Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 594

Chapter 594: Inescapable Net (III)


Long Haochen didn’t expect that as he was undergoing embarrassment, the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce brought some precise news, that Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were presently still alive. The demon god who captured them was transporting them to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and looked prepared to conclude a trade with the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

The demon side understood very clearly the importance importance the Demon Hunters held for the Temple Alliance. And this wasn’t the first time Demon Hunters were used for some transaction.

At the present time, what they wanted in exchange was most likely Demon God Crowns. After all, it hadn’t been long since two demon gods died on the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. If these Demon God Crowns couldn’t be retrieved, these two demon gods won’t reappear before at least ten years pass. This damage was considerable in the demons’ eyes.

After getting these news, Long Haochen immediately set out for the Spiritual Temple, and after Chen Hongyu was informed, the eight immediately set out, heading at top speed towards the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

The more time passed, the more Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi would be in danger. And Heroic Assassin Sheng Yue indeed had a Demon God Crown in his hand. Returning this crown to the demon side won’t be any good thing either. 

No matter what, trying to save Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi was something they had to do.

The way from the Thousand Beasts Mountain Pass to the Exorcist Mountain Pass stretched almost across the half of the Temple Alliance. Inside the Temple Alliance’s territory, they didn’t need to conceal themselves so Long Haochen rode Star King alongside Cai’er, while the other six all relied on their spiritual wings to achieve full-speed flight.

After exiting the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, Chen Ying’er obviously became much more silent. To Long Haochen, the only good news were the great improvements in Cai’er’s moodiness. When the two of them looked at each other, the tenderness and love in her eyes leaked out unnoticed, although Cai’er secretly told Long Haochen that she’d try even harder to retrieve her lost memories, to give Long Haochen a full her. This unambiguously hinted to say that before she recovers her memories, matters like that night’s won’t occur.

Between the time they obtained news of Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s disappearance to the time they set off from the Exorcist Mountain Pass passed three days already. Since that demon god was accompanied, he should not be so fast to arrive to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, so the best situation for Long Haochen’s group would be to set out at full speed, and try the utmost to stop the enemy on the way to the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ demon camps.

This way, the chances of retrieving Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi would be far greater.

Of course, even if they managed to intercept them midway, they would still face a severe trial. Which is to say, could they really defeat that demon god in the top thirty-six?

Since the assassin who managed to returned did not have the time to make explicit the identity of that demon god before dying, they didn’t even know who the enemy could be.

According to Long Haochen’s guesses, although belonging to the top thirty-six, that demon god’s ranking shouldn’t be too high. The probability of him belonging to the top 24 were really low. But even so, the enemy they would have to face was surely a demon god with his own domain! At their current level of strength, their probability of victory was quite low. But fortunately, their goal wasn’t to absolutely kill this demon god, but more importantly to rescue Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

Doing their utmost to stay on the shortest path to destination, Long Haochen and his comrades took a total of seven days and seven nights to reach the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Not even attending to making a detour to the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ fortress to report to Sheng Yue, they directly headed to the peak in the mountain range to survey the demon camps from above

Seven consecutive flight days, with under three hours of daily sleep exhausted greatly everyone. And this was with Star King here to help everyone by letting them take turns to rest on his back.

The weather was biting cold, and series of clouds went through them. The moist water vapor carried an extreme cold, greatly waking their minds.

With a wave of his hand, Long Haochen released a Holy Mantle, disconnecting them from the outside wind. Bathed inside the Holy Mantle, everyone could regain their physical force at a faster speed.

Unfolding a map, everyone sat in circles.

Long Haochen pointed at the map, “This is our current location. On the north, is the Exorcist Mountain Pass. At the time the sky is clear, we can see the demon camps well from above. At our current rushing speed, we should be able to reach out before that travelling demon god. Although we don’t know about his precise speed, he should need at least half a month as long as he came accompanied.”

Chen Ying’er said, “Then should we prepare to intercept them? But the greatest issue is that we presently don’t know from which direction he will come into the demon camp. But we must intercept them far enough from the demon camps, or we will be in great danger in case he gets help from the surrounding demon gods.”

