Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Domain Technique, Divine Light Waltz (III)

The Mage Temple actually had such a killing move in store, this was really something no one expected.

“If only Boss was the one facing him.” Han Yu couldn’t help but let these words slip.

Mo Wu was a dark mage, so Long Haochen had the Light God Domain to suppress him perfectly, and had naturally no fears to have. But how about Cai’er?

The strongest of Bright Glimmer of Hope was undoubtedly Long Haochen followed by Cai’er. The blow if Cai’er were to lose her match would be considerably huge to them.

“Be at ease, Cai’er will surely make it.” Long Haochen had already opened his eyes at some point. The start of Cai’er’s battle and the huge threat confronting her immediately came to his senses.

Right now, Cai’er seemed to be at an absolute disadvantage, but was that really the case?

After the Dark Sovereign appeared, it did not let out any special sound. Floating in midair, he arrived in one stride in front of Cai’er locked by Hell’s Cage. Lifting the huge sword in his hand high, he abruptly struck it onto Cai’er.

After completing this magic, Mo Wu 8had his eyes shut, sitting cross-legged above that dark altar which was his domain, able to increase sharply the might of all his darkness elemental magic, as well as increase his magic recovery. Perhaps this couldn’t be counted as a very strong domain because of its important limitations, but if one were to allow him to take control of the battle, that domain would show the most of its capability.

Facing the strike of the huge sword, Cai’er’s body disappeared instantly and without the slightest prior indication.

Mo Wu noticed almost instantly that the dark purple triangle appeared again. Right away, his body disappeared from that altar.

White traces appeared on that dark altar, instantly smashed it to pieces and turned into countless purplish black airstreams. Cai’er appeared right where Mo Wu used to be, floating there.

Mo Wu was shocked, because he had no idea how Cai’er escaped from his Hell’s Cage. That was a locking magic of the ninth step! Furthermore, Cai’er had shown no signs of movement from there!

How could he know how strong Cai’er had gotten after breaking through the ninth step? The instant that Hell’s Cage had surfaced, she had used a Doppelganger technique to be trapped in her stead, and at the same time utilized Invisibility.

Another person’s Doppelganger couldn’t last for so long, and would immediately get found out in front of a mage’s sharp senses, so they would not even be able to escape the lock of the Hell’s Cage.

But Cai’er was not the same. As the Saint Daughter of Samsara, she had the power of purification. Being an assassin with the most optimum gifts, she wouldn’t be fit to be called such if she was unable to escape the opponent’s lock.

However, for the sake of keeping her Doppelganger stable, she couldn’t blindly go into action after escaping, or it would immediately disappear.

Only when Mo Wu’s summoned Dark Sovereign had attacked did Cai’er abruptly launched an attack.

However, Mo Wu really had a precise judgement, using his teleportation like technique to escape Cai’er’s hit once again. Even so, his garment was dripping in sweat. If he were just a bit slower, Cai’er’s attack would have landed on him, therefore achieving victory.

The Dark Sovereign visibly sensed something going wrong, and a dark purple radiance gushed out from his chest. It was not directed at Cai’er, but at Mo Wu who had just gotten teleported in front of him.

Figure flashing, Mo Wu suddenly disappeared in the dark purple radiance originating from the Dark Sovereign, for a similar result to Chen Hongyu’s previous performance.

This way, unless Cai’er vanquished the Dark Sovereign, she would have no way to attack Mo Wu.

This was what Mo Wu felt to be his only solution. The most optimum situation would be to have the Dark Sovereign attack Cai’er while he recovers his spiritual energy. That way, given enough time, he could even summon another Dark Sovereign. But this was not possible anymore: although he could command the Dark Sovereign while merged with him, none of his spiritual energy could be recovered in that situation. To say nothing about making use of that domain, his only possibility of victory was now to beat Ca’er using this Dark Sovereign.

Mo Wu had a definite faith in the Dark Sovereign’s capability. Just in cultivation alone, it had the strength of the ninth step’s second rank. Yesterday, Cai’er’s Tower of Eternity had truly shocked everyone present, but that was after all an object, prohibited in this individual competition. While empty-handed, could an assassin really win against a heavy armored Dark Sovereign?

“Done running around?” The corners of Cai’er’s mouth traced a cold smile. Of course she knew that their greatest rival in this trip was the Mage Temple, and would show no kind feelings to a mage from the Mage Temple.

The Sickle of the God of Death formed of Light of Purification was slowly raised; she did not fly again, but came running in front of the Dark Sovereign.

