Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Green Copper Suppressing the Sacred Heart

The crystal coffin seemed to be a dream. The Demon Emperor’s sacred heart inside shot out scarlet lights that caused even the sun to lose its splendor. Even the dense Spiritual Qi of the peach forest became enshrouded by a red glow.

Qin Yao opened the coffin, and a vigorous ocean-like vitality surged out, blowing across everyone’s faces like spring winds. This powerful Life air could definitely aid in cultivation. 

It was hard to imagine just how formidable the Demon Emperor had been back in the day. Even after all these years, the sacred heart he left behind was still unfathomable.

“The Great Emperor’s cultivation base was so profound, yet even he could not gain Immortality. It makes people wonder whether this world really does have the existence of Immortals,” one of the old women sighed powerlessly.

Yan Ruyu silently paid her homage to the crystal coffin before walking up, grabbing a jadeite plate from one of the demon women, and placing that shining ruby-like heart upon it, brought it to the divine metal stake. 

“Yan Ruyu…” Ye Fan used his divine sense to transmit words, but just at this moment the dozen old women walked up and each used their own divine arts to poke his forehead.

Ye Fan was overwhelmed with shock. These dozen old women were frightening, even able to sense how his divine sense was abnormal and sealing the small golden lake between his forehead. He did everything he could do emit even the slightest light from it, but he was unable to release the shackles.

Even though they had suppressed his divine sense, the old women were all amazed. One of them said, “This child really is extraordinary. The power of his divine sense is unimaginable, and based on his age, there’s no reason his spiritual strength should be so tyrannical.”

The jadeite plate in Yan Ruyu’s hands bloomed with scarlet light and golden rays, enveloping her whole body. She calmly gazed at Ye Fan for a long time before reaching out her slender hand and gently caressing his cheek. This peerless beauty had a slightly complicated expression on her face, unable to speak her mind. But she quickly returned to calm, once more becoming empty, like the Fairy of the Jade Lake, calmly overlooking the world.

“Please move back, Your Majesty. We will begin.” One of the old women advanced, receiving the jadeite plate. 

Yan Ruyu nodded, graceful as the wind as she retreated.

Ye Fan did not wish to receive this kind of arrangement. No one could know what something like the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart could do to him while his body nurtured it. 

Suddenly he felt an intense pain. The old crones were trying to forcefully break into his Sea of Bitterness.

“Don’t be nervous, we won’t remove your heart. We just need to place the Great Emperor’s heart within your Spring of Life. That way your Ancient Desolation Sacred Body’s special divine spring can nourish the heart…”

If Ye Fan had been capable of making noise he would definitely have started screaming by now. His golden Sea of Bitterness held far too many secrets that could not be revealed to others.

“The reputation of the Ancient Desolation Sacred Body is deserved. Even powerful experts like us working together are unable to open it. It’s as solid as divine iron, practically to an unbelievable degree.”

“This is the human race’s most powerful battle body. Back then, it swept through everything before it. It’s a pity it has now become a crippled physique. The fact that this child could cultivate to the Spring of Life realm is already extraordinary and a mystery. As long as the divine spring in his body continues flowing forth, the sacred heart will be able to continue surviving…”

“We can’t open it…” The old women were all completely shocked that they were unable to do anything to Ye Fan’s Sea of Bitterness. One of them turned around and said, “Your Majesty, please lend us the Great Emperor’s sacred weapon to break open the Ancient Desolation Sacred Body’s Sea of Bitterness.”

Yan Ruyu calmly nodded, and divine light exploded out from her hand. It was impossible to clearly see what it was as a piercingly bright holy light had completely drowned out her hand.

One of the old women received that bright ball of light and gently used it to cut across Ye Fan’s Sea of Bitterness. He almost fainted from the pain as he sensed his Sea of Bitterness forced open. Blazing golden lights charged out, bursts of tsunami crashes rang out, and waves started to soar towards the sky.

“Heavens, it’s a golden Sea of Bitterness. How…could that be possible?!”

All of them were completely shocked, never having expected such a scene. The golden waves overflowing the sky, lightning and thunder weaving back and forth, it was an image of the beginnings of heaven and earth when vitality was thriving. 

“Could this be the reason why the Ancient Desolation Sacred Body was unrivalled?”

A golden Sea of Bitterness was unheard of. Even Yan Ruyu was moved and unable to remain calm. Her peerless face was filled with shock as her gaze fixed on Ye Fan.

Being unable to move or scream, all he could do was grimace in pain. He almost fainted several times.

“According to legend, in the ancient past, supreme existences had Wheel and Seas that possessed strange variations such as the Bright Moon Rising Over the Sea, Flickering Stars in the Clear Sky, Golden Lotuses Growing In The Sea of Bitterness…each one of them possessed an incomparable strength. This child possesses the golden Sea of Bitterness, the absolute strongest of these strange scenes. In the future, it might create those variations.”

“It’s a shame that in the current world, the Ancient Desolation Sacred Body is almost incapable of cultivating. The fact that he could reach the Divine Bridge realm is already amazing. He must have had some unimaginablly lucky opportunities.”

The dozen old women didn’t dare to delay, afraid Ye Fan’s Yuan Qi might become severely wounded. They placed the Demon Emperor’s heart within the bubbling Spring of Life before hastily retreating and returning Yan Ruyu’s sacred weapon.