Long Haochen replied, “Yes. This is the greatest issue we are now facing. For this reason, we must do our utmost to find the location of that demon god. However, we still know the general situation. Be it us, or the demon god, we will all do our utmost to reach the destination in the most direct path possible. So we can roughly guess from where the demon god will come. But the farther we are from the camp, the more imprecise that guess will be. Cai’er, the inspection for the trails of that demon god will be left to you. Han Yu, your Demonic Eye will be matched with her. Go now, and immediately inform us in case you have news. Cai’er, keep firmly in your mind that we will be entering demon territory in a bit, resting and preparing fifty kilometers from the demon camps. That’s where we will wait for you.”

“Okay, I am going now.” Cai’er nodded, before leaving alongside the Demonic Eye Commander summoned by Han Yu.

Everyone knew that the ones who were able to avoid detection by abilities of the magic probing kind were Long Haochen, Cai’er, Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er. Among them, Long Haochen, Lin Xin,and Chen Ying’er could mask their presence relying on psychic force, while Cai’er has her ability Invisibility. The others would need to use some magic equipment to hide their presence. Be it for her speed or ability to conceal herself, Cai’er was acknowledged as the best candidate. Adding to that the help of the Demonic Eye Commander able to launch mental probing in large areas, they were evidently the most fitting scouts of the group.

After Cai’er left, Long Haochen told everyone, “Let’s have a rest here. Do your utmost to recover your physical and mental force. I will be stopping by the Exorcist Mountain Pass. If that demon god has already rushed his way here, he surely has already proposed a deal to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have kept Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao alive. I will be confirming our basic information of whether they have already reached out or not there.”

Although the probability of that demon god having already reached the demon camp was very low, just to be sure, Long Haochen preferred to make a detour.

After dividing the work, Long Haochen immediately rose up and rode Star King directly toward the Exorcist Mountain Pass. The others remained here to rest and prepare, putting effort into recovering from their previous tiredness.

This was their first collective action since reuniting after two long years. Even Chen Ying’er who felt extremely worried for Yang Wenzhao’s safety was filled with a great excitement. As Long Haochen’s figure gradually disappeared from their line of sight as he headed towards the Exorcist Mountain Pass, they couldn’t help but have the common thoughts, We are so blessed to have Captain. With him as the core of their group, they were able to operate with definite grasp: what they had to do was to listen to Long Haochen’s directives.

After separating for two years, all of them grew fundamentally in strength, but that trust and mutual understanding did not change at all.

Long Haochen’s departure felt like a long time in their heads. After one hour passed, as everyone had some feelings of anxiousness, Star King’s figure reappeared in their line of sight.

Before Star King landed to the ground, Long Haochen had jumped off from his back, landing in front of the group. From his serious looks, everyone could feel that something had definitely happened.

“How are things? Boss, could Wenzhao’s group...” Asking this, Chen Ying’er’s voice became shaky. What she feared the most was to hear news of Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi having been murdered.

Long Haochen shook his head, “Ying’er, don’t worry. No accident happened to Wenzhao and Duan Yi. It is related to us.”

“What?” Chen Ying’er was startled, and the others became confused as well. How could it be that right after reaching the Exorcist Mountain Pass, something related with them came up?

Long Haochen took a deep breath, seemingly calming down his own feelings too.

“I have just met with heroic assassin Sheng Yue, and asked about the news we wanted to know. That demon god should not have arrived around the Exorcist Mountain Pass, or at least, they did not receive such news.”

Everyone remained silent, because they all knew that Long Haochen’s heavy atmosphere was certainly not related to that. Given his calm personality, there had to be a large accident that happened for him to show such uneasy feelings.

Seeing their nervous looks, Long Haochen’s expression loosened greatly, “Speaking of which, I don’t know whether this matter relating to us is a good thing. Seen from the outside, it should be a good thing, but I am worried that the Exorcist Mountain Pass will face a destructive calamity because of us.”

“When I met with heroic assassin senior Sheng Yue, he said he was just looking for me, because he had received a secret letter addressed to me. The sender also told heroic assassin senior Sheng Yue that I will surely reach the Exorcist Mountain Pass in the nearest days, and that this letter must be handed to me, as it is a matter of life or death.”

Hearing that, Sima Xian couldn’t resist the urge to ask, “Boss, what was written in that letter?”

Long Haochen replied, “The contents of the letter were very simple, that I should take a trip to the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce. And because of this trip, I took a bit more time than expected. But the information I gained was really important news pertaining to the matter of our lives or deaths.”

Everyone’s expressions immediately became more serious. Based on what Long Haochen said, this information had to be really important for them.

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