Shura's Wrath

Chapter 187

Battle of the Hundred Millions

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“173 million gold!”

“175 million god!!”

“180 million gold!”


The bidding did not show any signs of stopping, and after passing the 150 million gold mark, there were only eight people making bids. These eight people were the heads of the greatest powers in China; there weren’t any unexpected dark horses at all. After all, when the big bosses of large corporations fought, it would always be for things over 100 million gold.

However, at this point, the speed at which the bids rose began to decrease. Although they were all incredibly wealthy, 100 million gold was not a small figure at all.

“195 million gold!”

“200 million!”

This short sentence from Long Tian Yun pushed the price of the Guild Creation Token to a new level. The players watching once again let out a roar of disbelief and excitement.

“It’s actually up to 200 million… this has already broken the record for the most amount of money a Guild Creation Token has ever sold for.” Yun Meng Xin said.

“Very good, no less than what’s expected from the heir of the Long family. However, it’s a pity that I’m determined to win this Guild Creation Token.” Skyfall gave a calm laugh. The price of 200 million gold did not scare him at all. He casually shouted, “210 million!”

The power of the head of the Three Heavenly Kings was once again displayed; he had nonchalantly just added another 10 million gold.

“210 million gold! This friend from the Skyfall dynasty has bid 210 million gold, are there any friends who are willing to offer a higher price? If there aren’t, then the glory of becoming the first official guild will go to the Skyfall Dynasty.” Lord Fortune loudly shouted. Since auctioning off the Cursed Earring, he had been very excited, and seeing how high the price for the Guild Creation Token had risen, he was unable to maintain his professional calmness… damn, these players have way too much money; do they come from a world that’s covered in gold and silver?
Long Tian Yun did not show any signs of backing off, and smiled, “220 million gold!!”

When the bidding price hit 200 million, the heads of three of the eight remaining powers sighed, and retired out of the competition. There were still five powers that were fiercely fighting. When the words “250 million” came out of Skyfall’s mouth, yet another two bosses helplessly sat down… after all, creating and sustaining a guild comprising of thousands or tens of thousands of members didn’t just involve having the first Guild Creation Token. There was also the issue of land, infrastructure, recruitment, equipment and salaries… all of these things required money, and if they spent too much of their resources buying a Guild Creation Token, even if it was the first, they would still be in a half-crippled state afterwards.

“260 million!!”

“268 million!!”

“270 million!!”

“Hmph! 276 million!”

“Golden Age Alliance, 280 million!”

The Golden Age Alliance was the largest guild in China’s eastern region, and had the support of many powerful families in the east. When the guildmaster, Mo Gu Lin, yelled out “280 million”, he saw that Long Tian Yun and Skyfall’s faces did not change at all, and began to nervously sweat. The price he had just shouted out was the absolute highest his guild could afford.

Long Tian Yun glanced at him, and gave a slight smirk. He raised three fingers, causing Mo Gu Lin to drop his auction paddle.

“300 million!”


“It’s already at… 300 million!!”

Yun Meng Xin was the daughter of the wealthy Yun family, Xiao Qi was the princess of the Battle Alliance and Su’Er was the daughter of Beijing’s Mayor. They had never faced the problem of not having enough money. However, they were completely shocked by the giant figure of 300 million.

“300 million! That’s enough to buy 10 Bugatti Veyrons!! And even if it’s in Beijing, it’d be enough to buy over 100 houses!”

“With so much money, just imagine how many orphans could be supported; how many children could go to school.” An elderly person gasped while trembling.

“Even if this token was made out of diamonds, it still wouldn’t be worth that much. Are these people crazy?!! And that guy who consigned the token, that’s enough for him to live comfortably for the rest of his life!” An otaku male said enviously.

Most people lived their lives chasing after money. Only a small percentage of people, these people, no longer held any interest towards money- to them, the most important things in the world were fame and power.

“Wow, it’s already at 300 million.” To be honest, this figure had already surpassed all of Ling Chen’s expectations. He tapped on his chin with his index finger, and muttered in a low voice to himself, “Continue, Skyfall Dynasty, don’t disappoint me. Even if you can’t get it, make sure the Yan Huang Alliance pays an exorbitant price for it.”

“I give up.”

After the Golden Age Alliance also gave up, only the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty were left. However, no one was surprised by this outcome- after all, this wasn’t the first time this had happened.

