Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 214

Chapter 214        Captured


At the open-air tent, a few workers passed by and saw what Marco did. They screamed and quickly ran away.

Marco stared at Xu Guangrong with his ferocious face and realized he was in trouble. He immediately grabbed his wireless radio and shouted, “Mr. Richard, I found something really important, there’s really a serious issue at this logistics center.”

“What’s the serious issue?” Richard was in Deputy Commander Ted’s office. The moment they heard Marco, both of them started to pay attention.

“Get me out of here, I got into a little bit of trouble.”

“Tell me the serious issue.”

“No, get me out of here first.”

Marco left Xu Guangrong, shouted into the wireless radio, and heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the tent. With the current situation, the security guards would immediately shoot him if he was suspected to be the spy of the Brotherhood of Steel.

When Ted heard Marco insist to be saved first, he told Richard, “Get him out, but don’t fight with the people under Jim Jones. The logistics center is full of his people from Ninth Armored Battalion.”

Richard quickly grabbed the wireless radio and ran out of Ted’s office. When he came out, he saw a patrol team running towards the direction of the tent. Richard hurriedly shouted to Marco through the wireless radio, “You better stay still and don’t fight against them. Tell them you’re from the source of information, I’ll be right there.”

All of a sudden, a gunshot shot rose from the wireless radio and following that was Marco’s scream, “F*cking hell, I told them my identity and they’re still shooting at me.”

Marco dared not stay; he quickly around and ran towards the inner tent. He cut the tent with a knife and came out the other side of the tent.

Gunshots from the tent alerted the entire logistics center. Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng having a discussion with David Lawrence about saving Rachel and getting the Polarlys. Even though they did not like each other, they needed each others’ help. Both of them were alerted when they heard the gunshot.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Qingfeng asked through the wireless radio.

The patrol team reported that someone sneaked into the resources storage area and killed somebody. The murderer declared that he was from the source of information. Our men are trying to get him.” Eileen and Ellie replied, “We saw someone come out of the other side of the tent. Someone approached him.”

“Source of information? I don’t care who they are, none of them are going to leave.” Zhou Qingfeng rushed out of the command post and drove an electric commuter to the open-air tent. Under Zhou Qingfeng’s command, Butcher led the Ninth Armored Battalion and they sealed the entire logistics center.

Marco was panicking and running away from the tent towards Ted’s office. Marco knew he was in a big trouble, and the only way he could survive was by hiding in Ted’s office. While he was running, he saw Richard running towards him.

The high-level detective, Richard, was explaining everything to the security guards. Even Deputy Commander Ted came out to handle things as it was getting serious. Marco was happy to see Richard around ten meters away from him. That meant that he might be able to escape.

Around three hundred meters away, Ellie was on top of a building with a pair of noise canceling headphones. She was using a ranged scope as she said, “Three hundred and twenty meters, crosswind three. Brother Hugo wants him to stay.”

“Got it.” Eileen was also wearing noise-canceling headphones. After adjusted her sniper, she locked and aimed at Marco’s thigh with her scope.

Bang….., the M40A5 sniper recoiled, a 7.62mm bullet was fired and hit Marco. Blood instantly bursted out of Marco’s thigh. Marco was happy only for one second and then he immediately fell to the ground. He rolled, struggled, and screamed on the ground.

Richard was astonished by the shot and stopped moving. He immediately raised the ID badge for his department and shouted, “Don’t shoot, we’re from the source of information. We’re carrying out a special mission.”

The members of patrol team caught up. The deputy commander was running towards them and Zhou Qingfeng was also getting closer with the electric commuter.

Seeing that Richard could not handle the situation, old man Ted shouted, “I’m Deputy Commander Ted, and they are my men. Let them go.”

Old man Ted still had a little bit of power in the logistics center. When the soldiers of the Ninth Armored Battalion saw him, they did not stop him. Instead, they opened up a path for him. When he saw that Marco had nearly lost his leg, Ted quickly asked the men behind him to help Marco up.

“Tell me what happened.”

“I need a doctor, find a doctor for me.”

“I’ll leave you here if you don’t tell me. Your injury will kill you.”

“My information is definitely important for you, but I need to get healed before that.”

While Marco and Ted were still arguing, Zhou Qingfeng had arrived with the electric commuter. He, who acted as ‘Jim Jones’, was the real boss of the entire logistics center. When the soldiers saw him, all of them started to cheer.

“Deputy Commander, what are you going to do with this spy?” Zhou Qingfeng recognized Marco as soon as he arrived. He instantly framed Marco up. He was extremely mad at him especially when the patrol team found the fainted Xu Guangrong.

“It’s just a misunderstanding,” Richard quickly explained. It was the first time Richard had ever met ‘Jim Jones’ and he thought the people in front of him were very familiar but the body size did not look right. Zhou Qingfeng was much skinnier compared to the strong looking Western men.

“I don’t think it’s a misunderstanding. He killed one of my men. He’s a spy.” Zhou Qingfeng recognized Richard too. He remembered he chased Richard through two entire suburbs and was nearly killed by the tank. Zhou Qingfeng was still mad at him.

Finally, old man Ted stood out and said calmly, “Jim Jones, stop messing around. This mission was assigned by Mr. Fernando Rethnor. We suspected that someone is trying to destroy the logistics center. This injured man is one of our investigators. Please move your men away, we’re going to send him to the hospital.”

“But I’m the real commander of this logistics center right now and I didn’t receive any orders from Mr. Rethnor.” Zhou Qingfeng waved his hand and shouted to his men, “Take this spy down.”

Zhou Qingfeng remembered the first time he fought old Ted at the logistics center. Nobody gave a shit about him then. However, things had changed, and as soon as he gave his command, the soldier immediately dragged Marco away.

“You….” Ted could not do anything but watch Marco get dragged away, “Jim Jones, I’ll report this to Mr. Rethnor when he returns.”

Zhou Qingfeng thought in his mind, I’ve been waiting for that ‘Poser’ for ages! I’d be more than happy to see him come back earlier.

“Let’s go.” When facing Zhou Qingfeng and all the soldiers, old man Ted could not do anything but suppress his anger and prepare to leave.

“Wait…., this gentleman here is injured, I think he should go to the hospital too,” said Zhou Qingfeng.

Ted turned around and saw Zhou Qingfeng pointing at Richard. Richard was stunned, “But I’m not injured.”

Bang…., Zhou Qingfeng fired Richard’s thigh. Before Richard could do anything, Zhou Qingfeng said coldly, “Now you are.”

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