Shura's Wrath

Chapter 146

Furious Pineapple

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

This was the third ‘secret map’ Xiao Hui had found after his “Eye of the Holy Spirit” was unlocked.

Once most players had reached LV25, the Forest Region would become one of the main places for players to train and conduct activities. At that time, players would completely fill up the Forest Region. However… in the Northern boundary of the Forest Region, no players would expect that under all these tree vines there would be a cave entrance, nor would they have the power to open the entrance. The reason why Ling Chen was able to discover this cave was because of Xiao Hui’s ability to find hidden maps. The reason why he was able to open the entrance was because of Xi Ling’s flames which contained the ‘destruction’ power.

The items in hidden maps were far from ordinary, but hidden maps also contained many dangers.  Ling Chen took out both of his weapons, stopped for a while, then entered.

“Xiao Hui, go ahead and see if there is any danger.”

Xiao Hui complied, and shot forwards. Xiao Hui’s ability to detect danger was far superior to his. Every time there was danger, it was always Xiao Hui who detected it first. Moreover, with Xiao Hui’s light body, not only was he extremely fast, but was also swift and stealthy.

Shortly after entering the cave, Xiao Hui came rushing back and stood in front of Ling Chen. He made a waving action with his front two paws, and without giving Ling Chen to think what the action meant, he turned around and slowly began to walk forwards.

Xiao Hui’s actions caused Ling Chen to hold his breath in anticipation. He followed behind Xiao Hui, stealthily and silently walking forwards… Xiao Hui’s actions indicated that there was some sort of danger ahead, or that there was something ahead that should not be disturbed.

The further they went into the cave, the darker it became. Soon, it became so dark that it was almost impossible to see. After walking for tens of metres, the tunnel that they had been walking in began to curve. Xiao Hui stopped walking at the curve, and made a waving motion with his paws.

Ling Chen cautiously looked around the curve in the tunnel. With the limited vision he had, he could see a shining, golden object… no it was a creature. Its body was round like a ball, and its limbs were short and thick. Its whole body was shining with golden light, and it looked like it was digging something.

Ling Chen stared for a few seconds, his eyes widening.

That was……

Lucky Cat!!

That time Ling Chen was heading towards the Ghastly Grounds, he had met one and taken a pan from it. A being that supposedly had many treasures hidden on its body, Lucky Cat!

There was one right there!!

The entrance to the cave had been completely sealed by the tree vines, with no room to squeeze through. How did the fat golden cat come in then? However, this was not important. Qi Yue mentioned before that normal people might only see a Lucky Cat once in their lives, and that meeting a Lucky Cat completely depended on one’s luck. However, Ling Chen had just bumped into one before, and here was another one… what sort of luck was this?!

Although, the situation this time was different to the last.

Ling Chen looked around himself. This was a tunnel, with no exit except for where he had entered from. Moreover, this tunnel was only two metres wide and high. In that case, the Lucky Cat’s only option was to run towards him…

Ling Chen clenched his fist. If he could get the timing right, and use ‘Moon Shadow’ when he got close enough… he could catch the Lucky Cat!

Thinking to there, Ling Chen began to smile. It was said that the Lucky Cat’s escaping skills was nonpareil in the whole world, and no one had ever caught a Lucky Cat before. If he could finally catch one, then it would benefit him greatly.

The Lucky Cat in front of him was pretty much doing the exact same thing as the one he had seen before- digging something out of the ground with its butt in the air. Last time, it was digging out the Mysterious Red Sun Gold. Whatever it was digging out this time, being desired by the Lucky Cat, it was sure to be something good.

In order to prevent the Lucky Cat from taking whatever was there, Ling Chen took a step forwards, but did not try to hide his presence whatsoever. Sure enough, hearing his footstep, the Lucky Cat’s golden fur bristled, and its fat and round body immediately turned around. Its face was as wide as a tub, and the golden bell on its neck rang loudly as it shook. Ling Chen walked forwards, putting his weapons away and slowly raised his right hand with the Lunar Scourge. If the Lucky Cat did try to escape past him, he would have to use it at the right moment.

Whenever it is approached by any living being, the Lucky Cat’s first instinct was always to run. However, facing Ling Chen, it’s fur was bristled. Just like the first time, it did not immediately try to get away. Whether it was because it did not want to give up whatever it had been digging, or it did not have the guts to run past ling Chen, it simply stood there glaring at Ling Chen. Ling Chen continued to press on forwards, getting closer and closer to the Lucky Cat.


Ling Chen’s approach caused the Lucky Cat to emit a series of frightened sounds. There was nowhere to run behind it, but it also did not have the courage to try to slip past Ling Chen. It opened its paws, and something appeared between its two paws. With an angry ‘meow’, it threw the item towards Ling Chen.

It turned out that the fat cat was not weak at all. Although he was still forty to fifty metres away, Ling Chen saw a yellow thing flying towards him… it was shaped like a pineapple, was the same colour as a pineapple, and had leaves similar to that of a pineapple…

Wait… that was a pineapple!!

