Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Golden Foundation Armor (I)

Long Haochen was surprised, “What is the reward the Alliance planned for us?”

“After some discussion, in view of the great contribution made by your Demon Hunt Squad, the Alliance decided to cancel all of the rank advancement fees for your team. Are you satisfied with this reward?”

Long Haochen was greatly overjoyed, “Very satisfied!”

Cancelling all the contribution points for advancement fees from this day onwards was no small amount! In fact, for a Demon Hunt Squad to advance to King grade, one million contribution points would be required. And from the King grade to the Emperor grade, that was ten million contribution points. As for the advancement to the Titled grade, in addition to sufficient strength, enormous contributions to the Alliance at least the killing of several demon gods were also required. Only after meeting all the requirements could one advance to the Titled grade.

In other words, even without accounting for the last rank, they would still normally need to use eleven million contribution points for advancing in rank. This amount of contribution points was enough to purchase a few Epic Tier equipments, making this reward the Alliance bestowed them quite considerable.

Yang Haohan recorded the count of Long Haochen’s current contribution points, “All good. Save the excitement for later. Until you complete your mission of gathering ten million points, your team won’t be reformed. These contribution points will in no way be meaningless from your point of view either. However, I have to warn you once again: no matter how hurried you are to get done with it, you must pay extreme attention to your own safety. I have to emphasize once again the importance the Alliance attaches to your safety!”

“Yes!” Long Haochen gave a respectful reply.

Yang Haohan raised his right hand, and a golden light shot out in the office. Immediately, very dense fluctuations of spiritual energy spread out, and a small cube appeared in front of Long Haochen.

This cube only reached one sixth of a meter in height, one half-meter wide and one third of a meter in length. This volume was unremarkable, but more importantly, it spread out an orange luster, the orange color that is exclusive to the Epic Tier.

This cube didn’t have any decoration or engravement on, but let out a feeling of mystery from its straight lines.

“Is this…?” Long Haochen asked Yang Haohan in astonishment.

Yang Haohan smiled at him, “How about it? Doesn’t look like a Mythril Foundation Armor at all, right? It’s just what you wanted, an Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor. It has a smaller volume than the Mythril Foundation Armor, and is less thick. But its amplification effects are beyond comparison with the former. This Gold Essence Foundation Armor has been acquired with the sweat and tears of our predecessors, and when using it, you will naturally feel how great its assistance will be. I hope that you will use it well, and with courage against the enemy, until the day that you become a Divine Knight.”

“Yes.” Long Haochen waived his right fist, performing another knight salute in front of Yang Haohan.

“Go try it out. Young people should be curious. I will also be more at ease if I see you put it on before leaving for the Knights’ Saint Mountain. Of course, you’ll have to cover it with a cloak outside, to avoid leaking out your whereabouts.”

It was a Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Seeing the cube in front of his eyes, Long Haochen’s heartbeat unconsciously increased. Although in the past he had already acquired a few Epic Tier equipments, the one in front of his eyes was not the same.

In quality, both the Aria of the Goddess of Light and the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon surpassed this set of armor, but neither of those were a property of the Knight Temple! Of the three, only this one symbolized the honor of countless knights and the supremacy of the Knight Temple. Almost every Divine Knight has had a Gold Essence Foundation Armor.

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen asked Yang Haohan, “Grandpa Yang, how should I use it?”

Yang Haohan had a firm expression, “Go up and use your spiritual energy to perceive it.”

Long Haochen nodded and took another deep breath, performing a standard knight salute in front of this Gold Essence Foundation Armor before taking a step towards it.

This knight salute was directed at the knights that used to use this Gold Essence Foundation Armor in the past. Every newly-appointed wielder would share the mission of letting the splendor of these Gold Essence Foundation Armors shine on the land.

As Long Haochen’s feet stood firmly on it, he found out with surprise that the Gold Essence Foundation Armor under his feet didn’t give off a feeling of hardness like gold as he expected, but a kind of soft feeling.

Right, that was a feeling of softness. And what’s more, this Gold Essence Foundation Armor seemed to have a vitality of its own, letting Long Haochen sense its heartbeat.

Soft fluctuations of light essence spread out from Long Haochen’s body, entering in the Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Immediately, the lower part of the armor gave him a comfortable feeling, to the extent that Long Haochen could hear an extremely happy groan from it.

Immediately afterwards, the heartbeat he felt earlier became even clearer, and it quickly started to match his own heartbeat.

