Shura's Wrath

Chapter 139

 Fairy Priest

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Ling Chen didn’t have to wait long; it was only 10 minutes later that he spotted a beautiful figure approaching as he stood beside the resurrection stone. The Azure Dragon Square was always bustling with crowds of people, but when Shui Rui, wearing a cute butterfly mask, walked into the city, Ling Chen immediately recognised her. After all, he was all too familiar with Shui Ruo and would have been able to pick her out from among the sea of faces, even if there were ten times as many people.

Also seeing Ling Chen, Ling Shui Ruo began to quickly run towards him, and with a loud cry of joy she exclaimed, “Big brother!”

Ling Chen walked over, and pulled her closely to his side so she wouldn’t get hit by the people rushing about. It felt good to finally be with her in the game world. He lowered his head, and spoke into her ear, “Ruo Ruo, it’s too noisy here, let’s go someplace quiet. There are a few guildmates I’d like you to meet.”

“Okay!” Arriving in a new place and being together with Ling Tian; her heart was filled with excitement at the novelty of the experience. Mystic Moon was like heaven to her, compared to the past that she had spent trapped in her bed. “Oh yeah, big brother, these are the big sisters who always helped me train when I was in the novice village. All the equipment I have was given to me by her and she even helped me get to this place. Two big sisters, this is my big brother.”

Looking to her side, Ling Chen also saw two other girls dressed in common equipment, their faces hidden by masks. As he turned towards them, they nodded at him and one of them said: “Hello, pleased to meet you… I really like Ruo Ruo; she often talks about you.”

The girl’s voice sounded young, but cold with a slight stiffness.

“Big brother, if not for these big sisters helping me, I don’t know how long it would be before I could leave the Novice Village. We have to give our thanks to these two big sisters, alright?”
It was so typical of Shui Ruo; she would never forget an act of kindness. Ling Chen gently smiled, and said to them: “Thanks for helping me take care of Shui Ruo.”

Taken aback, the girls began to panic and one of them began to wave her arms around saying: “No… no need to thank us; we brought her because we really liked Ruo Ruo… If there’s nothing else, I think we’ll be heading off, but if you need help with anything, feel free to call us at any time.”

Her cold voice was unable to hide her clear anxiety, and when she had finished speaking, they both walked away, not waiting for a response… almost as if they were fleeing.

“Huh? Big sisters, where are you going…”

Then they were gone, swept away in the ocean of players that filled the square centre. Shui Ruo looked around for a moment, and then said: “That’s strange, why were they in such a hurry to leave?”

“Maybe it was because they saw that Ruo Ruo had found big brother, so now they can relax and do some of their own things. Don’t worry, if you ever miss them, you can just call them over to play with you. “Ling Chen smiled as he spoke, then held her hand and led her north of the city.

“Well, all right.” Even though it still felt a little unusual, Shui Ruo didn’t think too much of it, trusting Ling Chen, “Big brother; the guildmates that you want to introduce to me, are they beautiful? Oh, and should I advance my occupation?”

“No need, let’s go.”

They walked through the Marketplace and the Administrative Zone until they reached the common residential areas in the northern part of the city. There were very few players around; most of the inhabitants were NPCs. When they had reached a safe place, Ling Chen stopped and took out a scroll he had specially prepared for Shui Ruo… it was a job advancement scroll for [Fairy Priest]!

When he faced the Azure Dragon’s Mayor he was granted a single request, and after careful deliberation, chose to ask for job advancement scrolls from the Hall of Heroic Spirits. He selected one that was suitable for Shui Ruo to job advance into- Fairy Priest. As for the [Phantasmal Bladedancer], it was just a bonus – levels could be increased, equipment could be obtained with effort, and money could be earned. Everything that could be bought or earnt with effort could not be considered the ‘extremely valuable’. As such, this scroll that was almost impossible to obtain was quite valuable to him.

“Ruo Ruo, shatter this scroll and advance your job.” As he placed the scroll into her hands, He hoped that his Shui Ruo would be the happiest princess, even if only in the virtual world.

When she opened it, her mouth widened and she cried out: “Wow!! A Hidden Profession class change scroll!”

