Shura's Wrath

Chapter 117


Yun Meng Xin (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

At the Azure Dragon City Arena, Ling Chen met with Yun Feng.

The Arena was a place for players to legally PK. It was used for practicing one’s skills, as well as settling disputes between individuals or groups. Any deaths caused in the Arena would not be punished.

Yun Feng was dressed in warrior equipment, his chestpiece released a faint silver glow that caused many other players to look at him with admiration and envy. Silver grade equipment, in this current stage of the game, were luxury items among luxury items. Up until now, most people had not even seen Silver grade equipment yet. Standing at the entrance of the Arena, Yun Feng unceasingly looked around until his gaze finally fell on a person wearing an ordinary tiger mask walking towards him. His eyes lit up, and went over to meet him.

Although Yun Feng was unable to see the other person’s face, the choking pressure that he gave off definitely wasn’t something that could come from an ordinary person.

“Ling Chen?” Yun Feng walked over, and quietly whispered.

Ling Chen slightly nodded his head and looked at Yun Feng. Although they had not seen each other for many days, Yun Feng was the same as always. He seemed to be permanently energetic, his eyes seemed to flash now and then. The equipment he was wearing on his body also proved that he wasn’t just some normal player. “Why did you pick ‘Huan Mie’ for your name?” [TLN: Huan Mie= Disillusion]

Once Ling Chen had spoken, Yun Feng knew that he had recognised the right person. His eyes lit up, and he excited began to speak, “Names aren’t important! I finally met up with you!! Did you know, right now you’ve already become a legendary player. There’s no one in the whole world who doesn’t know your name!! The first person in the world to leave Novice Village, as well as owns two Celestial grade equipment… and Celestial grade and Heaven’s End grade pets! Although it’s only been a few days, but your fame has surpassed even the ‘Sword Emperor’ and ‘Shinigami’! No less than what I expected from someone who was able to fight on even grounds with Eve! If you played like this in other games in the past, players like Sword Emperor and Shinigami would be nothing compared to you!”

Yun Feng immediately let out a stream of flattery. See the light in Yun Feng’s eyes, not a single word that came out of Yun Feng’s mouth was a lie. After Ling Chen had entered the Mystic Moon world, he had again and again shaken the entire game world. Yun Feng originally believed that Ling Chen would be able to put on a shocking performance. However, his deeds to date were much greater than just ‘shocking’, they completely exceeded any expectations and hopes that he had. Even though he knew how overpowered Ling Chen was, he had still been left completely amazed by Ling Chen. This was even more so for the other players.

Yun Feng became more and more convinced that risking his life in the blistering heat that day to pick up his little sister’s gaming equipment was potentially the best decision he had made in his entire life.  That day, he had fatefully encountered Ling Chen, and they had made their ‘deal’. Whenever he had heard system announcements about Ling Chen’s accomplishments, he had been shocked, as well as increasingly happy for his little sister. He believed that with Ling Chen’s help, his little sister would definitely be able to win her incredibly difficult bet… and even if she couldn’t win the bet, making a friend like Ling Chen was still a very good deal.

“Right!! The whole world knows that you have a Heaven’s End pet! Can you let me see it? A Heaven’s End pet!! I’ve never seen one in my whole life. Hm… if it’s not convenient for you, can you at least let me see its stats??”

“… Let’s go see your little sister first. We can talk about other things later.” Ling Chen intentionally avoided his desperate gaze.

As there currently was no method of exchanging Mystic Moon currency for real world money and vice versa, the rich bigwigs were not able to show off their power yet. There was not an official Guild Alliance yet, because there were not any official Guilds yet. There were two things that were currently missing. The first was the lack of funds and resources. The second were the Guild Creation Tokens.

A Guild could only be created if the founder possessed the Guild Creation Token, as well as had more than 1000 fame points. However, Guild Creation Tokens could only be dropped from Lord Bosses that were higher than LV10, and had an extremely low drop rate. Up until now, no one had found a Guild Creation Token yet. The Money Exchange System was sure to be created sooner or later. What the big bosses of Guilds in other games wanted the most right now were not rare equipment or rare pets, but rather a Guild Creation Token.

Whoever could obtain the first Guild Creation Token could create the first Guild. Even if this Guild had never been heard of before, it would immediately become known across all of China, which would have very positive impacts on its future growth.

“Alright, we’re here. Let’s go in.”

After walking for a long time, they had reached the residential area in the city’s northern region. They had stopped in front of a very ordinary looking house.