At the same time, Xiao Hui’s ‘Eyes of the Holy Spirit’ transmitted information regarding the pineapple into Ling Chen’s mind.

[Furious Pineapple]: A demonic and explosive pineapple. Its favourite phrase is, “Don’t think that pineapples are so easy to mess with!”

Effect 1: [Pineapple Grenade]: after being thrown, when it hits the ground, it will explode, causing strong vibrations. It has a 100% chance to stun everything within 50 metres for at least 5 seconds. It does not cause any damage. After exploding the pineapple will disappear. If the Furious Pineapple is caught before it hits the ground, its explosion can be prevented.

After reading this, Ling Chen’s eyes widened…

If this pineapple hit the ground, everything within 50 metres would be stunned!!

Holy crap!

Although he had originally been planning to dodge the pineapple, he could only rush towards it, his gaze fixed on it. He reached out with his hands and snatched it out of the air, gripping it firmly with his hands…

The pineapple did not explode, allowing Ling Chen to momentarily exhale a breath of relief. It seemed that the Lucky Cat was hiding many precious things on its body- even a pineapple that it had casually tossed out had such an effect. If this pineapple was thrown out during a group battle, the effects would be terrifying.

Having caught the pineapple and kept it from exploding, Ling Chen became the owner of the pineapple. He quickly put the pineapple into his bag. Seeing that the pineapple grenade had been caught, the Lucky Cat jumped up and down in fury. The Lucky Cat once again opened its paws, and a large pineapple simultaneously appeared in each paw. It furiously launched the two pineapples towards Ling Chen.

As soon as the two pineapples left the Lucky Cat’s paws, Ling Chen had already grasped the trajectory and speed at which they were flying. He immediately charged forwards, but his sights were not set on the pineapples, but rather on the Lucky Cat. As he passed through the gap between the two pineapples, his hands shot out, grabbing the two pineapples and throwing them into his bag.

As someone who could dodge even bullets at a close distance, how could he not manage against two large pineapples.

“Meow!!!!” The Lucky Cat began to panic. Its paws blurred, as it threw out another three pineapples. This time, the fat cat learnt its lesson. It did not throw out the three pineapples simultaneously, but threw them out one after the other, at different speeds and trajectories. Ling Chen glanced at the three pineapples, and after determining that they would all reach where he was standing, decided not to move at all. His heart was full of contempt for the Lucky Cat, “This fat cat must be stupid. If it threw one down at its feet, I wouldn’t be able to intercept it no matter what.”

As he thought, he casually caught the first pineapple in his right hand, then caught the second pineapple with his left hand. As he caught the second pineapple, he deposited the first pineapple into his bag, then stretched out his right hand towards the third pineapple… however, just as his hand was about to come into contact with the third pineapple, he felt that something was not right. For some reason, this pineapple seemed much larger than the previous ones…

[Berserk Pineapple]: A berserk and violent pineapple, after it is thrown out it will explode as soon as it touches any physical matter. After exploding, it will cause vibrations, having a 100% chance to stun everything within 100 metres for at least 10 seconds. It does not cause any damage. After exploding the pineapple will disappear.

Ling Chen: “Goddamn! @#¥%……”


The moment his finger came into contact with the Berserk Pineapple, an ear-splitting explosion rang out. The vibrations passed through Ling Chen’s body, and his mind became blank. Even Xi Ling, who was hovering beside him, crashed to the ground.

Goddamnit… I’ve been had by this fat cat!! This was the last thought that passed through Ling Chen’s mind before he temporarily lost consciousness.

After a short while, when the stun effect ended, there was only an empty cave in front of Ling Chen. The Lucky Cat was long gone, and Xi Ling rose up from the ground, giving an angry cry. Being a Heaven’s End grade pet, anything that could stun Xi Ling was definitely not ordinary.

“I was too careless!” Ling Chen regretfully said as he covered his face with his hands. Lucky Cats had never been caught by any player before, so why did he expect to catch one with such ease?

However, it was not as if he had not benefitted from this. Ling Chen opened his bag and looked at the five large pineapples… these were super weapons that had 100% AOE stuns! Although the Lucky Cat got away, these five pineapples were extremely useful.

Moreover, it seemed that the Furious Pineapples had two effects. At the time, he only had time to look at the first one. He picked up a pineapple at looked at its second effect:

[Furious Pineapple]: …….

Effect 2: [Boroboromi]: If one holds this pineapple and silently chants “Boroboromi”, the user can transform into a large pineapple. No creature of any level or grade will be able to determine your true identity and form. The effects last for 10 minutes, after which the pineapple will disappear.

Ling Chen: ⊙﹏⊙b

Alright, this second effect was pretty… interesting.

Ling Chen stuffed the pineapple back into his bag and checked his amount of gold out of habit. All of a sudden, his eyes widened, and his face slowly went from white, to red, to green, to black… a blood-curdling scream subsequently rang out, causing the entire cave and tunnel to tremble,

“My gold!!!!!!!!!!!” 

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