Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 487

Chapter 487: The Four Letters of “Little White Flower”(III)

Long Haochen nodded, “If we can reform our Demon Hunt Squad, I hope to take missions to go after the enemy. After all, Haoyue has the ability to destroy demon god pillars, which are the roots of demons. As long as we can keep destroying them one after another, the demons morale will surely take a great blow . And finally one day, after all the seventy-two demon god pillars are destroyed, the demons will no longer be on the face of this world. This way the aim of the Alliance will be achieved.”

Yang Haohan nodded, “The Alliance already knows about all you said. If it was up to me, I would hope for you to all reach the ninth step of cultivation before engaging in battle against the demons. But I also know that you cannot wait so long, and the Alliance cannot afford to either.”

Long Haochen was alarmed, asking in hurry, “Grandpa Yang, how is the Holy War going?” These days he had been single-mindedly accompanying his mother, and didn’t ask about the situation of the Holy War.

The atmosphere surrounding Yang Haohan became heavy, “The situation is not good. During the year and a half, we had all-out war against demons. Their armies keep engaging without stop, and the cards in our hands are at their limits. In a year and a half, over a half of the resources saved by the Alliance were consumed. Although we inflicted a serious blow to the demons too, our damage can only be described as disastrous. If this war keeps going on, even if we can repel the demons, the Alliance is bound to lose a lot of its morale. Moreover, the most powerful Devil Dragon Clan, Moon Clan and Star Clan have yet to participate up to know. Without exaggeration, if they appear in any battlefield, our forts won’t possibly hold out.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows. The Holy War already went on for a year and a half, and he could imagine how disastrous this war was. Although he didn’t directly participate, he fought enough against the demons. The demon gods in each stronghold reached a count of eight, and their strength alone was very hard to resist. Based on what Yang Haohan said, up to now, the Six Great Strongholds were still undefeated. This was a good piece of news, but as one might imagine, the Temple Alliance had to pay a massive cost for that.

Yang Haohan continued, “Therefore, the Alliance certainly needs some powerhouses to sneak in demon territory to carry out missions there. Although our losses are enormous, the demons’ losses aren’t small either. If they weren’t surviving by eating the corpses of their own kin, they would have clearly not lasted so long. This time, demons are also suffering a large loss of morale, but we don’t know how they can keep attacking like before, and not retreat no matter what. If it goes on like this, we will be the first to crumble. If the demon offenses don’t keep gaining in intensity, the Alliance can only hold out for year to year and a half at most.”

Long Haochen declared severely, “Let us go then. Killing some demons will never be as good as destroying demon god pillars. As long as we can destroy some of their demon god pillars in the rear, they will undoubtedly be greatly affected. The ability of recovery of the Alliance is far greater than the demons, as long as we are given time to adapt and reconstruct our stronghold, even if the Devil Dragons, Moon Demons and Star Demons join the lot, we won’t necessarily have to fear them.”

“What you said makes sense, but can you resist the demon gods with your current strength? The Devil Snake Andromalius’ demon god pillar having been destroyed, the demons’ caution toward the defense of their demon god pillars is even higher. How can you guarantee that you can destroy demon god pillars while remaining safe? After all, Andromalius was the weakest of the seventy-two demon gods, and you borrowed help from the Forest Boa King at that time. Now that only a year and a half passed, don’t tell me you are confident to be able to resist against the other demon gods’ strength?”

Long Haochen took a large breath, “I am confident.”

Yang Haohan shook his head, “It’s not a question of confidence, but a question of strength. As the Captain of the Demon Hunt Squad, you have to prove to the Alliance that your strength is enough for your team to reform and complete missions in demon territory.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his eyebrows, “How does the Alliance expect me to prove that?”

Yang Haohan replied, “Very simple. Since you are a Demon Hunter, you will do according to the rules of the Demon Hunters. In a bit, I will record the count of contribution points in your tile. You will have to achieve a count of ten million contribution point through slaughter on the battlefield,  then the Alliance will permit you to reform your team.”

“What? Ten millions contribution points?” Long Haochen was greatly shocked. This was just too hard? What do ten million contribution points correspond to? It implies for him to kill ten demon gods in the top thirty-six, or a million Dual Bladed Demons! Achieving this count through slaughter was simply be summed up as hard’.

“How about it, Discouraged?” Yang Haohan revealed a little smile.

Long Haochen shook his head, “No, I am not discouraged. It’s just that this will take too long. I am afraid that the Alliance cannot wait so long.”