Because of the lack of gold to purchase a large office or hall, many players and Guilds temporarily rented residential houses as their headquarters. The soon to be established “Heart’s Dream” was one of these Guilds. The Guild Ling Chen was about to join was a Guild that could be said to have started from nothing, a Guild that could be at best described as ‘bite sized’. Its first headquarters was in a simple rented house. The house was very small and was in a very remote location. As such, it costed about 100 gold per day… however, 100 gold was no small amount of money.

This house had only one room. The design of the house and its location were also very unimpressive. There was only one entrance to the house, and above it hung a wooden sign. On the sign, there were two big words painted on….

Heart’s Dream.

At this moment in time, no would guess that this shabby little house would later become a ‘sacred place’ to both players and even residents of the Forgotten Continent. This is because this was where the “Heart’s Dream” of the legends was founded, the Heart’s Dream that shook the entire Mystic Moon world. It was a place filled with the hopes and wishes of a few naïve girls who would stand at the peak of the Mystic Moon world.

“Hehe, I haven’t told the girls who our new ‘mysterious member’ is. If they knew that the new member I was bringing today was ‘Ling Tian’, they would start screaming their heads off!” Yun Feng grinned widely, and was looking forward to seeing the reactions of the girls inside.

Before they knocked and entered, Ling Chen thought for a moment and asked, “How many members does Heart’s Dream have right now?”

“This…” Yun Feng embarrassedly scratched his head, and replied, “Including you… five. Because of my relationship with my dad, I can’t directly help Heart’s Dream, so I can’t join as a member either.”

Ling Chen: “……..”

“Players have only just begun to enter Azure Dragon City, everything is just starting! Trust me, when the Money Exchange System opens, we’ll have enough money. At that time, we’ll be able to start recruiting people. Although Heart’s Dream hasn’t officially become a Guild yet, and does not have any fame, once my little sister appears, there will be people lining up to join our Guild. Why? Hehe, once you see my little sister, you’ll understand.” Yun Feng confidently said.

“….So that means, apart from your little sister and myself, there are three other members in Heart’s Guild. Who are these three people?” Ling Chen asked.

“Well,” Yun Feng’s face revealed a mysterious smile. He pointed towards the tightly closed door, “Go in and you’ll know. I’ll bet you anything that you’ll definitely like those three people… Heh, as long as you’re a man, you’ll like them. Also, I promise that you definitely won’t regret joining ‘Heart’s Dream’.”

Ling Chen suspiciously looked at Yun Feng, then walked towards the little house. “thud, thud” Yun Feng knocked on the door, “Open up, it’s me.”

In this virtual reality world, the residences of players were very secure. Unless the owner gave permission, it would be completely impossible for an outsider to enter… unless you had a weapon with a ‘destruction’ status effect that could destroy doors. However, the appearance of these weapons was as rare as a meteor colliding with the earth.

The door quickly opened. In the virtual reality world, whether it was doors or gates, they could be opened with a “permission to enter” command, even if the owner of the residence was not physically in front of the door or gate.

“Big brother Yun Feng!”

As the door opened, the light from outside fell on two girls inside the room, which was accompanied by an extremely delightful and melodious shout that was pleasant to the ears. There were two people in the room, two girls who looked surprisingly young. Ling Chen looked at the two girls, and immediately understood why Yun Feng had said that he would definitely like the other members of Heart’s Dream.

These two girls were exquisitely pretty, even more so than Shui Ruo.

The girl on the right who had just shouted out Yun Feng’s name looked about sixteen or seventeen.  She had snow white skin and full, red lips. Beneath her dark eyebrows were eyes that sparkled like diamonds. She had a lively and youthful charm. She wore a light blue Elementalist robe, which fitted tightly around her body and showed off her curves. Although it was a very ordinary Mage robe, it looked very elegant on the girl. Although she was only sixteen or seventeen years old, she had an incredibly developed body. Even without doing anything suggestive, she was still able to arouse the interests of men.

The girl on the left was even smaller, and looked about fifteen or sixteen years old. Ling Chen’s gaze rested on her for a long time before looking away. This girl’s eyes were crystal clear like spring water, and were extremely attractive. Her gentle looking face, coupled with her cherry red lips made her seem extremely mellow and cute. Although she was quite young, her beauty was able to move nations. No matter who looked at her, they would find themselves unable to look away, deeply attracted to her beauty.

So these two girls would be his future companions…

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