The Sickle of the God of Death dragging behind her, Cai’er’s eyes turned white. Her absolutely cold and beautiful demeanor surged, forming along with her massive sickle a magnificent yet mystical scene. Although her opponent’s display was also quite dazzling, this scene caused the absolute majority of the spectators to unconsciously put their faith on Cai’er. After all, dark creatures were originally abhorred, to say nothing about Cai’er’s beautiful yet so young traits.

The Dark Sovereign’s eyes flashed with a purple glint, his right feet stomping heavily onto the ground as he took hold of his massive purplish black heavy sword in both of his hands.

The most frightening aspect of this Dark Sovereign lay in his extremely compact wielded darkness spiritual energy. It was not externalized, but attached onto his weapon, which gained a great deal of bursting power.

Cai’er did not evade, nor did she use any special technique, just brazenly swungg down her Sickle of the God of Death, her whole body flickering with white light, as her imposing manner rose to the peak.

Despotic Strike! That was an ability evolved from Despotic Thrust. Right now, Cai’er’s move was full of an indescribably powerful tyrannical force.

Ding. In a tingling clash, the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er hands broke down. After all, that was not the real Sickle of the God of Death, just a condensation made of spiritual energy. In terms of offense and defense, it was far below the Sickle of the God of Death of divine grade.

But that Dark Sovereign was not well off either. One could clearly see that during the clash between the two opponents, the purplish-black aura spreading out from his body was totally repelled, as if trying to break away from his body, while his movements also turned sluggish.

Cai’er really showed an unyielding performance, condensing another Sickle of the God of Death in her hand. An unrestrained white glow flashed out in the air, causing lacerating sounds to arise from the loud explosive sound of a chop at the opponent’s heavy sword.

The Dark Sovereign let out a low howl, causing purplish-black colored fog to rise up, and rise sharply its imposing manner as well. Purplish-black blisters rushed up from underneath the ground, turning into countless purplish-black rays interweaving in the air. That was a domain, the Dark Sovereign’s domain. Although no one here knew its name, that was no doubt a domain specialized in large area attacks.

Those previous black blisters were not all Mo Wu’s, but from this Dark Sovereign: a creature of darkness of the second rank of the ninth step, which already had its own domain. The darkness summons of this Mo Wu were simply even more frightening than the Spiritual Tempel’s. But what shocked the crowd even more was the scene of Cai’er’s next move, already about ten meters above the Dark Sovereign’s head.

The Dark Sovereign’s domain had already erupted, and as that was a crowd attacking domain, it did not give the slightest space to possibly dodge the attack. Mo Wu was already fully prepared: as long as Cai’er would be unable to resist anymore, he’d immediately stop the attack, but an unforgettable scene came next to his sight.

Floating in midair, Cai’er took a praying posture, and cleansing white glows turned into petals spreading downwards.

A miraculous scene took place. Upon contact with these white lights, the purplish-black radiance coming out from the Dark Sovereign’s domain immediately dispersed into nothingness. As those falling white petals kept increasing, the dark purple light became lesser and lesser, just as if purifying flowers had suddenly grown from the midst of the boundless darkness, bringing an universal hope. In this fantastic purification, all darkness was changed to nothingness, gradually giving ground to the light.

Li Zhengzhi opened his mouth wide in shock. He could grasp some of the theories behind Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, as it was, after all, purely relevant to light. But the display of Cai’er’s domain far exceeded his knowledge. That power...

The Dark Sovereign’s body shook slightly. Raising his head to look at Cai’er in midair, his body suddenly shivered upon sight of the Domain of Purification dispersed at rapid speed around her. Immediately, he reappeared right on the edge of the stadium, lifting the heavy sword in his hand, slashing it rapidly, causing a dark purple hexagram to surface and immediately making way inside.

What followed was a scene of an abruptly shaking Dark Sovereign before Mo Wu’s body was also thrown away, as the Dark Sovereign directly disappeared in that purple hexagram.

The Dark Sovereign having just gone away, his domain naturally dissipated as well, leaving only a sweaty Mo Wu. He did not understand why the Dark Sovereign left so hastily despite being in no position of inferiority. Could it be that it was starting to rain as he had left some clothes to dry?

This monstrous question flashed in Mo Wu’s mind, as the only thing left in the air was Cai’er with her unleashed domain, calmly confronting him.

“I know that while you major in darkness magic, you also have a mastery in spatial magic. Perhaps your spatial magic can allow you to keep teleporting, but I want to see if your teleporting can succeed while in my Domain of Purification.”

White light spread in front of Mo Wu. The instant his body came in contact with Cai’er, he immediately understood why the Dark Sovereign had fled in panic.

An indescribable pain surged in the depths of his soul. As his body shook intensely, he abruptly stated, “I concede.”

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