A dark golden glow swept across, and in a mere instant, Long Haochen became clad with this set of Epic Tier equipment.

The sound it produced was completely different from the time the Mythril Essence Foundation Armor was worn. Just now, when the Gold Essence Foundation Armor was put on, he felt like a river engulfed him. Long Haochen saw a dark golden liquid was spreading over him. Focusing his attention, he found out that he was already completely enveloped in this dark golden liquid.

Inside Yang Haohan’s room was a mirror. Unconsciously, Long Haochen turned towards its direction, only to realize that this was an incomparable armor.

In terms of imposingness, the Gold Essence Foundation Armor was not even as great as the Mythril Foundation Armor. But it had a very special tactile feel. Long Haochen simply felt as if his whole body was soaked in warm light essence, strengthening by almost twofold his already great senses.

To his great shock, his internal spiritual energy, that was over thirty thousand, increasedand by quite a lot!

This Gold Essence Foundation Armor was like an immense spiritual cavity outside his body, that kept absorbing the external light essence at a frantic speed. But rather than storing it in Long Haochen’s body, it was stored in the Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Using his perception, Long Haochen realized that he was able to transfer this spiritual energy at anytime for battle or cultivation.


Without even mentioning its offense or defense, this aspect alone had unlimited benefits in times of battle; it was a total war machine, to the extent that Long Haochen was unable to determine the limits of his Gold Essence Foundation Armor’s capacity. In other words, this Epic Tier battle-armor was able to store more spiritual energy than Long Haochen’s total limits.

This sleek golden armor covered Long Haochen’s whole body within. The helmet was diamond shaped, masking his face naturally. The armor covered Long Haochen’s upper body, including his shoulders. The chest part protruded a little, but besides that, the other parts didn’t look much different from ordinary battle armors. However, its lines seemed to draw out his figure perfectly.

This was a feeling Long Haochen couldn’t describe. He only believed that this dark golden armor exuding an orange luster was perfect, and couldn’t find the slightest flaw on it.

When wearing it, aside from its effects of amplifications, Long Haochen didn’t have the slightest feeling of weight, as if he wore a light cloth. It felt extremely comfortable to wear.

Yang Haohan’s voice sounded out in Long Haochen’s ears, “On its own, a Gold Essence Foundation Armor can store 100,000 internal spiritual energy. This internal spiritual energy will be able to greatly accelerate your cultivation speed, and can also be used directly in times of battle. It could be said that any Saint Knight clad in an Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor is pretty close to the ninth step in strength. As for its other amplifications, you will learn about them from experience. The same Gold Essence Foundation Armor, when worn by a different Saint Knight, will let out an entirely different level of strength. You are a god’s chosen one, the Scion of Light, and I hope this set of Epic Tier Gold Foundation Armor will the able to display its brightest splendor on your body.”

“Thank you, grandpa Yang.” Looking at his dark green hands, Long Haochen felt genuinely grateful and knelt to the ground, bowing to Yang Haohan.

Yang Haohan took a few steps forward, lending an arm to support him, “Go now. You know the path to the Knights’ Saint Mountain. The demons are only sealing off the front of our Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, which is an area with terrible climate conditions. They won’t dare try to surround us entirely. It’s only that some demon scouts are monitoring it from the outside of the mountain pass, but I believe that you will be able to handle that without an issue. The earlier you go, the earlier you will return. This is my writ, take it along and you will be given the right to make an exception and pick a second mount. Furthermore, I believe that with your current cultivation and physique as god’s chosen one, you should be able to find the best mount that could serve as your partner.”

Yang Haohan handed Long Haochen a scroll; taking it in his hand he saluted Yang Haohan one last time before leaving.

This chief of the Knight Temple and the Temple Alliance, had treated Long Haochen very well as far as he could remember, so he didn’t say anything more, as using his actions would be the best way to return his generosity.

Yang Haohan saw him off, following the departing silhouette with his eyes. Then with a laugh, he asked, “Satisfied, old fellow?”

From a shadow, Long Tianying appeared and walked slowly, an excited Han Yu appearing beside him, “This kid is really distressing! Thank you, old Yang.”

“What are you thanking me for? Your Long family sacrificed enough for the Alliance. I just hope this youngster gives you a proper farewell when the time comes. Han Yu, how about it? You should have gained quite a lot after following your grandpa Long for all this time right?”

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