Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 615

Chapter 615: An audacious plan (I) 

“Little white flower? No way!?” Lin Xin immediately opened his eyes wide. After flinging his long hair to the back of his head, he gave Sima Xian a monstrous look.

Not only him, but everyone else looking at Sima Xian became full of shock. They were all aware of the identity of the little white flower Sima Xian brought up.

The future successor of the Alliance’s Great Auction House, Feng Ling’er.

Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er repeated Lin Xin’s words almost simultaneously, “No way!”

Just what kind of person was Feng Ling’er? That was the successor of the Alliance’s Great Auction House! At the time she succeeds to the Alliance’s Great Auction House, calling her the richest person in the whole Temple Alliance would be no exaggeration! Although the great auction house and the Alliance were linked in countless ways, even a mere supervisor has a frightening wealth at hand.

Moreover, Feng Ling’er could be rated as a stunning beauty, with traits evoking perfect purity. Who could expect Sima Xian to really succeed?

Sima Xian showed an air of complacency, “What do you call a ‘can’t be’? This priest is handsome and confident, distinguished and elegant, sensitive, tall and proud. Although I am bald, my heroic martial prowess still attracted my woman, little white flower. The two of us are just a heavenly match, a successful couple. And we just love each other desperately. HAHAHA!”

Han Yu placed his hand on Lin Xin’s shoulder, and asked, “Don’t you think this guy deserves a beating?”

Lin Xin nodded with extreme seriousness. Not only him, but everyone else other than Long Haochen and Zhang Fangfang started to rub their own fists and be eager to get into action.

The smile on Sima Xian’s face immediately vanished, wrapping his arms around his own bosom, “You… What are you doing?”

Wang Yuanyuan shouted, “Still not owning up to the facts. So you really want us to force the answer out of you!”

“Don’t! I’ll confess, okay?” Under the group’s tyrannical abuse’, Sima Xian immediately admitted defeat, and let go of that air of complacency, declaring in good honesty, “Listen to me, that’s how things are. Remember that I returned to the Priest Temple? During the start of the Holy War, only god knew whether there was still a future. Maybe I’d die while fighting in the Southern Mountain Pass too. Hence I thought that I’d at least confess to her before that! At the time of departure, I sent her just such a letter, before throwing myself into the Holy War’s battlefield.

“But to my total surprise, after some time, while immersing myself in arduous battles daily, she actually sent me a reply. Although she cursed at me through the whole letter, she urged me to survive no matter what. Therefore, I immediately gained in courage and my strength in battle soared! Who knows how many little demons I killed, and in how many demons’ blood this Gigantic Ball of Light got soaked. What a delightful experience! The appellation of Discipline Priest is not for show!”

Get to the main point.” Cai’er raised her Sickle of the God of Death, and showed a threatening face.

Sima Xian hastily finished bragging, “At that time, I didn’t even dare have delusions of little white flower accepting me, but that was still a good start! As has-drugs-bro taught me, you can only have a chance if you try. If I hadn’t tried in the least, my odds of success would be zero. Then I wrote another letter, where I spoke about the situation in the mountain pass. From this point on, we started exchanging letters. To be honest, all those days I was fighting off demons on the Southern Mountain Pass, that little white flower was the only one in my heart. This made me treasure my own life all the more. Still, what a strange thing, but even under those circumstances, my strength still grew very fast, and I wasn’t in the least affected by the situation of war. This may be because of the ray shining on my heart.

“As we exhanged letters and kept discussing, I found out that little white flower seemed to have some interest in me. Then I strove harder, and when I came to mention that thing, she unexpectedly didn’t refuse, and even spoke about coming to the Southern Mountain Pass to look after me. Hehe.”

“And she really came?” Lin Xin asked.

Sima Xian replied with great complacency, “Of course! And she came several times. Didn’t you teach me that picking up girls required one to be bold, careful and thick-skinned. The first time she came, she sneaked on top of the fortress and happened to catch sight of this handsome man killing the enemies with matchless heroism. Hehe, what luck I had that time. Back in the Southern Mountain Pass, a female mage alongside whom I was fighting had some interest in me. After beating back the demon army’s offense, she rushed to wipe my sweat off, but that’s when little white flower appeared.”

At this point, he couldn’t help but display some lingering fears, evidently that was a terrifying situation. Or at least extremely awkward.

“Can you guess how little white flower reacted?” Sima Xian asked, full of mystery.

Lin Xin replied, “Is there even a need to ask? You must have received a huge slap, gotten cursed as scum and then she just went away.”