Although this was her first time playing a virtual game, she had been exposed to them when she was younger, so she had a basic understanding of the game’s elements. She knew that this scroll was extremely rare and precious, and that it was also the right one for her current class. Looking up, her face was filled with joy and gratitude for Ling Chen, “Big brother! You’re so great! Big brother is the greatest in the whole world!”

Players in the Novice Village could also hear server-wide announcements, from the mouths of other players. The name that she heard the most from their discussions was “Ling Tian”. She knew that the person that people were talking about was her favourite big brother and was very familiar with every major event that had transpired within Mystic Moon since its opening. None of this had really surprised her at all, and she was secretly proud, because from a young age she had liked him to the point of almost worshipping him. To her, her brother was the world’s most amazing and powerful person.

“But of course! Otherwise how could I be Ruo Ruo’s big brother.” Ling Chen laughed with pride at the sight of her happiness. He felt more and more certain that taking this scroll was worth it. “Come on now, shatter it and advance your job.”

“Yup!” Shui Ruo nodded.

Excited, but nervous at the prospect of using a Hidden Profession scroll, she took a deep breath and cautiously crushed it as she closed her eyes. Suddenly, the pieces of the scroll floated up and fragments of green light exploded from within, bathing Shui Ruo’s body until she had been completely covered.

With a sweet smile, she opened her eyes, and exclaimed: “Big brother, it succeeded!”

The green light still hovered around Shui Ruo’s body, releasing a breeze that smelled like the freshness of a grassy field.

The properties of Shui Ruo’s new class were revealed before Ling Chen’s eyes, and the two siblings looked to see what kind of special abilities this class possessed.

[Fairy Priest]: A class originating from the mystical Fairy Clan. The user can harness the sheer force of nature to be used for healing and support, or to perform mild attacks on enemies. When advancing to this class, the body will be shrouded with the beautiful light of Fairies. If a person with this class enters the Fairy Clan they will have the goodwill and trust of the Fairies.

Class Bonus Stats: Constitution +10, Agility +10, Spirit +20, HP +100, Magic +200, water, fire, wind, thunder, earth, light, darkness, all seven elements resistance +12%, SP +50.

Class Passive Abilities: Able to freely activate the Fairy Light. When active, 5% HP and 3%MP is restored per second. Can greatly reduce any kind of aggression from any creature. Core attribute result: 1 Strength = 2 Physical Attack, 1 Constitution = 10HP + 1 defence, 1 Agility = 1 Hit rate + 1 dodge, 1 Spirit = 2 Magic attack + 15 mana. Every time it is upgraded, +10HP, +20 mana, +1 spirit, +5 free AP.

Class Skills:

[Holy Movement]: Current level: LV1, highest level: LV3, SP requirement for upgrading to LV2: 100. A skill all elementalists have; blink 3m in any direction. Cannot blink past barriers, costs 60 mana, 3 second cooldown.

[Self-Spirit Healing]: Current level: LV1, highest level: LV5, SP requirement for upgrading to LV2: 30. Invokes the power of nature to heal self, heals 30% of own HP, cost 15 mana, 5 second cooldown.

[Fairy Heal]: Current level: LV1, highest level: LV5, SP requirement for upgrading to LV2: 30, Invokes the power of nature to heal a target within 15m. Target healed for Magic attack x2, costs 20 mana, 5 second cooldown.

[Fairy Arrow]: Current level: LV1, highest level: LV5, SP requirement for upgrading to LV2: 30. Manipulates the force of nature into an elemental arrow, attacking a single target within 10m.

[Nature’s Light]: Current level: LV1, highest level: LV5, SP requirement for upgrading to LV2: 200. A reverent prayer is made to Nature, summoning the power of nature to cover self and surrounding players. Restores HP (Magic Attack x3) to all targets within 30m radius, and removes all abnormal states, costs 300 mana, 30 second cooldown.

[Fairy Shield]: Current level: LV1, highest level: LV5, SP requirement for upgrading to LV2: 200. Using the power of nature, casts a shield of nature onto a target within a 15m radius, reducing all damage taken by that target by 30%. Lasts 20 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

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