At this moment, his golden Sea of Bitterness became even more remarkable. An ocean surged along with thunder and lightning, forming an unlimited life force. Once it was closed again, these strange scenes faded and calm restored itself once more.

Everyone let out a relieved sigh.

After experiencing that intense pain, Ye Fan finally gained some relief. He pondered over those old women’s words. The almighty elites of ancient times had different kinds of Wheel and Seas? Bright Moon Hanging Over the Sea, Flickering Stars in the Clear Sky, Golden Lotuses Growing in the Sea of Bitterness…just their names alone were enough to imagine what they were like. Even under such a situation, he still yearned for such a state.

“Speaking of which, I heard that someone from the Ji Family was born with a divine body. Only once he had made some advances in his cultivation did the news go out. It’s said that his Wheel and Sea possesses many kinds of variations and is incomparably formidable.”

I wonder which one is more powerful, the divine body whose name now shakes the Eastern Wastelands or the Sacred Body of ancient times? It’s a shame the Sacred Body has already been crippled and they can no longer be compared.”

“If a divine body has been born within the Ji Family, as long as the owner does not die young they’ll definitely prosper for thousands of years without resistance.”

Ye Fan was startled. The fact that the Ancient Desolation Noble Ji Family had given birth to a divine body was quite stimulating.

An hour passed before Ye Fan felt he had recovered to normal. He had already been released from his bindings by now.

Qin Yao advanced and smiled. “You’ve now seen that we don’t have any intention of hurting you and there’s no need to worry. Having the Demon Emperor’s heart nurtured within your body will only bring benefits, not harm.

Ye Fan didn’t say anything, quietly sitting to the side and sensing his body’s changes. The green copper was still as silent as a boulder as it lay at the spring mouth. Those old women had not sensed it at all.

The Demon Emperor’s heart submerged itself within the Spring of Life and was nourished by the divine spring. It was quite a bit more powerful than the golden tome, but it was still unable to compare to the green copper. It had been forced above it, unable to approach the most optimal spring mouth at the bottom of the sea.

“This green copper really is extraordinary…” Ye Fan was completely shocked. Even the demon clan’s Great Emperor’s sacred heart could only yield.

Suddenly, Ye Fan sensed that heart lightly tremble a couple times, before beginning to crazily absorb Life Qi. His Spring of Life surged and his divine spring erupted like a volcano, converging around that heart.

His expression immediately changed. This was no good thing. If this heart were to so crazily draw away his Life Qi, he might be sucked dry.


Just at this moment, the green copper shook once, causing his Sea of Bitterness to immediately become completely still. His divine spring no longer madly surged. That heart also became silent and motionless.

Ye Fan breathed in a relieved cold breath of air. This green copper truly was extraordinary. Fixed above his spring mouth, it was entirely capable of suppressing everything within his Wheel and Sea.

“If it had not been for the green copper, my situation would definitely have turned bleak. They weren’t able to completely seal the heart…”

Once Ye Fan calmed down, he took his cauldron that he had refined countless times and encased it around the heart. I wonder whether I can get a couple drops of the Demon Emperor’s sacred blood.


When the cauldron touched the Demon Emperor’s sacred heard, the scarlet heart immediately gently pulsed. The entire golden sea flared, but with a vibration from the green copper, everything once more became silent.

Ye Fan’s body shook. He had noticed that the small cauldron now had a trace of blood on it. Endless bloody rays shot out of his Sea of Bitterness, extending throughout his entire body.

At this moment, his entire body was trembling and was being refined. Dazzling bloody lights enveloped his whole body. 

“What, how could it be this fast? It only just entered his Spring of Life!” one of the old women yelled in surprise. The others were also very puzzled.

Ye Fan believed that these people truly hadn’t wanted to harm him. They had thought they had sealed the sacred heart, but they had failed to suppress it. If it were not for the green copper, the results would have been difficult to guess.

“Excellent! Once the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart has been nourished it will be able to survive forever within this world. Your Majesty can then use it to fearlessly cultivate the supreme demonic technique.”

Not long after, the bloody light on Ye Fan’s body receded and he felt that his physical body had been baptized, definitely becoming quite a bit stronger. The Demon Emperor’s sacred heart was as extraordinary as expected. Just a little bloodstain was able to have such a result. If he could absorb a whole drop, or maybe ten drops, or maybe even refine the whole heart, just what kind of result would occur?

Yan Ruyu’s expression was unable to remain calm as she fixed her gaze on Ye Fan. “Do I need to cultivate with him?”

“This…is up to Her Majesty.”

Just at this moment, Ye Fan stood up and felt his whole body was relaxed and that his mind was clear.

“You’ll temporarily live here. After a couple days we’ll make some different arrangements for you,” said Yan Ruyu. All of them then left.

“Please waitfairy Yan.” Ye Fan shouted at Yan Ruyu to stop, and walking forward he looked this perfect woman up and down. Without the slightest embarrassment, a smile appeared on his mouth as he said, “Do you really want to marry me?”

Yan Ruyu was like a cold fairy overlooking the world. Her body was graceful and elegant, her skin shone with a glossy light, her long eyelashes framed her eyes that seemed to possess a poetic charm deep within them. She calmly looked back at him, not saying anything.

Beside her, Qin Yao suddenly lightly laughed and said, “Hey, your hand is in the wrong place. That is Her Majesty’s hand.”

At the same time, Ye Fan was thrown up high into the clouds by Yan Ruyu, landing upon a cliff above the peach flower valley. 

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