Shura's Wrath

Chapter 108


Wrath of the 9 Suns (1)

[TLN: Silent Soul Ridge = Lonely Spirit Ridge]

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Editor: DT

“No…No way!! This cant be!! I must be dreaming… How did you escape the Lord Demon King’s suppression magic…? No way!!”

The red flames caused the War Demon Beast to remember something from the depths of his soul, something that could never be forgotten…It was the memory he was the most afraid of in his life. Even after 10,000 years, once he thought of it he would tremble, and have nightmares again and again. His mouth roared, “No way”, but at the sight of the flames, it was clearly the flame that he was afraid of…it was unmistakable and he could never forget it!

Such a flame was something that would make the War Demon Beast so afraid it trembled. It looked so miserable that it even covered its face and cowered away in an undignified manner… It would rather prefer death, than suffer the burning of the flame.

Xi Ling silently stared at the War Demon Beast, but she didn’t advance. She leaned slightly towards Ling Chen, and in the fastest movement, she put 7 strands of Flaming Black Grass in Ling Chen’s hands: “Big brother, this is the Flaming Black Grass that you wanted. I only found 7 strands, take them and leave this place… the further the better… quickly go!”

The girl’s voice was rapid. Her beautiful eyes were anxious and full of worry. Ling Chen held the 7 strands of Flaming Black Grass in his hands. When Xi Ling gave him the Flaming Black Grass, he didn’t feel a burning sensation. It wasn’t a real fire, it was just giving off red light.

After such a big shock, finally getting the Flaming Black Grass and completing the task that Ling Chen came here to complete didn’t even faze him. He didn’t even bother to check if the Flaming Black Grass was real, he just looked at Xi Ling: “Xi Ling, you…”

“Big brother, don’t worry about it. Quickly get out of here. Quick!!” Xi Ling said urgently with pleading eyes.

As she was talking to Ling Chen, Xi Ling had her back turned to the War Demon Beast. When faced with something that a creature feared so much, it was possible to make the creature crazily desperate. A ferocious look flashed in the War Demon Beast’s eyes. It got up and suddenly a cloud of black lightning appeared. It then unrelentingly released it towards Xi Ling.

“Go and die!!!!”


Ling Chen had just loudly called out, and his body was pushed aside with both of Xi Ling’s hands. With the push from Xi Ling, Ling Chen’s body flew really far away. He kept flying for several hundred metres, before hitting the ground hard. However, while Xi Ling was pushing him, she didn’t have time to dodge and so was directly hit on the back by the lightning.


A horrible earth shattering sound rang out across the Lonely Spirit Ridge. The whole of the Lonely Spirit Ridge continuously trembled and a large cloud of dust was raised due to the force, making the already foggy Lonely Spirit Ridge have even lower visibility. Ling Chen sprawled on the ground. He had to hold his breath and close his eyes, using his hand to push the surrounding dust away… After quite some time, the dust began to settle. Ling Chen slowly opened his eyes. The battlefield that he saw made his heart flutter.

Where Xi Ling was standing before was a dozen metre wide valley. The bottom of the valley couldn’t be seen, and its spread was so far away, that the ends couldn’t be seen. Nearby the valley had passed through a mountain…100 metre tall mountain. It was directly cut in half.

This is… Mysterious God level strength!?

Wait, where’s Xi Ling?

Ling Chen quickly looked around, but he couldn’t find Xi Ling’s figure. His heart sank when a red light appeared before him. The red light moved past him, and Xi Ling appeared once again before him. But at this point, the flame’s on Xi Ling were completely extinguished, her hair and dress was messy, and when she appeared, her body was slightly wobbly. She turned around, looking at Ling Chen, flustered: “Big brother, did anything happen to you?”

“Xi Ling, you…”


Seeing the newly appeared Xi Ling, the War Demon Beast was shocked at first, because even he didn’t think that his attack would yield this result, and he had a sudden realisation. He sprung out from the ground and started to laugh loudly. In his wild laughter, the fear from before completely disappeared from his eyes, just as if he previously saw a tiger, but it turned out to be a sick cat…

“I… I almost forgot about it! You’ve been suppressed by the Lord Demon King and us 10 Ancient Demon Beasts for over 10,000 years!! The Lord Demon King’s strength not only suppresses your body, but also slowly saps your strength! At the time the Lord Demon King said, it only needed 20,000 years, then all your powers would be sapped away. At that time you would have been released, then casually killed…Now, although it’s only been over 10,000 years, it’s still more than enough!! After taking the hit from my previous attack, you’re completely exposed. In your current state, your strength has been used up to the point where its only Heaven End level!! If you used your strength to restrain me, you still wouldn’t have the power to defeat me! In fact… I don’t even need to use more than half my strength, to completely destroy you… hahahahaha…hahahahaha!!”