“Puh!” Sima Xian replied in disdain, “Do you think everyone is as narrow-minded as you? My little white flower is modest and open-minded, full of guts. When I saw her appear suddenly, then take notice of that girl on my side, let alone feeling awkward, at that time I was looking for a hole to dig myself into. Even fighting a duel against a demon god would feel better than the situation of that time.”

Chen Ying’er giggled, “Then didn’t it turn out as has-drugs-bro said?”

Hic! Sima Xian was somewhat helpless, “Stop insisting on that standpoint okay? Just listen to me. In any case, at that time, I was really feeling numb, feeling even worse than when being caught by my teacher after making a mistake. But against my expectations, little white flower actually didn’t get angry, but instead, she elegantly approached my side and took out a handkerchief, tenderly wiping off the stains on my face. Then she pulled my hand and said to that mage, ‘Thank you for taking care of my bald man.’

“At that time, I was just standing there foolishly and completely blank. Just at this time, the demons launched another assault, and a Demonic Wolf was catapulted right towards us, aiming to chop at little white flower. At that time, I didn’t give much thought, and hastened to pull her away and take the blade with my blade. Fuck, that Demonic Wolf was just really ruthless. His blade penetrated through my muscles, giving me a strenuous time pulling it out. I immediately used the Gigantic Ball of Light to beat it to a pulp.

“Afterwards, little white flower told me that she originally planned on getting angry at me, but seeing me take the blow for her sake, she didn’t have any more will to get angry. There’s not much more to tell you afterwards, anyway, my bliss is for real.”

Han Yu murmured, “How could it go that way? Sima just succeeded like that?”

Sima Xian’s proud expression came off again, “How could I be unsuccessful? Let me tell you, I have now come to understand thoroughly that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge my little white flower by her delicate and pretty looks, or because of her looks of a wealthy noble girl. Fundamentally, she is not fond of pretty boys, but likes brave men such as me.”

Lin Xin pointed the Gigantic Ball of Light, “Then, was this thing made thanks to the help of your little white flower?”

Sima Xian showed a smile, “That’s a matter of course. How could she not be worried about my safety? Moreover, I couldn’t leave from the battlefield. On the first time she looked for me, she had the materials ready, then brought three blacksmiths from our Temple Alliance, asking them to reforge my Gigantic Ball of Light. Its name did not change, but this thing gained much greater power than before.”

Saying this, Sima Xian lifted the Gigantic Ball of Light up, and lifted his right hand. Immediately, the Gigantic Ball of Light flickered in purple electric light once again. 

The purple light curling up inside was not very distinct, but the swelling fluctuations of spiritual energy were really intense.

Sima Xian explained, “The current Gigantic Ball of Light is a weapon fully custom-made for me. A large amount of some alloy I don’t know the name of was added to its main part. I don’t know its name, I think it was some pure gold type of metal. Except for that, a lot of precious metals were used up to make the main part. And then, we had a conjurer’s help to erect a magic array inside, using six magical crystals of lightning elemental magical beasts of the tenth rank. Little white flower said that lightning elemental magical crystals are very scarce, that even in the whole Alliance’s Auction House, there are only this many reaching the tenth rank, all of which were used for me. By now the Gigantic Ball of Light is much stronger than before. The Godly Purple Lightning Cannon, Godly Purple Lightning, Purple Lightning Incarnation were all self-created abilities integrated after its upgrade. Strong right?”

Long Haochen who was listening calmly all this time remarked, “From that, I take it that your Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Lightning should have evolved at least once, and doesn’t have an excessive backlash. That should be related to the other piece of epic tier equipment on you right?”

Sima Xian was much more well-behaved in front of Long Haochen, “Right, Boss is the most farsighted, to be able to tell out my deepest secret in a single glance.” As he said that, he pulled open the upper part of his priest’s gown, revealing his robust torso. Then came into view a scarlet-red colored light armor, glinting in orange color, visibly a piece of equipment of epic tier.

This is the Scarlet Dragon Armor. Little white flower has said that it was made using a genuine Scarlet Dragon’s abdomen with extraordinary methods. It has an extreme defensive power while greatly weakening all detrimental effects. Although it didn’t have any boosting effects attached, it is especially fitting to me. At least eighty percent of the backlash of that Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder is nullified, so this way, I can use it much more conveniently. And because of my frequency of use, my endurance toward the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder is increasing unceasingly. Taking the Forest Boa Pills made by has-drugs-bro as well as some thunder-tempering-training raised my external spiritual energy, which should at least be at thirty or forty thousand.

Lin Xin stared at these two pieces of equipment of epic tier in Sima Xian’s possession and murmured, “Finding a wealthy wife is really a shortcut to several dozen years of struggles.”

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