Yang Haohan responded, “That’s why you have to strive harder. And you cannot reveal your identity, that’s to say, your magical beast companion cannot appear in the battlefield. I will arrange you to return in the Knights’ Saint Mountain, and pick another mount there. Afterwards, you will have to pass through the trial of the Mythril Foundation Knights, to be qualified to head in the battlefield. Then, achieving the count of ten million contribution points will have to be done through your own efforts.”

Long Haochen revealed a bitter smile. Ten million contribution points, this count was too massive. In simple terms, it could only be gathered by getting rid of an elite group of the scale of the Demon Emperor’s legion.

Yang Haohan didn’t urge Long Haochen to make a decision, only watching over him with a smile. This was a decision that he came with the other higher-ups from the Temple Alliance after discussing.

Long Haochen having remained in seclusion for so long, he was certain that this child’s cultivation was bound to have increased tremendously. But precisely because of this, Yang Haohan couldn’t afford to let Long Haochen risk himself inside the demon territory.

To the Knight Temple, Long Haochen was really too important.

As long as he was let to grow, it could be predicted that the future him will surely become a new legend for the Temple Alliance, the future leader for the Temple Alliance’s counterattack.

The suggestion of ten million contribution points was something Yang Haohan decided after much deliberation. That’s because he knew that if Long Haochen and his comrades’ thoughts to return to the battlefield were flat out rejected, this would be a massive blow to them. Maybe they would abandon themselves to despair, and this was something the Alliance was unwilling to see.

And Yang Haohan understood Long Haochen’s character. He knew that this youngster was extremely tough. The task of getting ten million contribution points was actually to keep him in the Knight Temple, in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

According to Yang Haohan’s calculations, gathering ten million contribution points would take five to ten years. And that time, Long Haochen should have broken through the ninth step, and won’t need to be bound any longer.

And furthermore, having Long Haochen battle in the Dragon Resisting Mountain would permit him to integrate among knights even better, nurturing his talent as commander, and strengthening his influence in the Knight Temple, to make preparations to have him undertake the future position of head of the Knight Temple.

Therefore, this task could be said to be aiming to achieve many moves in one hit, and the best method thought up by Yang Haohan.

His justifications were well-founded, so he didn’t fear getting rejected by Long Haochen.

As for the matter of the Temple Alliance being only able to last for a year to a year and a half under such demon attacks, this was real. But the issue was, would the demons be able to keep attacking for such a long time?

Since the past half-year, the demons were not launching offensives every day any longer. They would attack about once every ten days or half month, mostly recuperating and looking for food.

In the aspect of recovery, the Temple Alliance couldn’t be slower than the demons. So Yang Haohan was aware since long ago that this Holy War won’t have a final winner, but also won’t bear fruits. At least the demons couldn’t crush the Temple Alliance this time.

The demons had three powerful forces that had yet to join the battles, but the humans also had their own trump card. Although this trump card was something Yang Haohan was unwilling to use no matter what, unless it really comes to the final crisis of life or death, and that there’s no other choice. For the humans to keep living was the most important.

“Okay, I accept.” Long Haochen finally said the words Yang Haohan was the most hoping to hear.

Ten million contribution points was not absolutely impossible to reach. Long Haochen just counted the number of demons from the different races that would be necessary to reach this count. By intensifying his own efforts, he believed that this was possible.

Just when Yang Hoahan revealed a smile, Long Haochen’s next words shocked him.

“However, Grandpa Yang, I don’t need you to arrange the trial for getting one of the Foundation Mythril Armor. I want to directly pass the trial to become a Gold Essence Foundation Knight.  I hope to succeed one of the Gold Essence Foundation Armor Knight that have the hopes to reach the Epic Tier.”

“What?” Yang Haohan really frightened, “Haochen, don’t tell me that you already...”

This time, Long Haochen revealed a smile on his face, and looked down energetically, “Yes. I have already broken through successfully. So please permit me.”

Yang Haohan felt his breath rushing, He… He really succeeded? He actually succeeded! In a mere year and a half of seclusion he did it! But he’s not even past twenty yet, right! A Saint Knight of the eighth step below twenty!

With great difficulty, Yang Haohan suppressed his excitement, saying straight, “Haochen, even if you broke through the eighth step successfully, you cannot aim too high right now. You should know that there can only be at most thirty-six Gold Essence Mythril Knights. There are indeed a few vacant Gold Essence Foundation Armor Knights, but winning against a Gold Essence Foundation Knight is necessary to obtain the qualification. Their strength is for all close to the ninth step, and although your opponent won’t be clad in their Gold Foundation Armor, he will face you with his full strength. Are you certain that you want to challenge a Gold Essence Foundation Knight?”

Long Haochen took a deep breath, before looking at Yang Haohan earnestly, “I am certain.”

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