Without any fear in his soul, the War Demon Beast’s laugh was extremely ferocious. Stretching out his right hand, and pointing at the sky, a large bolt of black lightning came down, making a black and red giant 5-6m spear in its hands. At the same time, there was static gathering in the air. A thin incomparably dark glow appeared on the War Demon Beast’s body, crazily mixing with his dark energy.

“Even though I don’t know how you managed to escape the Lord Demon King’s seal…If you had run away before, I wouldn’t have known that you had fled. But you sent yourself right to my feet… In your current physical condition and strength, your flame can cause me pain, but it won’t hurt my body. But this magic spear in my hands, it can easily cut your body to pieces…hehehehe, hahahaha… Come!  Release your flame and burn me!! The moment you do… that will be, the day you disappear from this world!! Hahahaha…”

The dark energy gathered quickly, and there was a glowing dark halo growing bigger on the War Demon Beast’s body. Before, a flick of his wrist cut mountains in half and did severe damaged to Xi Ling. If this power accumulates for such a long time, and it is released, I don’t know how terrible this power will be.

In the face of the War Demon Beast’s laughter, Xi Ling bit her whitening lips and held her 2 pale hands tightly together. The desperation Ling Chen could feel because of the War Demon Beast, she could feel also.

“Xi Ling, what is happening… who exactly are you? What you said before, what did it mean?” Ling Chen shook his head, asking Xi Ling with his brow raised. He could vaguely guess, but he didn’t want to believe his own guess.

“This girl, her body is weak…” A voice rang out in Ling Chen’s head, with a tone that sounded somewhat surprised: “Her weakness seems like an illness. Her strength… like what the War Demon Beast said, is about Heaven End level. A little girl having this kind of terrifying strength, is hard to believe. But this strength in the face of the War Demon Beast, is no match. Young master, how did you meet this girl?”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Big brother.” The clear voice called Ling Chen back to reality. He saw Xi Ling starting to laugh, her laugh was uniquely beautiful: “Even though, I’ve only known you for a while, but you are a very very good person. You saved me, finally giving me freedom. Even though… it was only a very very small amount of freedom, but I really am happy, and for this short period of freedom, I want to use it all to repay you… so, I’ll protect you big brother. I won’t let anything happen to big brother.”

Her smile was so beautiful that Ling Chen was almost obsessed. In his gaze, Xi Ling slowly turned, facing the War Demon Beast. The beautiful smile suddenly turned into cold indifference. Slowly, she raised her two hands to her chest.

“War Demon Beast… in my current state… I cannot defeat you… but, that doesn’t mean I can’t destroy you!”

“Destroy me? Hahahahaha…” the War Demon Beast sounded like he had heard the funniest joke on earth, and started laughing even more ferociously: “Your flames are indeed strong, stronger than anything on earth. But with your currently Heaven End level strength, you aren’t even the slightest threat to me, hahahaha!”

“Really…?” Xi Ling smiled. It was a cold and mocking smile. In the depths of her eyes, there was a trace of sorrow. If she was at her peak, it would have been easy to destroy the War Demon Beast. But now, it has to be at the cost of her life… after 10,000 years of suppression, she had finally attained freedom, and after a short period of freedom, she is willing to throw herself into the abyss of death. To save the person that she met by chance and saved her, after being suppressed for 10,000 years, she was willing and would not regret it, because this was the only way to save him.

Red plumes of flame rose from her body. It was hotter and more intense than before. Slowly, she raised her hands and her whole body was engulfed in flames. On different parts of her body, suddenly one after another gold light rings appeared. There were 9 altogether. Then, these light rings were brought into the air and while floating, they gradually grew larger. They grew larger and larger until gradually the grey ground had become more and more concentrated with gold.

When the first golden rays shone down, the War Demon Beast’s face changed. The dark glow on his body that was gathering was tossed into chaos by the wind of the circles… or rather, it was struggling, with the kind of struggle when something was facing death.

“Nine… Nine… Nine suns… No… No way!!!”


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