Shura's Wrath

Chapter 152

Skeleton Army

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Stepping over the two Colossal Skeletons’ bodies, and walking on the safe path through the area of bone-thorns, Ling Chen walked out of the Fourth District. After exiting the Fourth District, small mountains of fragmented bones appeared before Ling Chen.

“Ding… you have entered the danger zone ‘Ten Thousand Bones Ruins’”.

Ten Thousand Bones Ruins? Ling Chen stopped walking, and looked at the ruins around him made of countless shattered bones. The wind howled in his ears, like the voice of a demon. A strong rotting smell filled the area, causing one to feel nauseous. Luckily, Ling Chen had long since been accustomed to this sort of smell. Although there was nothing around him, he did not believe this place to just be some sort of simple ruins.

Opening the map, Ling Chen saw that he was very, very close to the heart of the Forest of Bones, being only 2 kilometres away. This sparse ‘Ten Thousand Bones Ruins’ was evidently the last obstacle. There was definitely some sort of danger hidden here… this was revealed through Xiao Hui’s actions- Xiao Hui, who had been calmly leading the way, suddenly stopped moving.

More than two hours had passed since he entered the Forest of Bones, and there was very little time left. Even if there was danger ahead, he still needed to advance as quickly as possible.

“Xiao Hui, let’s go!”

Gripping Soaring Cloud and the Zephyr Blade in his hands, Ling Chen rushed forwards. He raised his awareness, and soon he had passed the first ruins. At this time, a terrifying scene began to unfold…

In just a moment, the originally peaceful area suddenly began to rumble with movement, and the countless bones on the ground began to rise and dance in the air, and assembled into different types of skeletons… these included Skeleton Soldiers, Skeleton Wolves, Ghost Skeletons, Skeleton Archers… however, the formation, as well as number of skeletons was greatly superior to those he had seen before.

As the fragmented bones assembled themselves, waves and waves of skeletons appeared… tens… hundreds… thousands… soon, Ling Chen could not see the ground anymore, only a gigantic army of skeletons that stretched as far as his eyes could see.

Ling Chen took a step back, and gulped.
These skeletons were all normal skeletons without grades, and it was incredibly easy for Ling Chen to defeat tens, or even hundreds. However, there were probably tens of thousands of skeletons in this skeleton army in front of him. It was rumoured that it was possible for an army of ants to take down an elephant… this was even more so for the skeletons, which were far superior to ‘ants’. Although his physical attack power was quite high, his HP was not that much higher than an ordinary player’s… if he was hit by the attacks of even 1% of this army, he would definitely be killed.

Was this some kind of joke? How could a normal player defeat an army of skeletons like this? Let alone LV10-LV15 players, even LV30 or LV40 players would not be able to survive against such a massive army. The masses of skeletons began to move towards him like a flood.

Ling Chen’s body felt numb… he had worked so hard to reach this point, so he was very unwilling to turn and run away. Looking at the fast approaching Skeleton Wolves, Ling Chen’s beating heart gradually calmed down…this was definitely the final obstacle before the heart of the forest. There was only one way to pass through this obstacle!

Ling Chen deeply breathed, and raised Soaring Cloud and the Zephyr Blade. The only way was to face this army head on, and rush through it while making a path for himself. However, there were two things necessary in order to accomplish this… the first was to be faster than the skeletons, otherwise he’d be overwhelmed by skeletons chasing him from the back. The second was that every time, he needed to instantly kill the skeletons in front of him, otherwise he would be trapped within the army of skeletons.

Out of these skeletons, the only type that was faster than him, and only by a slight amount, were the Skeleton Wolves. However, under these circumstances, he simply had no other choices.


Ling Chen’s eyes flashed with a cold light as he rushed forwards towards the Skeleton Wolves. He slashed with his right hand, releasing an arc of energy that covered a 5 metre area.


There were simply too many Skeleton Wolves clustered together. With this one strike, Ling Chen had instantly killed seven Skeleton Wolves. He continued to rush forwards, the Soaring Cloud in his right hand releasing another Ling Tian Burst and killing another wave of Skeleton Wolves. By this time, Ling Chen had already charged into the skeleton army. He gritted his teeth, and used his fastest speed to rush forwards, his hands furiously sending out Ling Tian Bursts, with Xiao Hui running behind him. Usually, when he fought monsters, he would usually use both weapons simultaneously, so as to strike the largest area possible. However, right now, he alternately attacked with his two hands- left, right, left right. His Movement Speed was 120, and if he attacked with both hands simultaneously, he would be able to attack approximately every 0.8 seconds, but if he attacked with both hands alternately, he would be able to release a Ling Tian Burst every 0.5 seconds. Under such ruthless attacks, the skeletons were not able to attack him at all.

Moreover, because there were so many skeletons clustered together, the Skeleton Soldiers that he had left behind not only could not catch up to him, but blocked off the Skeleton Wolves from catching up to him, reducing Ling Chen’s worries. He was extremely focused, his hands attacking alternately in a steady rhythm. As he steadily advanced, he would occasionally drink a potion to recover some MP. As Ling Tian Burst did not use too much Mana, and he had an upper limit of 470MP, as well as large amounts of Mana Potions, he was not worried in the slightest about running out of Mana.

Fifty metres… Eighty metres… One hundred metres…

Like an incomparably sharp knife, Ling Chen had stabbed into the skeleton army, and not a single skeleton had been able to hit him. If he only had one weapon, he definitely would not be able to accomplish such a feat.

In just moments, Ling Chen had charged into the centre of the skeleton army. The number of skeletons that had died under his hands were far too many to be counted. The enormous skeleton army in front of Ling Chen was almost like a useless decoration.

Alright, if he continued on like this, he would be able to escape from this skeleton army very soon… Ling Chen’s hands and feet did not stop moving. He knew that if he stopped for even half a second, he would be finished. In the centre of the skeleton army, let alone pass through, it would be difficult for him to even survive.



What Ling Chen most dreaded had become a reality. In front of Ling Chen, there was actually a single skeleton that had not immediately died. Ling Chen could not react in time, and smashed into the skeleton that had not been immediately killed. At the same time, the skeleton’s information was transmitted into his mind…

[Skeleton Captain]: Type: Undead, Level: LV20, Grade: One Star Elite, HP: 1,600…

Ling Chen: “Holy!#$%…”

Normally, Ling Chen would not even pay attention to One Star Elites. However, this One Star Elite with its 1,600 HP had not been instantly killed. Running into the skeleton had completely stopped Ling Chen’s momentum, putting him into a very dangerous position.

God freaking dammit…

“Four Corners Star Formation!!”

Raising the Zephyr Blade into the air, Ling Chen created a Four Corners Star Formation, which exploded and destroyed all the skeletons within 10 metres around him. However, this didn’t mean that he was safe from the danger. Because he had stopped, the Ghost Skeletons that he had shaken off were clustered in the air over his head, shooting deadly spikes towards him, which fell like rain. In front of him, hundreds of Skeleton Archers drew their bows, their arrows all pointing towards him. The hundreds of arrows simultaneously flew towards him. If he had not stopped, he would have shaken off the Ghost Skeletons before they could even attack, and would have been able to annihilate the Skeleton Archers before they could even draw their bows.

However, with hundreds of spikes falling down from above, and hundreds of arrows flying towards him from the front, he did not have anywhere to run. In the blink of an eye, the space he had cleared with the Four Corners Star Formation had been completely filled with skeletons again. Ling Chen had no choice but to raise his right hand, and a black light from the Lunar Scourge’s Moon Shadow enveloped the surrounding 16 metres, freezing everything around him in place… including the hundreds of spikes and arrows flying towards him.

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