Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 555

Chapter 555: Wind God (II)  

Light Prayers sealed Hell’s Descent just like that. A tiny golden light was locking that terrifying darkness in midair.

Xuanyuan Yan became blank, and Tan Wan too.

They obviously were aware of the identity of the one who stopped the demons’ attack. A little earlier, they had told him to scram from the fortress: a little earlier, Tan Wan even issued a challenge against him.

At that very moment, Tan Wan’s emotions became indescribable, but mostly full of shock.

Close to three thousand mages didn’t manage to stop this terrifying forbidden spell, yet that person managed it all alone. Tan Wan believed that Long Haochen surely was using cheap tricks, and that the situation won’t last long. But the courage to stand in front of such a supra forbidden spell was already something no ordinary person could show.

Feelings of shame appeared in both Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan. They were trying to put themselves in his stead, Did I really dare challenge such a person? Tan Wan’s shock was the greatest, because she had personally seen the appearance of this Golden Foundation Knight, the extreme youth of this Provisional Saint Knight Head of the Knight Temple.

Tan Wan remembered firmly the time she rushed to her teacher, to ask him: Is he really as young as he looks?

Li Zhengzhi only looked down in acknowledgement, shocking Tan Wan to no limits at that time. A knight looking even younger than herself has actually already reached the eighth step! And he’s the captain of Lin Xin’s Demon Hunt Squad, and moreover, the Provisional Saint Knight Head of the Knight Temple. Could there really be such a large gap separating him and herself?

Now, Long Haochen was using his own strength to prove to Tan Wan the gap between the two of them.

“Keep launching attacks, what are you all waiting for!?” Lin Xin’s voice was amplified by his spiritual energy, encompassing the whole Tombal Mountain Pass. The mages awakened from his call, and resonating chants were performed all across the fortress.

Two figures simultaneously flew above the Tombal Mountain Pass, heading straight to Long Haochen’s side.

They stopped to Haochen’s left and right.

It was a strange thing that due to Light Prayers’ confinement, even the aura of Hell’s Descent was suppressed, liberating all the mages on the fortress from its influence.

The two that flew out were Cai’er and Lin Xin.

The Sickle of the God of Death was already in Cai’er’s hand as she was covered in a bizarre grey layer of mist. Her body was devoid of killing intent, but she stared coldly at the Hell’s Descent opposite Long Haochen. In case Long Haochen’s Light Prayers couldn’t be kept going, she would replace him to face off against that powerful darkness elemental forbidden spell.

Lin Xin was standing on the other side, completely different from Cai’er’s state of power storing. He came to a stop right after arriving near Long Haochen, and launched a fire elemental attack, with even more splendid execution than in a textbook, towards the pitch-black forbidden spell.

The fire crystal staff was pointed forward, and an immense Bursting Fireball bombarded the Hell’s Descent straight on. Lin Xin remmbered firmly that Long Haochen had told him one thing at the time before he elevated himself high to resist the forbidden spell, Attack!

With the tacit understanding between Lin Xin and Long Haochen, Lin Xin immediately understood his intention at the time he confined the enemy’s attack.

Long Haochen could only resist and not annihilate the attack. But he could gain some time for the Tombal Mountain Pass, within which they would have to do their utmost to weaken or extinguish Hell’s Descent’s power.

Right after the first blue colored Bursting Fireball was fired, a second one appeared in Lin Xin’s hands. The instant cast of the offensive spell of the fifth step Bursting Fireball could be due to storage in a magic tool, but how about the second, and third one?

This instant, the Fire Crystal Staff in Lin Xin’s hand entered a quick-fire mode, shooting immense deep-blue colored fireballs one after another toward Hell’s Descent.

Each fireball that landed produced a huge explosion and carried blue flames along. Although the results weren’t distinct, any sighted person could tell that Lin Xin’s series of attacks produced some sunken areas in the places that were hit. In other words, his attacks were effective, but don’t forget that he’s only one person attacking by himself. The destructive power of the Heart of Fire’s flames could thereby be seen.

The instant Lin Xin was done firing his eighteenth Bursting Fireball, an immense blue skull appeared above his Fire Crystal Staff, forming his nineteenth successive attack. After just a split second of adjustment, dragon shaped blue flames spread from Lin Xin’s back.

This was the piece of legendary equipment called Fire Dragon’s Wings. Increasing spiritual gathering and speed by a hundred percent, it carried the additional ability Fire Dragon’s Defense. The current Lin Xin did not need it for defense but for an acceleration of his spiritual energy gathering.