The Yan Huang Alliance was based in the north, whereas the Skyfall Dynasty was based in the south. It wasn’t the first time these two giant powers had gone head to head against each other. They wasted no words with each other- after all, money and power would decide everything.

“300 million, very well… 330 million!” Skyfall stared at Long Tian Yun as he spoke in a low voice.

“Ha, 350 million.” Long Tian Yun chuckled, and replied calmly. This number caused many peoples’ hearts to tremble.

Although the price had reached 300 million, the two powers showed no signs of slowing down or giving up.

“360 million!”

“380 million!”

“Good, good.” Skyfall crossed his arms, his face emotionless, “Long Tian Yun, although we’ve never seen eye to eye, but I must admit, in all of China, there’s none in our generation that is above you. Just this spirit surpasses everyone else I know.”

“Heavenly King Skyfall flatters me. However, this is not the place for idle chitchat. Do you dare to raise the price above 380 million?” Long Tian Yun smiled. His behaviour was still extremely elegant and calm, despite dealing with such a large figure of money.

“I said it before, our Skyfall Dynasty is determined to obtain this Guild Creation Token. Last time, we lost to you, but that was because our preparations were insufficient. This time, the feng shui is on our side.” Skyfall stretched out four fingers, “400 million!”

This time, I’ve really struck it rich!” Hearing the number Skyfall just called out, Ling Chen’s heart exploded with joy. In front of this gigantic figure, the debt of 1.5million to the Azure Dragon’s Mayor seemed like nothing.

Every player’s gaze was fixed on Long Tian Yun and Skyfall. Every person’s heart was beating furiously. No one had expected this auction to reach 400 million gold. This level of bidding had never appeared before in the virtual world.

Surprisingly, the two calmest people present were the two that were directly involved… Long Tian Yun and Skyfall.

Regardless of how they were actually feeling, they both had their poker faces on. The slightest trace of nervousness or anxiety would cause one to cave. To spectators, the prices that came out of their mouths were gigantic figures; however, to them, they were mountains that became larger and larger. The one who crumbled under the weight of the mountain first would lose.

Long Tian Yun’s gaze departed from Skyfall, and he looked at Li Xiao Xue for a short while. Afterwards, he laughed, “It seems that your Skyfall Dynasty and the Li family financial group have deepened your working relationship, congratulations. However, it’s a pity that our Yan Huang Alliance definitely won’t let anyone take this glorious position… 410 million!!”

“Very well!” Skyfall inhaled, “420 million!!”

“430 million!!”

“440 million!!”


The price continued to rise by at least 10 million each time. Hearing these bids, the spectators were all paralysed by the sheer mountain of gold that was piling up. However, it was evident that the speed at which the prices were rising after hitting 400 million was not as fast as they had at 300 million. Although the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty were extremely powerful, they still had their limits. In the Mystic Moon world, the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty had not yet firmly established themselves. Their establishing and development would require astronomical amounts of money. Although they seemed extremely relaxed as they called out bids, they were definitely gnashing their teeth inwardly.

“450 million!!” Long Tian Yun narrowed his eyes. No matter if it was his tone or his expression, he still did not seem perturbed in the slightest.

Clap…clap… clap…

In the extremely tense auction hall, Skyfall’s face revealed an expression of amusement as he slowly clapped, “Good, very good! You truly are the heir to the Long family! I’m sure there aren’t many in the whole world who are able to say out such a price with such a calm face. However, I don’t know if Alliance Master Long is willing to be even braver.”

As he finished his sentence, he spread out all four of his fingers and his thumb…

“Five… hundred million!”


The auction hall once again exploded into roaring and clamouring. Seeing Skyfall’s outstretched out, the players present all felt that they had entered into some sort of dream… 500 million!! These two people had gone absolutely mad!!


The stiffening and cold sweat appearing on Long Tian Yun’s face that Skyfall expected did not appear. Instead, a wave of arrogant laughter came out of Long Tian Yun’s mouth. While laughing, Long Tian Yun also began to clap, “If we were to compare spirit and bravery, I, Long Tian Yun, would still be inferior to you. However, this sort of excitement is just what I was looking for. Before, I was slightly worried that you were a bit too old, and that you wouldn’t be able to handle some stimulation, but it seems that my worrying was unnecessary. Since Heavenly King Skyfall has taken the initiative, then I won’t hold back either… 600 million!!”


Many players who were standing up directly crashed to the ground.

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