing she could do about him. Perhaps in the whole world, the only person who was more powerful than Long Tian Yun was his father. However, he had suffered the loss of one billion gold in exchange for public humiliation. This caused Xiao Qi to burst with joy and happiness.

“Big sister Meng Xin, that Peter Pan guy is simply too amazing. To be able to humiliate Long Tian Yun to such an extent… did you see Long Tian Yun’s face? It was so hilarious… eh? Big sister Meng Xin, don’t you feel happy from this? Big sister Meng Xin?”

Meng Xin stood in silence. After being pulled by Xiao Qi a few times, she finally came back to her senses. She distantly said, “Although this is quite extreme and cruel, that Peter Pan is indeed quite amazing.”


Seeing that they were in the VIP Box, and Ling Tian telling them not to let anyone know that they had entered the VIP Box, her heart could not stay calm.

To be able to enter a VIP Box, the Auction House would have to recognise one as a VIP. So what was a VIP… to Auction Houses, VIPs were anyone who could bring their Auction House a large amount of money, or a large amount of fame. And as for this auction, the finale was the Guild Creation Token.

Since the moment she had entered the VIP Box, she had suspected whether or not it was Ling Tian who had consigned the Guild Creation Token for auction. She had only met Ling Tian a few times, as well as his pet Xi Ling, but if there was one person who she thought could obtain a Guild Creation Token so early, it would be Ling Tian.

If it was Ling Tian who had consigned this Guild Creation Token for auction, and adding on what he had said before… could it be… all that had happened…

Was he doing this for me?

No… this was even worse than just killing Long Tian Yun. Even the entire Yan Huang Alliance had been completely humiliated. Someone would only do this if they had some sort of irreconcilable enmity with him. What Ling Tian knew about Long Tian Yun was only through what she had told him. Moreover, Ling Tian was someone who was very calm, and thought rationally before making choices. Surely he wouldn’t do something that would bring about retribution from the Yan Huang Alliance. He definitely knew of how large and powerful the Yan Huang Alliance was. If found out, no matter if it was in the virtual world or the real world, unless he was more powerful by ten or even one hundred times, he still wouldn’t be able to escape from them.

But… was it him…

Hopefully, it wasn’t him…

However, except for him, who else would it be…

Yun Meng Xin felt very conflicted and confused.

The entire China server had exploded into chaos, and even countless people from other servers were watching with interest. As for the Auction House, it was still deathly silent. Facing the Yan Huang Alliance’s Alliance Master, the heir to the Long family’s wrath, no one dared to risk Long Tian Yun’s anger to be directed to them.

“Young Master, please calm down, that… that’s just a clown who wanted to use our Yan Huang Alliance to boost his own fame. We will immediately find that person and destroy that guild, or convince him to deregister the guild… our Yan Huang Alliance will still be number one. As for that person, Young Master can do what he wants to him when the time comes.” Cang Yan quickly said.

Indeed, Long Tian Yun was someone who normal people could not be compared to. Although he was still breathing heavily, his face still somewhat twisted, he had rapidly become almost calm again. He slightly narrowed his eyes, emitting a terrifying glare, causing cold sweat to start running down the backs of those he looked at. They all lowered their heads; no one dared to meet his gaze, “Good… very good… it seems that our Yan Huang Alliance has stayed silent for too long. There are already people trampling on our dignity, very good…”

Every word that Long Tian Yun spoke came out of gritted teeth, causing the hearts of those around him to tremble. He continued to look around him, “Right now, I really want to know which~~ friend~~ gave me such a big present. This is the biggest present that I, Long Tian Yun, have ever received in my whole life. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you can sleep well from now on, hahaha….”

Long Tian Yun laughed, but his expression was still incredibly sinister and terrifying. Everyone could tell that beneath his external appearance were turbulent and violent flames.

Cang Yan wiped off the sweat from his forehead, and suddenly thought of something. He immediately turned around, and shouted at Lord Fortune, “Lord Fortune! Didn’t you say this was the first Guild Creation Token! What’s going on!!”

Lord Fortune grimaced, and stood up. He calmly said, “Indeed, what you just won in the auction was the first Guild Creation Token that had been dropped in the Forgotten Continent. We especially confirmed this before the auction. If you don’t believe me, you can take that Guild Creation Token to the Azure Dragon City Notary’s Office. If that isn’t the first Guild Creation Token, we’re willing to compensate you for ten times the amount!!”

“Then why was there another guild that was created before ours!!” Cang Yan yelled back.

“Haha, what does that have to do with us? All I know is that we sold the first Guild Creation Token. Everyone knows that apart from the first Guild Creation Token, there will at some point be a second, a third, etc. Perhaps during the auction someone found the second Guild Creation Token and immediately went to establish their guild. There’s no logical reason to push the responsibility onto our Auction House.” Lord Fortune casually replied.

This affair truly had nothing to do with the Auction House. As an Auction House that was governed by the Azure Dragon City, as opposed to players, their fairness and trustworthiness could not be doubted. To be fair, they had also been used. Moreover, Lord Fortune truly did not know what had happened, and did not know when the other Guild Creation Token had appeared.

If it was an Auction House run by players, the Yan Huang Alliance could take out their anger on them or at least cause trouble for them. However, the Azure Dragon Central Auction House was governed by the Azure Dragon City. Even the Yan Huang Alliance did not dare to do anything to it. Cang Yan gnashed his teeth, and continued to shout, “This indeed isn’t your Auction House’s fault, but at least you must tell us who consigned that Guild Creation for Auction!! Who was it?”

“Sorry, unless the consignor agrees, we definitely will not release any information about them. We would definitely not do something so dishonourable.” Lord Fortune turned up his nose.

“You!!” Cang Yan became incredibly infuriated, but could not do anything about it.


Long Tian Yun gave a furious harrumph, and quickly strode towards the Auction House’s exit. He wanted to immediately leave the gaze of the public. After he found out who was behind this, he would make that person pay dearly.

The enraged Long Tian Yun was emanating a terrifying killing intent. Wherever he walked near, people would back away. However, just as Long Tian Yun was a few metres away from the exit, a person walked out and blocked his way.

Everyone’s eyes widened, their faces full of disbelief as they looked at the person who had dared to block Long Tian Yun’s way… Long Tian Yun was currently livid with anger- who would be so brave – or stupid- to block his way.

When Yun Feng saw who the person was, he stood up as if a sword had been stabbed into his behind. His jaw dropped open, as if it was going to hit the ground, “L-L-L-L-Ling… Ling Tian!! W-wwhat’s he doing!”

“Ah!!” Inside the VIP Box, Xiao Qi, Su’Er, Shui Ruo, Meng Xi all gave a cry of surprise.

The person who stood in front of Long Tian Yun, his arms crossed, was Ling Chen!

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