As the Fire Curse Technique was executed, he unfolded the Fire Dragon’s Wings, and once again shot Bursting Fireballs, another series of eighteen of them.

From the start of his act to the termination of his thirty-sixth Bursting Fireball, a total of less than a minute had passed. At this very moment, Lin Xin was making a display far above his own level. This offensive power and offensive speed would not necessarily be matched by a mage of the eighth step. And moreover, this was without counting the power of Heart of Fire! Most of all his Rupturing Fireballs were all bombarding the same area.

At the end of his thirty six Bursting Fireballs, a resonant phoenix cry was heard above Lin Xin, and a massive Blue Fire Phoenix soared up, clashing straight against that devil’s portrait with its brilliant blue fire.

That violent bombardment produced a series of violent waves against the devil portrait.

Only then did Lin Xin’s series of attacks terminate. The most magnificent spells aren’t necessarily the most effective, but the focus of Lin Xin’s attacks clearly gave the ideal efficiency.

At last, as the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove launched its attack, he threw some pills into his own mouth. Don’t forget that he’s also an alchemist, making his ability to last in the battlefield and his burst power go far beyond mages of the same grade.

Lin Xin was naturally not the only one launching attacks. In the desperate crisis, all the mages in the fortress put their strongest magic abilities to use. They were attacking from all sides, controlling their power and even makinit coil around to reach out for Hell’s Descent’s back to avoid wounding Long Haochen’s group of three. The stronger mages flew to Long Haochen’s side like Lin Xin, to launch a full force magic offense at close quarters.

Afar, the Hell demon god Marbas was standing dumbstruck, not daring to believe in his eyes. The instant Light Prayers was launched, he found out that the connection binding Hell’s Descent to him was severed.

Even for someone at the same level of cultivation as him, facing this powerful supra forbidden spell was comparable to meeting with a full force attack of the Demon God Emperor. He couldn’t believe that the Mage Temple actually had the the ability to seal this supra forbidden spell in such a short time. He also knew that this seal couldn’t possibly last for too long, but the Mage Temple’s mages were extremely fast to react, attacking it with full force. In such a situation, after the seal ends, one could hardly say how much offensive power Hell’s Descent would still hold.

As the fifth demon god in the ranking, one of the top five demon gods in existence, Marbas naturally had quick wits as well. Waving his right hand toward the Tombal Mountain Pass, he made a low and vigorous shout, “Attack!”

The Hell Demons were the core of the demon armies standing outside, but not the absolute majority of their forces. Following Marbas’ order, the demon armies immediately charged towards the Tombal Mountain Pass in large tides.

The power of Hell’s Descent was warded off, but the mages present in the Tombal Mountain Pass were all occupied.

In the meantime, Long Haochen found himself close to his limits.

Although Light Prayers was mostly borrowing divine force to perform the seal, it also required a massive amount of spiritual energy to be maintained. Long Haochen could amplify its efficiency through the Divine Snail Shield, but the consumption speed of his spiritual energy was still massive.

Right now, the multicolored golden light coming out from him clearly assumed an unstable stance, and could already collapse at anytime.

Cai’er was holding the Scythe of the God of Death in her two hands, unconsciously gripping it tightly. In case Long Haochen’s Light Prayers terminates, they will be the ones bearing the brunt and become the targets of this forbidden spell. Cai’er knew that at that time she would have to fight to earn Long Haochen some time, to allow him to have the time to transport Lin Xin and himself to the Tower of Eternity.

Right in this crucial juncture, six light balls were suddenly shot out from the Tombal Mountain Pass.

These six light balls all reached about ten meters diameter, forming a large whole. After its rapid descent, red, blue, green, yellow, gold and black colored brilliances flared from it, and formed the shape of a Star of David in the sky as they interwove, landing right inside Hell’s Descent. A six-colored cover then rose, greatly weakening the supra forbidden spell.

The golden light vanished, and Long Haochen let out a stuffy groan, terminating Light Prayers. Star King then helped Haochen stabilize his posture by the use of his own spiritual energy to avoid him falling down.
Due to the loss of Light Prayers’ seal, Hell’s Descent forbidden spell power suddenly struggled to break free from that six-colored barrier, as the entity in question trembled violently.

At the current time, the situation inside those six light balls was clearly visible: each one contained six mages, making a total of thirty-six people. Each ball was under the lead of a mage. This was a powerful seal that they joined hands to unleash.

If the Hell’s Descent forbidden spell was at its peak, they may not necessarily have managed to seal it, but after the last series of depletions, these six Mage Deities of the ninth step and thirty Saint Magic Tutors of the eighth step joined hands to temporarily seal the forbidden spell.

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