Shura's Wrath

Chapter 180

Jadeite Jade

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Back then, Ling Chen had bought the bean from the Underworld Merchant Qian Gun Gun for 5000 gold. However, at the auction, the starting bid was already double that price. To Ling Chen, 100SP was only a tiny amount. The amount of SP required to upgrade his powerful skills would make most players’ brains explode. However, 100SP to most other players was a gigantic figure, especially at this stage of the game. It was the amount of SP one could gain from killing a LV10 Lord Boss by themselves, which was no easy feat.

A starting bid of 10,000 gold caused the audience to be slightly shocked. However, this sort of legendary item was not for ordinary players. The difference in wealth and power that the Money Exchange System had brought became quite obvious.

“Twenty thousand!” Just as Lord Fortune finished speaking, a player wearing Elementalist equipment hastily yelled as he stood up. The bid he yelled was yet again double the starting bid, showing how desperately he wanted this bean. Being able to gain 100SP just from eating a bean was something that people could only dream about.

After shouting out his bid, he looked around, and was very pleased with his decision. However, as soon as a second bidder appeared, the entire Auction House began to clamour, with bids starting to furiously fly out.

“Twenty one thousand gold!”

“Twenty three thousand gold!”

“Twenty five thousand gold!!”

“Thirty thousand gold!”

Within ten seconds, the highest bid had risen to thirty thousand gold coins. The player who had first bid quietly sat down.

Sitting in the VIP Box, Ling Chen’s smile grew wider and wider as he heard the bidding price continuously increase. Back when he had bought it from Qian Gun Gun for 5,000 gold coins, he was very pained by his expenditure. However, now, he was certain that it would sell for at least ten times that amount. He even began to think that Qian Gun Gun had sold it to him for too cheap a price! Of course, he knew that at this stage of the game, a free 100SP without any risk or danger was incredibly valuable. However, near the middle or late stages of the game, when people could easily gain hundreds of SP, this bean would become almost worthless.

“Forty eight thousand gold! My name is Red Devil, the Second Master of the Red Flower Alliance. My “Landslide Slash” needs exactly 100SP to level up, so I hope everyone will give me face. I will be very grateful.”

The Red Flower Alliance had a fair bit of influence in China, and as the Second Master, he held a high position within the guild. However, he had chosen the wrong time and place to use this card. After all, because of the Guild Creation Token, there were many powerful leaders and bosses gathered at the Auction House. Comparatively, the Red Flower Alliance could only count as a second-rate guild; who would give them such face?

“Fifty thousand gold!” Immediately, a cold voice brought the bidding price up to fifty thousand gold coins.

“It’s big brother!” Xiao Qi pointed at the person who had raised the price. It was her elder brother, the Alliance Master of the Battle Alliance- Xiao Qiu Feng.

The Second Master of the Red Flower Alliance looked at Xiao Qiu Feng, then wordlessly sat down.

Ling Chen tapped his chin. Even Xiao Qiu Feng was willing to spend 50,000 gold coins for the 100SP. It seemed that there was great demand for the bean. Then, if one could obtain the recipe for this bean and produced them in batches, they would be able to become incredibly rich.

Of course, having skills that all needed thousands of SP to upgrade, Ling Chen simply couldn’t understand how valuable 100SP was to normal players.
“Eighty thousand gold! This 100SP is mine!”

A slightly rough voice sounded out. It was one of the Three Heavenly Kings of the Skyfall Dynasty, ‘Judging Sky’. As one of the Three Heavenly Kings of the Skyfall Dynasty, he was known by all players in China. It was not at all strange for the Three Heavenly Kings to be personally present at this auction, given that there was a Guild Creation Token up for grabs. Hearing the price that he had just yelled, many players helplessly put down their auction paddles. Out of the Three Heavenly Kings, Skyfall was the strongest, as well as had the most peaceful personality, then ‘Against the Sky’, then ‘Judging Sky’, who was the wildest out of them all. He always did whatever he wanted to without considering the consequences. Using his power to bully others was what he liked to do, causing him to become quite infamous. As such, most people did not want to anger him easily.

Since he was interested in the 100SP, there were not many people who were brave enough to go against him. The Auction Hall momentarily lapsed into silence. At this moment, Long Tian Yun slightly smiled, and raised his auction paddle, “So brother Judging Sky also came, this is quite rare. However, I’m sorry to say that I also want this 100SP. One hundred thousand.”

As the two largest powers in China, the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty seemed to be on amicable terms on the surface, but they were always fighting and opposing each other. His bid was evidently to make things hard for Judging Sky. Judging Sky’s face changed, and was about to explode, but Skyfall beside him held him back. He quietly said to Judging Sky, “Sit down, our goal this time is the Guild Creation Token. Don’t make trouble for me. Hmph, isn’t it just 100SP.”

Although Judging Sky’s personality was fairly rash, he was deferential to Skyfall, and so he coldly harrumphed and sat down.

“This friend here has bid one hundred thousand gold coins, does anyone have a higher bid? You might not see a second item in your life that can directly give you SP. With this 100SP, you can greatly increase your power. The benefits you will receive are not as simple as just 100SP.”

However, the Auction Hall remained silent. With Long Tian Yun personally making a bid, even the Three Heavenly Kings had fallen silent. No one dared to challenge Long Tian Yun.

“Then, one hundred thousand gold going once.”

“One hundred thousand gold going twice.”

“One hundred thousand gold going three times!”

“Sold! Congratulations on winning this mystical item. I hope it brings you great benefits.”

At the auction, players were not allowed to bid prices that were greater than the amount of gold they had on them. Once an item was sold, the auctioned item would directly enter the winner’s bag, and gold would be automatically deduced.

Long Tian Yun took out the bean from his bag, and looked at it. He didn’t use it immediately, but rather brought it before the Sword Emperor, “If you want it, you can take it.”

The Sword Emperor stood silently, like an ice sculpture.

Long Tian Yun chuckled, and walked in front of Xiao Qiu Feng, “Since brother Xiao seemed like he wanted this, then the best person to have it would be you.”

Xiao Qiu Feng did not reject, and took the bean. He silently nodded his head in thanks.

Long Tian Yun treated his subordinates very generously, this was something that everyone knew.

After the first item had been sold, the Auction Hall once again quietened down. Although the bean was quite amazing, it didn’t cause too much of a commotion. After all, everyone was focused on the grand finale, the Guild Creation Token. As the first official guild would be determined at the end of this Auction, everything before then was just the calm before the storm.

“The auction for the second item will now begin. I believe this item will not disappoint everyone. Please look at the screen.”

As Lord Fortune spoke, the information regarding the second item appeared on the screen.

[Jadeite Jade]: Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Elementary, Attribute: Wind. Effect: Gives immunity to Movement Speed debuffs.

Inside the VIP Box, Ling Chen casually glanced at the screen, then spat out the tea in his mouth.

“Eh? Big brother, are you alright? Did you choke?” Shui Ruo immediately patted his back, asking in a worried manner.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Ling Chen quickly waved his hand. He once again looked at the effects of the piece of jade… Lady Luck seemed to be on his side. He cleared his throat, and contacted Yun Feng through his communication device, “Yun Feng! Do me a favour! Please buy that energy crystal for me at all costs!”

Yun Feng’s body suddenly sat up, and looked around for Ling Chen… of course, he never would have thought that Ling Chen would be in the only VIP Box.

“Sure! Leave it to me. Say, where are you guys sitting? Is Meng Xin with you?” Yun Feng curiously asked.

“We can talk about this later, just help me buy that jade. It’s very important to me.”

“Ahem,” Lord Fortune cleared his throat, “That’s right, the second item is a rare energy crystal. Although it is only an Elementary grade crystal, this doesn’t determine its value. The difference between crystals and other equipment is that they will never lose their worth because of levels. Movement Speed is an important stat to any class. If one is affected by a Movement Speed debuff, then they will pretty much already have one foot in the grave. However, with this jade, in this Mystic Moon world, you will never… that’s right, never worry about your Movement Speed being decreased. When facing against monsters that have Movement Speed debuffs, you won’t have any worries at all.”

“The starting price for this piece of jade is… five thousand gold coins.”

When announcing the starting price for the jade, Lord Fortune slightly cringed.

Having run the Auction House for so many years, Lord Fortune pretty much tell how much an item would sell for just by looking at it. Although this piece of jade was an Elementary Energy Crystal, which was pretty rare at the current stage of the game, its only use was to provide immunity to Movement Speed debuffs.

However, he didn’t know of any monsters below LV20 that even had Movement Speed debuffs.

Moreover, at the beginning of the game, most players only had Lunar Chains that could socket a maximum of two energy crystals. Most physical attack professions would want to use crystals that increased Attack Power, Movement Speed, Critical chance or Pierce chance. As for magic professions, they would want crystals that increased Magic Attack Power, MP, or MP recovery. The two sockets that they had already weren’t enough for the crystals that were truly necessary to them, much less a piece of jade that only looked nice.

He didn’t know what was wrong with the brain of the player who gave this jade to him, but he must have been desperate for money. He had actually set the starting price of this jade at five thousand gold coins. As such, Lord Fortune could only helplessly give an awkward laugh, “Ahaha…”

With a starting bid of 5,000 gold coins, probably only a retard would buy it. It would most likely have to be auctioned again at a later date when it actually became useful to players. If it wasn’t because there weren’t enough items to auction, as this was only the beginning, Lord Fortune wouldn’t even want to auction such an item.

Who would have thought, just as he finished speaking, a clear voice immediately rang out, as if the owner of the voice was afraid that someone else would want the jade, “Eight thousand, eight thousand gold!!”

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